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In this article, I have gathered all of the information on the Kubota E63 Compact Excavator from the (Official site), including the Kubota E63 Excavator’s features, weight, price, and dimensions.

bobcat e63
Kubota E63 Compact Excavator

Kubota E63 overview

This 6-ton small excavator has maximum hydraulic and engine horsepower to perform tough digs and lifts, with an extensible arm.

The new Bobcat® engine minimizes routine maintenance, is easier to service, has an enhanced cooling system (protecting engine components), and operates more quietly.

Over-the-side digging, slewing, and lift-over-side capability improved.

Clear vision to the work and workplace, better headroom and legroom, ergonomic controls, and less vibration, and noise.
Widescreen touch display, rearview camera, automated heat and air conditioning, and Bobcat depth-check system are optional.

  • Horsepower: 59.4 hp
  • Operating Weight: 13,779 lb
  • Bucket Digging Force: 9,731 lbs
  • Bucket breakout force: 9,731 lb.-ft.
  • Maximum Reach at Ground Level: 20.4 ft
  • Width: 78 in
  • Tail Swing Type: Conventional
  • Lift Capacity: 5902 lb

Kubota E63 Price New

2017 old and use BOBCAT E63  price – USD $59,900

2018 BOBCAT E63 price – USD $69,900

2019 BOBCAT E63 price – USD $65,000

2020 BOBCAT E63 price – USD $79,000

Kubota E63 Horsepower

Engine – 59.4 hp

Kubota E63 Weight

Operating weight –  13,779 lb

bobcat e63

Kubota E63 Specifications


Model E63
Type Mini excavator
Manufacturer Bobcat
Years Made 2013-2022


Engine Model No 4TNE98C
Aspiration Natural
Cooling System Water-cooled, belt-driven
Max. Idle Power 2650 RPM
Type Vertical In-line Diesel
Max. Torque 1600 RPM
Compression Ratio 18.0
Rated Speed 2100 RPM
Lubrication Forced lubrication with trochoid pump
Brand Yanmar
No. of Cylinders 4
Min. Idle Power 1150 RPM
rotation Counterclockwise viewed from the flywheel end
Emissions Tier 4
Combustion Direct injection
Fuel Capacity 21 gal /79 L
Horsepower 59 HP / 44 kW
Displacement 111 cu in. /  3319 cc
Oil Capacity 3 gal / 11.2 L


Height 100 in / 254 cm
Length 226 in. /574 cm
Width 78 in. /198 cm
Height – Top of Cab 8.4 ft (2 m)

Boom/Stick Excavator Option 1

Boom Swing – Left 70 °
Boom Swing – Right 50 °
Max Cutting Height 14 ft (4 m)
Max Digging Depth 13.5 ft (4 m)
Max Reach Along Ground 20.4 ft (6 m)


Arm digging Force 5767 lbs (2,616 kg)
Bucket digging Force – SAE 9731 lbs (4,414 kg)

Hydraulic System

Pump Flow Capacity 22.5 gal/min (83 l/min)
Standard pressure 3046 psi


Digging Force Bucket 9700 lbf / 4400 kg
Digging Force Arm 5767 lbf /2616 kg
Lifting Capacity 5900 lbs /2677 kg
Lift Radius 118 in./ 300 cm

Travel Speed

Max Travel Speed 2.9 mph (3 kph)
Min Travel Speed 1.6 mph (2 kph)


Operating Weight 13800 lbs / 6260 kg

Kubota E63 Attachments

  • Auger 35ph
  • Auger 50ph
  • Auger drive unit 30c
  • Auger drive unit 30h
  • bucket grading, X change 52 inch
  • bucket grading, X change class 4 48inch
  • bucket grading, X change class 4 36inch
  • bucket grading, X change class 4  60 inch

Kubota E63 Review Video


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