Kubota LA525 Specs,Weight, Price & Review ❤️

Kubota LA525 Specs, Weight, Price & Review

Check here In this post, I have compiled all of the Kubota LA525 Specifications information from the (official website), including the machine’s characteristics, weight, price, and dimensions.

Kubota LA525

Kubota LA525 Overview

Kubota LA525 Loader was made for Kubota L2501, LT3301, and LT3901 tractors. Double-acting buckets and boom hydraulic pistons are featured on the loader.

Maximum lift height is 2394 mm (94.3 inches) at the pin. The clearance with the bucket dumped is 1936 mm (76.2 inches).

At full height, the lift capacity is 491 kg (1082lbs) L2501 tractor and 513 kg (1131lbs L3301 tractors).

Breakout force (bucket-on-ground) L2501 tractor is 1079 kg (2373 lbs) L2501 tractor and L2501 tractor is 1120 kg (24662 lbs L3301, L3901 tractor) L2501 tractor is 1120 kg (24662 lbs L3301 tractors) L3301 tractors is 1120 kg (2462372491 tractors) L2501 tractors) L2501 tractors) L2501 tractors) L331 and L251 tractors are 351 tractors) is 491 kg (10821 a) at ground weight) is 491 kg (1113 tractors) or L2501 tractors) or L2501 tractors or L331, L3000 tractors) or L2501 3301 tractors.

Boom raising takes 4.1 sec for L2501 or 3.5 sec for L3301, and L3901, respectively. From ground line to full height, the bucket dumping time for L2501 is 2 seconds or 1.7 seconds for L3301 and L3901 (for L3901).

Kubota LA525 Loader compatible buckets: A 60-inch bucket with a nominal heaped volume of 0.26m3 (9.2 cu. ft) or a 66-inch bucket with a rated capacity of 0.28m3 (9.9 cu. ft).

Kubota LA525 Price

Price: USD $18,480.00(APPROX)

Kubota LA525 Top Speed

Speed: 3.2 mph

Kubota LA525 Weight

Weight: 110 lbs

Kubota LA525 Height

Height: 94.3 inches

Kubota LA525 Specifications


Loader model Kubota LA525
Boom cylinder bore, mm (in) 45 (1.77)
Bucket cylinder bore, mm (in) 45 (1.77)
Net weight, kg (lbs) 365 (805)
Boom cylinder stroke, mm (in) 476 (18.7)
Bucket cylinder stroke, mm (in) 476 (18.7)


Bucket Type Quick Attach
Depth, mm (in) 458 (18)
Length, mm (in) 544 (21.4)
Bucket Capacity (Heaped), m3 (cu.ft.) 0.28 (9.9)
Width, mm (in) 1675 (66)
Height, mm (in) 562 (22.1)
Bucket Capacity (Struck), m3 (cu.ft.) 0.23 (8.1)
Weight, kg (lbs) 120 (265)


Bucket Type Pin-on
Depth, mm (in) 463 (18.2)
Length, mm (in) 511 (20.1)
Bucket Capacity (Heaped), m3 (cu.ft.) 0.26 (9.2)
Width, mm (in) 1525 (60)
Height, mm (in) 559 (22)
Bucket Capacity (Struck), m3 (cu.ft.) 0.22 (7.8)
Weight, kg (lbs) 82 (181)


Max. lift height (To bucket pivot pin), mm (in) 2394 (94.3)
Clearance with bucket dumped, mm (in) 1936 (76.2)
Max. dump angle, deg 40
Bucket roll-back angle, deg 31
Overall height in carry position, mm (in) 1302 (51.3)
Max. lift height under level bucket, mm (in) 2224 (87.6)
Reach at max. lift height (Dumping reach), mm (in) 645 (25.4)
Reach with bucket on ground, mm (in) 1618 (63.7)
Digging depth, mm (in) 176 (6.9)


Bucket rollback time, sec. 2.6 / 2.2
Bucket dumping time, sec. 2.0 / 1.7
Lowering time, sec. 2.4 / 2.3
Raising time, sec. 4.1 / 3.5


Lift capacity (Bucket pivot pin, max. height), kg (lbs) 491 (1082)
Lift capacity (Bucket pivot pin, 1500 mm (59″) height), kg (lbs) 649 (1431)
Breakout force (Bucket pivot pin), kg (lbs) 1079 (2373)
Bucket rollback force at max. height, kg (lbs) 960 (2114)
Bucket rollback force at ground level, kg (lbs) 975 (2146)
Lift capacity (500 mm forward, max. height), kg (lbs) 372 (820)
Lift capacity (500 mm forward, 1500 mm height), kg (lbs) 515 (1135)
Breakout force (500 mm forward), kg (lbs) 820 (1806)
Bucket rollback force at 1.5m (5.9 in.), kg (lbs) 1190 (2618)

Kubota LA525 Review

The Kubota LA525 is a front-end loader specifically engineered for Kubota’s L-Series compact tractors. This versatile and robust loader is capable of performing a wide range of tasks, such as:

For more details check out this YouTube Video

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Kubota LA525 FAQ 

What is the capacity of the LA525?

LA525 Front Loader Maximum lift capacity (pivot pin) is 1131 lbs.

What is Kubota LA525?

Kubota LA525 is a front loader attachment designed for Kubota tractors to help with various farming and construction tasks.

What are the dimensions of Kubota LA525?

The height, width, and length of Kubota LA525 are 34.7″, 72.6″, and 23.6″, respectively.

What is the operating weight of Kubota LA525?

The operating weight of Kubota LA525 is around 1131 lbs.

What is the maximum lifting capacity of Kubota LA525?

The maximum lifting capacity of Kubota LA525 is 1131.

What is the breakout force of Kubota LA525?

The breakout force of Kubota LA525 is 2,462lb..

What is the bucket width of Kubota LA525?

The bucket width of the Kubota LA525 is 54 inches.

What is the horsepower requirement for Kubota LA525?

The horsepower requirement for Kubota LA525 is 1131 lbs.

What is the hydraulic capacity of Kubota LA525?

The hydraulic capacity of Kubota LA525 is 4.2 gallons per minute.

Is Kubota LA525 easy to attach and detach from the tractor?

Yes, Kubota LA525 is designed to be easily attached and detached from the tractor without any tools.