Kubota SVL75-2 Specs, Price, Lift capacity, Weight & Review [2023]

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Kubota SVL75-2

Kubota SVL75-2 Price New and Used

Country New Price Range Used Price Range
United States $55,000 – $65,000 $35,000 – $50,000
Canada 75,000 – 85,000 CAD 45,000 – 60,000 CAD
United Kingdom £48,000 – £55,000 £30,000 – £45,000
Australia 80,000 – 90,000 AUD 50,000 – 65,000 AUD

Kubota SVL75-2 Horsepower

The Kubota SVL75-2 compact track loader has a horsepower of 74.3.

Kubota SVL75-2 Weight

The Kubota SVL75-2 has an operating weight of 9,358.7 pounds.

Kubota SVL75-2 Top Speed

The Kubota SVL75-2 compact track loader has a top speed of 12.4 mph (20 km/h).

Kubota SVL75-2 Oil Capacity

The Kubota SVL75-2 has an engine oil capacity of 10.5 litres.

Kubota SVL75-2 Lift Capacity

The Kubota SVL75-2 has a lift capacity of 4881 lbs at 50% of tipping load.

   Kubota SVl 75-2 Specs

Engine Type

4-cylinder, 96.4 (kW)/ Gross HP engine
 Horsepower HP (kW) /rpm
74.3 (55.4)/2400
Displacement cu. in.  203.3
Overall Length 140.8″
Overall Height 82″
Overall Width Vehicle Width: 65″/68.3″,

Width with Bucket: 68″

Operating Weight lbs. (kg) 9039 / 9315
Operator Station Open cab / closed cab
Rated Operating Capacity (ROC) 35% Tipping Load (lbs.): 2300
Tipping Load (lbs.)
Bucket Breakout Force (lbf.)
Lift Arm Breakout Force (lbf.) 4766
Lift Arm Path
Track Width (standard/wide)


standard 12.6/”
wide 15
Ground Contact Pressure (psi)

Standard: 5.6/5.8 Wide: 4.7/4.9

Track Rollers (per side)


Track Ground Contact Length


Traveling Speed: High (mph)


Traveling Speed: Low (mph)


Traction Force (lbs.)


Ground Clearance (in.)


Auxiliary Hydraulic Pressure (psi)


Auxiliary Hydraulics Flow Rate (GPM)


Height to Hinge Pin


Ground Pressure

Standard: 5.6/5.8 Wide: 4.7/4.9

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   Kubota SVl 75-2 Problems

The Kubota SVL75-2 is an incredibly compact track loader known for its durability and reliability. But, just like all machines it’s not invincible to issues. Here are a few of the most frequent Kubota SVL75-2 issues:

  • The engine won’t start
  • Hydraulics not working
  • The bucket won’t lift
  • Tracks slipping
  • Overheating

   Kubota SVl 75-2 Review

The Kubota SVL75-2 is a compact track loader recognized for its strength, agility, and comfort. It is a favored option for a range of uses, including landscaping, construction, and agriculture.

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 Kubota SVl 75-2 FAQs

What are the dimensions of the Kubota SVL75-2?

Kubota SVL75-2 Kubota the SVL75-2 measures 99.2 inches in width, 119.1 inches high, and 78.5 inches long. It has a clearance to the ground at 11.5 inches.

What is the fuel capacity of the Kubota SVL75-2?

The Kubota SVL75-2 has a fuel capacity of 102 litres.

What is the bucket capacity of the Kubota SVL75-2?

The Kubota SVL75-2 has a standard bucket capacity of 1.2 cubic yards.

What is the breakout force of the Kubota SVL75-2?

The Kubota SVL75-2 has a breakout force of 6,204 pounds.

What is the travel speed of the Kubota SVL75-2?

The Kubota SVL75-2 has a maximum travel speed of 10.3 miles per hour.

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