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LCPSGo Login

LCPSGo Login — login details for friends Are you looking for login details but aren’t in a position to find the official portal on the internet?

Here, we will assist users with LCPSGo log-in, and step by step guide on how to login into LCPSgo. Login Guide

We’ll give you all the necessary information to log in to LCPS Continue going to read to discover all you’ll have to be aware of.

To access the site, you must visit their official website, which is It is possible to access the website using any device you have such as a laptop, computer, or tablet.

It’ll run more efficiently and smoothly if you open it using a chrome browser. It is extremely compatible when you use the Chrome browser.

What is LCPSGo Login

The LCPSGo web application gives users easy access to Loudoun County Public Schools records or information that is maintained at the level of schools or stored somewhere on the cloud.

What is LCPSGo Login

The LCPSGo application can be used by students as well as faculty to access their personal data by using a single login. There’s no need for you to switch between tabs or access multiple sites when you can access everything from one location.

You can also access one drive and an H drive, even if you’re not connected to the LSCPGo network.

I hope that you’re familiar with LCPSGo and LCPSGo, now let us know how to sign in and before you do, ensure that you have the following things at hand LCPSGo official address active internet connection with a compatible device running the Chrome Browser as well as an authentic login name and password.

How to Login into

Click on this link to log in:

If you click the link above, this type of page will appear (refer to the image below)

How to Login into LCPSGo

The next step is to enter your valid username as well as Password into the necessary fields and then tap” Sign in. Now you can log in to the account you registered to.

LCPS Password Policy

In the situation where you’ve forgotten your password. gives you the possibility to change your password. To do that you need to click Help My password is not remembered which is found right below the sign-in link.

LCPS Password Policy

  • If you click the link above, the following kind of page will pop up:

LCPSGo Login and User Guide

It is possible to reset the password of your choice by entering the correct username and clicking on the blue and white tick mark (Correct symbol). Follow the steps hereinafter to reset your password.

LCPSGo Contact Information

LCPSGo Contact Information

If you are experiencing issues with login, or another problem in the web application, you are able to directly address your concern via email to the below-mentioned person:

Principal Pamela Croft

801. King Street

Leesburg, VA 20176

You can also reach us via phone by calling the number Mr. Michelle Vocke at (571) 252-1907 to get any information on your child. Also, for any general inquiries or concerns, call (571) 252 1900


I hope this article helps you to understand how to log into your account and find the information of students in Loudoun County with only one click and all in one location. If you have any problems you are having trouble with, please leave your feedback below to help us better assist you.


What is the Official Website?

Link to the official website:

How to access the files while on the go?

Access the files via one drive or H drive when in the move.

To whom to call for general inquiries? 

(571) 252 1900 – this is the exact number to call for any general questions.