John Deere Z525e New Price, Specs, Problems & Oil Capacity {2024}

John Deere Z525e New Price, Specs, Problems & Oil Capacity {2024}

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John Deere Z535M Price New and Used

John Deere Z535M Original Price: $3,899 

CountryNew John Deere Z535M Price (USD)Used John Deere Z535M Price (USD)
United States$2,499 – $3,199$1,200 – $2,000
Canada$3,299 – $4,299$1,400 – $2,300
United Kingdom£2,599 – £3,499£1,200 – £2,000
Australia$4,999 – $6,299$2,300 – $3,800

Keep in mind that prices could have changed in the past due to factors like the exchange rate of currencies local demand, economic circumstances.

John Deere Z535M Horsepower

The John Deere Z535M has a 25-hp (18.6 kW) V-twin engine.

John Deere Z535M Weight   

The John Deere Z535M weighs 615 to 687 pounds, depending on the size of the mower deck

John Deere Z535M  Fuel Capacity

The fuel capacity of the John Deere Z535M zero-turn mower is 4.5 US gallons (17 liters).

John Deere Z535M Oil Capacity

The John Deere Z535M has an engine oil capacity of 2 U.S. quarts (1.9 liters).

John Deere Z525e New Price, Specs, Problems & Oil Capacity

John Deere Z535M Specs

ManufacturerJohn Deere
Zero-turn mower

John Deere Z535M Engine

Engine DetailBriggs & Stratton 44
air-cooled vertical-shaft V-Twin
Displacement724 cc
44.2 ci
Bore/Stroke3.12×2.89 inches
79 x 73 mm
Power24 hp
17.9 kW
Starter volts12

John Deere Z535M Transmission

TransmissionTuff Torq TZT 7-D
Gearsinfinite forward and reverse

John Deere Z525E Dimensions

Wheelbase48.7 inches
123 cm
Length76.7 inches
194 cm
Height39.4 inches
100 cm
Weight615 lbs (48 deck)
278 kg
 631 lbs (54 deck)
286 kg

John Deere Z525E Tires

Lawn/turf front13×5.0-6
Lawn/turf rear22×9.50-10


Two-wheel drive
Power steering
Open operator station.

Power Take-off (PTO)

Mid PTOindependent


Battery CCA300
Battery volts12

John Deere Z535M Attachments

Attachment overview

48″ mid-mount mower deck
54″ mid-mount mower deck

48″ Mower deck

TypeJohn Deere
Haight48 inches
121 cm

54″ Mower deck

TypeJohn Deere
manual lift
Haight54 inches
137 cmc

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John Deere Z535M Problems

It is the John Deere Z535M, a zero-turn lawnmower that is renowned for its durability and performance. However, just like all machines it’s not invincible to issues.

The most frequently reported issues that are reported by Z535M owners are:

  • Engine issues
  • Electrical system problems
  • Transmission issues
  • Belt problems
  • Tire issues
  • Deck problems

John Deere Z535M Review

The John Deere Z535M is a lawn mower specifically designed for homeowners with medium to large-sized lawns. Powered by a 25-horsepower V-Twin engine, it comes with a 62-inch cutting deck. The mower is equipped with several features that make it a popular choice among homeowners, such as:

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What kind of engine does the John Deere Z535M have?

The Z535M has a 25-horsepower V-twin engine.

How fast can the John Deere Z535M go?

The Z535M has a top speed of 7 mph.

How wide is the John Deere Z535M?

The Z535M comes with an overall cutting length of 62.

How do I start my John Deere Z535M?

The owner’s manual contains detailed instructions on how to begin the Z535M. It also explains how to activate the parking brake as well as turn the key and use the controls.