Kubota Walk Behind Mower: Your Ultimate Guide to a Perfect Lawn

Kubota Walk Behind Mower: Maintaining a lush, green lawn requires a lot of work, and a walk-behind mower is an essential tool for the job. Kubota Walk Behind Mower is a popular choice for homeowners and professionals alike. This powerful mower is designed to make lawn maintenance easy and hassle-free.

Kubota Walk Behind Mower

In this article, we’ll explore the features, benefits, and FAQs of the Kubota Walk Behind Mower.

Kubota Walk Behind Mower: Models

The robustness and adaptability of the Kubota walk-behind mower series will allow you to easily handle both large and little tasks.

Their exquisite engineering provides exceptional fuel economy and cutting-edge performance. Mowers adore the ergonomically built Operator’s Station, which keeps you in charge of the mowing process and decreases operator fatigue.

It includes the ignition key, engine throttle, brake lever, and speed control. This mower features puncture-resistant tires and a 5-hour operating period.

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1. WG6-21

Kubota Walk Behind Mower

5.5 HP, 21″ deck. Engineered to exceed your high expectations

Start price – $1199

2. WH15-48

Kubota Walk Behind Mower

15 HP, 48″ deck. Landscape and hardscape with grace and ease.

Start price – $6899

3. WHF19-52

Kubota Walk Behind Mower

19 HP, 52″ deck. The ultimate experience is walking behind mowers.

start price – $8219

4. WHF14NC-36-2

Kubota Walk Behind Mower

14 HP, 36” deck. Precision, comfort, and efficiency have never felt this good.

Start price – $7299

5. WHF15NC-48-2

Kubota Walk Behind Mower

15 HP, 48” deck. Raising the bar one step at a time

star price- $7999

6. WHF19NC-52-2

Kubota Walk Behind Mower

18.5 HP, 52” deck. Visibility for a perfect cut and finish.

start price – $8799

7. WGC6-21

Kubota Walk Behind Mower

5.5 HP, 21″ deck. Engineered to exceed the demands of the lawn care professional.

start price- $1599

Key Features

  • Powerful engine with horsepower ranging from 4.5 to 18.5
  • Cutting width ranging from 21 to 32 inches
  • Cutting height adjustable from 1 to 4 inches
  • High-lift blades for efficient cutting and bagging
  • Detachable grass catcher with a capacity ranging from 1.5 to 3 bushels
  • Comfortable handlebar with adjustable height and foam grip
  • Easy-access controls for blade engagement, speed adjustment, and grass catcher emptying
  • Durable steel deck with powder-coated finish
  • Self-propelled or push-type models available


  • Efficient lawn mowing: Kubota Walk Behind Mower is designed to make lawn mowing faster, easier, and more efficient. With its powerful engine, high-lift blades, and grass catcher, you can achieve a neat and tidy lawn in no time.
  • Durable and reliable: Kubota Walk Behind Mower is built to last, with a sturdy steel deck, durable engine, and quality components. You can rely on it to perform well even under tough conditions.
  • Easy to operate and maintain: Kubota Walk Behind Mower is user-friendly, with intuitive controls, comfortable handles, and easy-access maintenance points. Even if you’re new to using and maintaining an iPad, learning how to operate and care for it is simple.
  • Versatile and customizable: Kubota Walk Behind Mower offers a range of features and options to suit different lawn mowing needs. You can choose from different

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FAQs – Kubota Walk Behind Mower

Q: How much does the Kubota Walk Behind Mower weigh?

A: The mower weighs approximately 350 pounds.

Q: What type of fuel does the Kubota Walk Behind Mower use?

A: The mower runs on gasoline.

Q: Is the Kubota Walk Behind Mower easy to maintain?

A: Yes, the mower is designed for easy maintenance, with accessible components and simple maintenance procedures.

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