Kubota B2710 Price, Specs, Weight, Horsepower, Review 2023

Kubota B2710 Price, Reviews, Specs, Engine Oil Capacity, Weight, Serial Numbers, Attachments, History, Features & Pictures

Kubota B2710 Compact Utility Tractor is equipped with a Kubota V1305-E-D12 diesel 4-cylinder liquid-cooled engine, which delivers 27 hp (20.1 kW) power at a rated rpm 2600.

Kubota B2710 Compact Utility Tractor featured a Kubota 1.3L 4-cyl diesel engine, infinite (3-range) forward and reverse gears, 3.8 Qts (3.6 L) Oil Capacity, 4×4 MFWD 4WD, wet disc brakes, and Power steering.

Kubota B2710 Compact Utility tractor attachments include a Kubota LA402 loader.

Now, let’s find out the Kubota B2710 Compact Utility Tractor Price, Parts Specs, Reviews, Serial numbers & Images.

Kubota B2710 Price

Kubota B2710 Price, Specs, Weight, Horsepower, Review

Kubota B2710 Original Price: $10,950 USD

Kubota B2710 Serial Number

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Kubota B2710 Review

The Kubota B2710 stands as a 27-horsepower compact tractor, celebrated for its dependability, sturdiness, and adaptability.

It’s a sought-after choice among farmers, ranchers, and homeowners requiring a tractor capable of handling diverse tasks like mowing, snow removal, tilling, and loading.

At its core, the B2710 relies on a 4-cylinder Kubota diesel engine, known for its fuel efficiency and minimal emissions. Complementing its capabilities, the tractor features a hydrostatic transmission for ease of operation and maneuverability.

Standard inclusions comprise a category 1 three-point hitch and a 20-hp PTO, enabling compatibility with a wide array of attachments.

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Kubota B2710 Specs

Kubota B2710 Engine:

engine Kubota V1305-E-D12 diesel 4-cylinder liquid-cooled
Displacement: 81.5 ci
1.3 L
Bore/Stroke: 2.99×2.90 inches
76 x 74 mm
Power (gross): 27 hp
20.1 kW
Air cleaner: dry
Rated RPM: 2600
Starter volts: 12
Oil capacity: 4.3 qts
4.1 L
Coolant capacity: 4.7 qts
4.4 L

Kubota B2710 Tractor Hitch 

Rear Type: I
Control: position control
Rear lift (at ends): 1655 lbs
750 kg
Rear lift (at 24″/610mm): 1300 lbs
589 kg

Kubota B2710 Power

Engine (gross): 27 hp
20.1 kW
PTO (claimed): 20 hp
14.9 kW

Kubota B2710 Mechanical

Chassis: 4×4 MFWD 4WD
Final drives: spur gear
Differential lock: mechanical rear
Steering: power
Brakes: wet disc
Cab: Two-post folding ROPS.
Transmission: hydrostatic

Kubota B2710 Transmission

Type: hydrostatic
Gears: infinite (3-range) forward and reverse
Oil capacity: 3.8 qts
3.6 L

Kubota B2710 Hydraulics

Type: open center
Valves: 2
Pump flow: 6.4 GPM
24.2 lpm
Total flow: 9.5 GPM
36.0 lpm
Steering flow: 3.1 GPM
11.7 lpm

Kubota B2710 PTO

Rear PTO: live
Rear RPM: 540 (1.375)
Engine RPM: 540@2600
Mid PTO: live
Mid RPM: 2500 (Kubota 10-spline)
Engine RPM: 2500@2578

Kubota B2710 Dimensions

Wheelbase: 65.6 inches
166 cm
Length: 99.2 inches
251 cm
Width: 53.8 inches
136 cm
Height (ROPS): 78.5 inches
199 cm
Weight: 1741 lbs
789 kg
Ground clearance: 14.6 inches
37 cm

Kubota B2710 Tires

Ag front: 7-12
Ag rear: 12.4-16
Lawn/turf front: 24×8.50-14
Lawn/turf rear: 13.6-16
Industrial front: 23×8.50-14
Industrial rear: 12.4-16

Kubota B2710 Electrical

Ground: negative
Battery CCA: 443
Battery volts: 12

Kubota B2710 Attachments

Kubota LA402 Loader
Height (to pin): 81.5 inches
207 cm
Clearance, dumped bucket: 65.5 inches
166 cm
Dump reach: 26 inches
66 cm
Dump angle: 40°
Reach the ground: 54.1 inches
137 cm
Rollback angle: 26°
Breakout force (lift): 1684 lbs
763 kg
Lift to full height (at pin): 1060 lbs
480 kg
Bucket width: 54 inches
137 cm

Final Words

Kubota B2710 – FAQ

What is the Kubota B2710?

The Kubota B2710 is a compact utility tractor manufactured by Kubota, known for its reliability and versatility. It has been designed for use across numerous applications on small farms, landscaping projects, and property maintenance duties.

What is the horsepower of the Kubota B2710?

The Kubota B2710 tractor has a rated engine horsepower of 27 horsepower (20.1 kW) and a power take-off (PTO) horsepower of approximately 20 horsepower (14.9 kW). This power output provides ample performance for various tasks.

What type of engine does the Kubota B2710 have?

The Kubota B2710 is equipped with a four-cylinder, liquid-cooled diesel engine. It typically has a displacement of around 1.3 liters and offers efficient power delivery and fuel economy.

What transmission options are available for the Kubota B2710?

The Kubota B2710 tractor typically features a hydrostatic transmission, which provides smooth and seamless speed control without the need for manual shifting. It allows for both forward and reverse operation with ease.

What are some key features of the Kubota B2710?

The Kubota B2710 tractor comes with features designed to enhance its functionality, including four-wheel drive, power steering, a three-point hitch, a rear PTO, and the ability to attach various implements such as mowers, loaders, and backhoes.

What is the weight of the Kubota B2710?

The operating weight of the Kubota B2710 tractor is approximately 1741 lbs (789 kilograms) without any attachments or implements. This weight may vary slightly depending on the specific configuration and optional equipment.

What are the dimensions of the Kubota B2710?

The Kubota B2710 measures an overall length of approximately 99.2 inches (251 cm), a width of 53.8 inches, and a height of approximately 78.5 inches. These dimensions may vary slightly depending on tire options and attachments.

What is the fuel capacity of the Kubota B2710?

The Kubota B2710 tractor typically has a fuel capacity of around 6.6 gallons (25 liters). This allows for extended periods of operation without frequent refueling.

Can the Kubota B2710 be used with a front-end loader?

Yes, the Kubota B2710 can be used with a front-end loader attachment. It is designed to handle loader work and can be equipped with a compatible Kubota loader for tasks such as material handling and lifting.

Is the Kubota B2710 suitable for residential use?

Yes, the Kubota B2710 is suitable for residential use, especially for small-scale farming, landscaping, and property maintenance. Its compact size and versatility make it convenient for working in tight spaces.

Can I use the Kubota B2710 with other Kubota implements?

Yes, the Kubota B2710 can be used with a variety of Kubota implements such as mowers, tillers, backhoes, and loaders. It is designed to be compatible with Kubota’s range of attachments, allowing for enhanced versatility and productivity.