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kubota kx057-5
Kubota kx057-5 Compact Excavator

Kubota kx057-5 Overview

Kubota says that the KX057-5, which replaces the KX057-4, comes in both cab and canopy models and has better technology and a lot of space inside.

Kubota’s excavators now have the option to start without a key for the first time. A four-digit code can be used to start the engine, and up to 10 user passwords can be set.

The model has an engine with 47.6 gross horsepower, a digging depth of 12′ 9″, and a bucket breakout force of 10,172 pounds.

Kubota kx057-5 Price New

2023 Kubota KX057-5 price – USD $92,800

Kubota kx057-5 Horsepower

Engine – 47.6 HP

Kubota kx057-5 Weight

Operating Weight – 12,346 – 13,106 lbs

Kubota kx057-5 Specifications

Engine Model Kubota V2607-CR-E5
Horsepower Gross 47.6 HP/ 35.5 kW
Displacement 159.6 Cubic Inches
Horsepower Net 45.4 HP / 33.9 kW
Rated engine speed 2200 rpm / 2200 rpm
Operating Weight 12,346 – 13,106 lbs
Digging Depth 12 Feet 9 Inches
Digging Depth – Vertical 5 Feet 4 Inches
Digging Height 19 Feet
Digging Radius 20 Feet 7 Inches
Blade Lift Above Ground 20.1 Inches
Blade Width 6 Feet 5.2 Inches
Blade Height 16.7 Inches
Blade Drop Below Ground 18.3 Inches
Overall Length 18 Feet 1 Inch
Overall Height 8 Feet 4 Inches
Overall Width 6 Feet 5 Inches
Minimum Ground Clearance 12.2 Inches
Travel Speed – Low 1.7 mph
Travel Speed – High 3.0 mph
Unit Swing Speed 9.2 rpm
Boom Swing Angle – Left 70 Degrees
Boom Swing Angle – Right 53 Degrees
Crawler Length 8 Feet 2 Inches
Shoe Width 15.7 Inches
Ground Contact Pressure 4.6 – 4.8 psi
Fuel capacity 19.3 gal (73L)
Pump capacity 14.8 GPM / 56.1 l/min
Bucket 11177 lbs / 5070 kg
Arm 5644 lbs / 2560 kg
Bucket Breakout Force 10172 lbs (4614 kg)
Arm Breakout Force 5463 lbs (2478 kg)
Hydraulic Oil Reservoir / System 11.1 gal (41.9l) / 20.3 gal (77.0l)

Kubota kx057-5  Feature

kubota kx057-5

New Features

NEW: 7-inch LCD color screen with jog dial (Standard)

NEW Keyless Start: Start the excavator without a manual key. No more losing your keys or not being able to find them. The excavator can store up to ten user passcodes to start the machine. tool to stop theft (Dealer – Option)

Rearview Camera: Factory-ready; dealer-installed option. To use the rearview camera, press the “camera” button on the right-hand keypad. The screen will split, with machine information on top and a clear view of what’s behind the excavator.

Automatic Flow One Way Hydraulic Return Line (3rd Line): On the (-4) excavators, the 3rd return line is manually engaged on the right side valve bank. The new feature is electronic and is engaged through the display.

The seat and console are both adjustable, so the operator can find the best place to work in the cab.

LED Working Lights are standard; Halogen lights were changed to LED lights.

The air conditioning system has been improved. It used to have five air vents, but now it has seven.

Angular blade Hydraulic angle blade (optional)

Time-saving and efficient. With a simple rocker switch on the dozer lever, the optional hydraulic angle blade may be slanted to the right or left to push soil to the side as the machine travels forward, reducing the need for repetitive repositioning at right angles while backfilling trenches.

Smoke-Free Kubota Tier- 4

Kubota excavators use Tier 4 engines. Modern engine design maximizes digging and lifting performance, minimizes noise and vibration, and meets pollution regulations.


All Kubota excavators have a two-speed drive for maneuverability and backfilling.

Kubota kx057-5 Attachments.

Excavator Bucket

A force of 10,172 lbs. is a lot for a bucket to dig with. Its arm and bucket are strong and well-balanced, which makes it possible for the operator to dig faster and better, even in tough conditions.

Excavator Auger

Excavator Augers are used to dig holes for footings or fences. They use the flexibility of the excavator to get to hard-to-reach places or dig deeper than a CTL/skid steer can.

Kubota kx057-5 Review Video


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