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kubota v2203 engine

Kubota v2203 engine Overview

The Kubota V2203 has 39.9HP (or power) at 2800RPM and is a 4-cycle diesel engine that is vertical, and water-cooled.

The Kubota V2203 delivers solid performance, outstanding dependability, and extended service life to satisfy practically any application owing to its built-in solenoid, low fan position, and single-side serviceability.

The normal warranty for a brand-new engine is between 6 and 12 months.

A separate contract controls the acquisition and utilization of reconditioned and previously used powertrain components.

Skidsteers, excavators, lifts, tractors, sweepers, and other industrial gear all utilize Kubota engines. Bobcat, Mustang, New Holland, Gehl, Case, Scat Track, Thomas, and others are all Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) (OEMs).

Kubota v2203 engine Price New

The Kubota V2203 new Engine price – $6649 USD.

Old and used Engine price – $2850 to $3200 USD.

Kubota v2203 engine Horsepower

Engine – 39.9 hp

Kubota v2203 engine Fuel consumption

Fuel Consumption –  Full Load 1.58 US Gal/hr

Kubota v2203 engine oil capacity

Oil Capacity – 2.01 gals. (7.6 L)

Kubota v2203 engine Feature

kubota v2203 engine


The V2203M engine complies to EPA Interim Tier 4 emission regulations, which are in effect through 2012. The engine is also compliant with EU Stage #A emissions regulations that are in effect through 2012 and beyond on the European market.

Clean and Quiet Power

Kubota’s original E-TVCS has been upgraded. Optimized airflow, combustion chamber, and piston recess to achieve a 50% reduction in particulate matter (PM), the same level as the 37kW class (EPA Interim Level 4 Option 1).

Half-float valve covers and MoS2-coated pistons reduce noise levels by 1.0-2.0 dBA over traditional diesel engines. They also provide better noise characteristics due to reduced transmitted vibration.

Durable Power

The Kubota 03M Series is well-known for its industrial applications. This engine is well-known for its excellent performance and versatility.

It has many features, such as a built-in solenoid, low fan position, and single-side serviceability. Kubota’s original casting technology is used to cool the passages between cylinder bores.

This provides superior endurance and reliable engine characteristics. With the V2203M engine, Tier 2 to Interim Tier 4 can be seamlessly transitioned by using the same footprint and hard mounting points as the Tier 2 engine with very minor performance differences.


In response to the increasing use of hydraulic control devices in industrial machines, the Kubota 03M Series engines provide side power takeoff (PTO). You can install a hydraulic pump on both sides of the PTO.

Kubota v2203 engine Specifications.

Engine specification

Engine model Kubota V2203
Engine type Vertical, water-cooled, 4-cylinder diesel
Engine type Vertical, water-cooled, 4-cylinder diesel
Number of cylinders 4
Bore and stroke 3.43 x 3.64 in. (87 x 92.4mm)
Total displacement, L 134.1 in. (2.20 cu.)
Combustion chamber Spherical Type (E-TVCS)


Length 26.3 in. (667.1mm)
Width 20.0 in. (507.1mm)
Height 25.0 in. (635.0mm)
Dry weight 397lbs. 180kg

Fuel & Oil:

Fuel type Diesel Fuel No.2-D
Injection pump Bosch Type mini pump
Injection pressure 13.73 MPa, 1991 psi
Injection timing (Before T.D.C.) 0.314 rad (18 deg)
Fuel filter change interval Every 300 hours
Engine oil type SAE 10W-30 or 15W-40
Engine oil capacity 2.01 gals. (7.6 L)
Coolant capacity 2.14 gals. (8.1 L)
Oil filter change interval Every 150 hours

Cylinder head:

Valve Clearance (When Cold) 0.0071-0.0086 in. (0.18-0.22 mm)
Top Clearance 0.024-0.027 in. (0.60-0.70 mm)
Cylinder Head Surface Flatness 0.002 in. / 19.7 in. (0.05 mm / 500 mm)
Valve Recessing Recessing 0.026-0.033 in. (0.65-0.85 mm)
Valve Seat Width (Intake/Exhaust) 0.0835 in. (2.12 mm)
Valve Seat Angle (Intake/Exhaust) 45 deg) (0.79 rad)
Tappet to Tappet Guide Oil Clearance 0.00079-0.0024 in. (0.020-0.062 mm)
Tappet 0.94327-0.94409 in. (O.D. 23.959-23.980 mm)
Valve Stem to Valve Guide Clearance 0.0016-0.0027 in. (0.040-0.070 mm)
Valve Spring (Setting Load / Setting Length) 26.5 lbf / 1.38 in. (118 N / 35.0 mm)

Kubota v2203 engine Review Video


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