Kubota M6-131 Price New, Specs, Weight, Reviews 2023


Kubota M6-131 Price, Reviews, Specs, Engine Oil Capacity, Weight, Serial Numbers,  Attachments, Features & Pictures

Kubota M6-131 Utility Tractor is equipped with a Kubota V6108-TI-CRS turbocharged inter-cooled diesel 4-cylinder liquid-cooled 374 ci [6.1 L] engine, which delivers 123.2 hp [91.9 kW] power at rated rpm 2200.

Kubota M6-131 Utility Tractor featured with a Kubota 6.1L 4-cyl diesel engine, 4×4 MFWD 4WD, 6834 lbs [3099 kg] Rear lift (at 24″/610mm), 10880 lbs [4935 kg] weight, 24 forward and reverse gears.

Kubota M6-131 Utility tractor attachments include a Kubota LA2255 front-end loader.

Now, let’s find out the Kubota M6-131 Utility Tractor Price, Parts Specs, Reviews, Serial numbers & Images.

Kubota M6-131 Price 

Kubota M6-131 Price New, Specs, Weight, Reviews

Kubota M6-131 Original Price: NA

Kubota M6-131 Serial Number

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Kubota M6-131 Specs

Kubota M6-131 Engine:

Engine Kubota V6108-TI-CRS turbocharged intercooled diesel 4-cylinder liquid-cooled 374 ci [6.1 L]
Bore/Stroke: 4.65×5.51 inches [118 x 140 mm]
Emissions: Tier IV
Rated Power (ECE R24): 123.2 hp [91.9 kW]
Rated Power (EC 97/98): 131.6 hp [98.1 kW]
Fuel system: common rail direct injection
Air cleaner: dual dry element
Rated RPM: 2200
Starter: electric
Starter volts: 12
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Kubota M6-131 capacity

Fuel: 50.2 gal [190.0 L]
Exhaust Fluid (DEF): 5.3 gal [20.1 L]

Kubota M6-131 3 Point Hitch 

Rear Type: II
Control: electronic lower-link draft sensing
Rear lift (at 24″/610mm): 6834 lbs [3099 kg]
9447 lbs [4285 kg] *
Rear Arms: telescopic lower link ends and stabilizers

Kubota M6-131 Power

Engine (gross): 131.6 hp [98.1 kW]
Engine (net): 123.2 hp [91.9 kW]
PTO (claimed): 104 hp [77.6 kW]
Drawbar (tested): 94.84 hp [70.7 kW]
PTO (tested): 115.06 hp [85.8 kW]

Kubota M6-131 Mechanical

Chassis: 4×4 MFWD 4WD
Differential lock: electro-hydraulic front and rear
Steering: power
Brakes: hydraulic wet disc
Cab: Grand X Cab standard with air-condiitoning.

Kubota M6-131 Transmission

Transmission: Intelli-Shift
Type: partial power shift
Gears: 24 forward and reverse
Clutch: electro-hydraulic wet disc
Transmission: Intelli-Shift Creeper
Type: partial power shift
Gears: 32 forward and reverse
Clutch: electro-hydraulic wet disc

Kubota M6-131 Hydraulics

Valves: 2 to 4
Pump flow: 20.4 gpm [77.2 lpm]
Steering flow: 14.5 gpm [54.9 lpm]

Kubota M6-131 PTO

Rear PTO: independent
Clutch: hydraulic wet disc
Rear RPM: 540/1000

Kubota M6-131 Dimensions

Weight: 10880 lbs [4935 kg]
Wheelbase: 105.9 inches [268 cm]
Length: 171.7 inches [436 cm]
Width: 85.8 inches [217 cm]
Height (cab): 113.2 inches [287 cm]
Ground clearance: 22.2 inches [56 cm]
Front tread: 69.9 to 73.8 inches
[177 to 187 cm]
Rear tread: 62.6 to 82.3 inches
[159 to 209 cm]

Kubota M6-131 Tires

Standard tires (ag): Front: 14.9R24. Rear: 18.4R38

Kubota M6-131 Electrical

Ground: negative
Charging system: alternator
Charging amps: 130

Kubota M6-131 Battery

Volts: 12

Kubota M6-131 Attachments

Loader type: Kubota LA2255
Clearance, dumped bucket: 129.5 inches [328 cm]
116.4 inches [295 cm] (power position)
Dump reach: 30 inches [76 cm]
45.5 inches [115 cm] (power position)
Dump angle: 50
60 (power position)
Reach at ground: 91.9 inches [233 cm]
Rollback angle: 40
Breakout force (at pin): 6585 lbs [2986 kg]
7639 lbs [3465 kg] (power position)
Breakout force (at 800mm): 4879 lbs [2213 kg]
5657 lbs [2566 kg] (power position)
Breakout force (bucket): 6398 lbs [2902 kg]
Lift to full height (at pin): 4711 lbs [2136 kg]
4877 lbs [2212 kg] (power position)
Lift to full height (at 800mm): 3135 lbs [1422 kg]
3477 lbs [1577 kg] (power position)
Lift to 1.5m (at pin): 5591 lbs [2536 kg]
6180 lbs [2803 kg] (power position)
Lift to 1.5m (at 800mm): 4337 lbs [1967 kg]
4791 lbs [2173 kg] (power position)
Raise time to height: 4.5 s
Bucket dump time: 2.4 s
Lowering time: 3.9 s
Rollback time: 3.0 s

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