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Labcorp Patient Portal Login Guide

The Labcorp Patient Portal is a private and secure way for you to communicate with your doctor. The portal’s main objective is to improve the health and experience of every patient.

Your health data and other important information are accessible through the Labcorp Patient Portal, a safe online platform. You can access your medical history, make appointments, send secure communications to your healthcare provider, and more in addition to maintaining medical records.

This page will give you useful instructions on how to log in, create an account, and retrieve your account on the Labcorp patient portal (

You can manage your healthcare requirements by logging into the Labcorp Patient Portal any time, day or night, seven days a week. The gateway is safe, private, and simple to use.

What is Labcorp Patient Portal?

Your health data and other important information are available on the secure online platform known as the Labcorp Patient Portal, which is reachable via You can access your medical history, make appointments, send secure communications to your healthcare provider, and more in addition to maintaining medical records.

Patients can access electronic health records (EHR), fill prescriptions, look up doctors, and more through Labcorp’s patient portal. Users must, of course, log into their individual accounts at

You may manage your healthcare with this easy interface on any web-enabled device.

Let’s explore the options available to you once you log in to the Labcorp Patient Portal at

Benefits of Labcorp Patient Portal

Labcorp Patient Portal is a personalised, private platform for managing health records. Users can:

  • View medications, vaccines, medical conditions, allergies, and lab results.
  • 24×7 billing and appointment info
  • Get medical record updates.
  • When a medication expires, request a refill.
  • Upload your medical records.
  • locations will send you appointment reminders.
  • Secure online messaging for doctors.

How to access Labcorp Patient Portal Sign-In?

To use the online portal and the services it offers, you must sign in to your account at But before you can do that, you must sign up on the portal.

Follow the steps below to sign up for an online account with Labcorp Patient Portal if you don’t already have one.

  • Visit the official Labcorp Patient website –
  • You’ll be directed to the official Labcorp Patient Portal login page after clicking this link.
  • Next, select the “Create an Account” link that is shown underneath the login button.

Labcorp Patient Portal Login

  • A new registration form will be available shortly.
    You must enter your personal information, including your activation code, the last four digits of your Social Security number, and your date of birth, on this registration form.
    Select the CAPTCHA checkbox.
    Finally, select the “Create Account” option.

Labcorp Patient Portal Registration

  • Next, authenticate your account by text or email.
  • Choose your verification method.
  • Your registered phone number or email will receive a verification code.
  • Check this page’s code.
  • Click “Verify” to finish registering once your code is verified.

How to Log into Labcorp Patient Portal?

To access’s online portal and services, log in. Before that, check the portal’s requirements.

Requirements for Labcorp Patient Portal Login

  • Labcorp Patient Portal URL (
  • Labcorp users must be 16 or older.
  • Labcorp Patient Portal account data supported Web browsers for Login page.
  • Internet-connected laptop, computer, or tablet.

Follow these steps to access your Labcorp Patient Portal account online:

  • Visit the official Labcorp Patient website –
  • This link takes you to the Labcorp Patient Portal login page.

Labcorp Patient Portal Login

  • First box on page: email.
  • Enter your account password.
  • Click “Sign In.”

After verifying your account, you’ll see your dashboard. You can now access EHR, fill prescriptions, and search providers.

Reset your Labcorp Patient Portal Password

You can’t access your account if you forgot or lost your password. To continue using the portal and its services, you must regain your password.

If so, follow these steps to restore your account information:

  • Visit the official Labcorp Patient website –
  • This link takes you to the Labcorp Patient Portal login page.
  • Below the login button, click “Forgot Password?”

Labcorp Patient Portal Reset Your Password

  • A verification page opens.
  • Labcorp Patient Portal email address.
  • CAPTCHA check.
  • Follow on-screen instructions to regain account info.

Getting An Appointment At Labcorp Patient Portal

Follow these steps to schedule an appointment using Labcorp’s patient portal:

  • Labcorp Patient portal login.
  • Appointments option on homepage
  • Now you may request an appointment online.
  • Tap Appointment Schedule.
  • Patient Portal Login Portal makes online appointments easy.

Labcorp Patient Portal Helpdesk

If you can’t access the portal or need help, contact customer service.

Toll-Free Number:

(888) 581-9738

Corporate Office Address:

Laboratory Corporation of America
531 South Spring Street
Burlington, North Carolina 27215
United States

Customer Service:

  • (800) 845-6167
  • (855) 522-2677
  • (336) 229-1127

Official Website:


Labcorp Patient Portal lets patients access helpful info from their smartphones anywhere, anytime. You can use the exclusive online feature after logging in.

Patients can use the portal to pay bills, schedule appointments, send secure messages, and get appointment and fee reminders.

Hope you found what you needed. If you have questions, please comment below.


How long does it take LabCorp to return results?

The majority of regular testing has a two-week turnaround for results.

What is the mission statement of Labcorp?

The goal of Labcorp is to enhance health and enhance lives by providing top-notch diagnostic solutions, accelerating the supply of cutting-edge medications to patients, and enhancing healthcare delivery through technology.

How can I reach Labcorp Patient Billing by phone?

The free phone number for Labcorp Patient Billing is 800-845-6167.

Without an invoice number, how can I pay my LabCorp bill?

Please call their customer care at 800-845-6167 if you don’t have an invoice number for your billing.

Can I trust the test findings from LabCorp?

Yes, their laboratories do routine quality control checks to guarantee the accuracy of our results.

Does LabCorp first send the doctor the results?

Yes, the Labcorp lab performs your test, and your ordering doctor receives the results.