Kubota B1610 Price, Specification, Review 2023

Kubota B1610 Price, Reviews, Specs, Engine Oil Capacity, Weight, Serial Numbers, Features & Pictures

Kubota B1610 Sub-Compact Utility Tractor is equipped with a Kubota D722 diesel 3-cylinder liquid-cooled 43.9 ci [0.7 L] engine, which delivers 15.7 hp [11.7 kW] power at rated rpm 3200.

Kubota B1610 Sub-Compact Utility Tractor featured with a Kubota 0.7L 3-cyl diesel engine, 4×4 MFWD 4WD, wet disc brakes, 1,190 lbs [539 kg] Rear lift (at ends), 1,151 lbs [522 kg] weight, 6 forward and 2 reverse gears.

Now, let’s find out the Kubota B1610 Sub-Compact Utility Tractor Price, Parts Specs, Reviews, Serial numbers & Images.

Kubota B1610 Price 

Kubota B1610 Price, Specification, Review

Kubota B1610 Original Price: NA

Kubota B1610 Serial Number

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Kubota B1610 Review

The Kubota B1610 is a small, strong tractor that’s known for being tough, reliable, and easy to use. It’s a common choice for small farms, homesteads, and regular folks who need a tractor for lots of different jobs like cutting grass, tilling the soil, clearing snow, and moving things with a loader.

The B1610 is powered by a 16 horsepower diesel engine that doesn’t use a lot of fuel and has enough power for most tasks. It also has a four-wheel drive system, which gives it good traction in all kinds of conditions.

What’s great about the B1610 is that it’s easy to use. The controls are in the right place and easy to reach, and the transmission works smoothly and responds well. It’s also not too noisy, so it’s pleasant to operate.

Another good thing about the B1610 is that it can do a lot of different jobs. You can attach many different tools to it, like mowers, tillers, snow plows, loaders, and backhoes. This means you can do a variety of tasks on a small farm or homestead with just this one tractor.

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Kubota B1610 Specs

Kubota B1610 Engine:

Engine Kubota D722 diesel 3-cylinder liquid-cooled 43.9 ci [0.7 L]
Power (gross): 15.7 hp [11.7 kW]

Kubota B1610 capacity

Fuel: 3.4 gal [12.9 L]

Kubota B1610 3 Point Hitch 

Rear Type: 1
Rear lift (at ends): 1,190 lbs [539 kg]

Kubota B1610 Power

Engine (gross): 15.7 hp [11.7 kW]
Engine (net): 14.4 hp [10.7 kW]
PTO (claimed): 12.3 hp [9.2 kW]

Kubota B1610 Mechanical

Chassis: 4×4 MFWD 4WD
Differential lock: mechanical
Brakes: wet disc

Kubota B1610 Transmission

Gears: 6 forward and 2 reverse

Kubota B1610 PTO

Rear RPM: 540/1000 (1.375)
Mid RPM: 2545

Kubota B1610 Dimensions

Weight: 1,151 lbs [522 kg]
Wheelbase: 50 inches [127 cm]
Length: 80.1 inches [203 cm]
Min Width: 36.5 inches [92 cm]
Height: 49.4 inches [125 cm]
Ground clearance: 10.6 inches [26 cm]
Front tread: 30.2 inches [76 cm]
Rear tread: 28 to 40.6 inches
[71 to 103 cm]

Kubota B1610 Tires

Ag front: 5-12
Ag rear: 8-16
Lawn/turf front: 20×8.00-10
Lawn/turf rear: 212/80D-15

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