John Deere X730 Specs, Price & Review 2023

John Deere X730 Garden Tractor Specs, Horsepower, Features, Attachments, Price & Review

John Deere X730 Specs: The John Deere X730 is a lawn and garden tractor with two-wheel drive (2WD) that belongs to the X-series. Since 2013, the John Deere Horicon Works plant in Horicon Wisconsin has been manufacturing the X730 garden tractor.

The John Deere X730 lawn tractor was powered by the Kawasaki FD750D EFI engine. The Kawasaki FD750D DFI is a horizontal shaft 0.75 l, 745 cc, (45.46 cu-in) V-twin 90° liquid-cooled 4-stroke tiny gasoline engine produces 25.5 hp gross power at rated 3600 rpm.

The John Deere X730 tractor has a Tuff-Torq K90 hydrostatic gearbox with limitless forward and reverses, hydrostatic power steering, and internal wet disc brakes. The tractor features an exposed control panel and a fuel capacity of 19.7 liters (5.2 US gallons).

John Deere X730 Price

john deere x730 specs

John Deere x730 Original Price : $11,989.00 USD

John Deere X730 Specs

John Deere X730 Garden Tractor Specs

John Deere X730 Key Facts

  • 25.5-hp (19 kW) iTorque™ Power System
  • Power two-wheel steer, power lift system, Twin-Touch™ forward and reverse foot pedals
  • 4-year/700-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty
  • Available in 48-, 54-, and 60-inch mower deck sizes


Manufacturer John Deere
SKU X730
Engine Brand

john deere x730 Horsepower

25.5 HP

Fuel Capacity


Drive System

Hydrostatic Drive


Commercial Hydrostatic

Drive Wheels

Rear Wheel Drive

Cutting Width


John Deere X730 Serial Numbers


Serial Numbers

2013 010001
2014 020001
2016 040001
2017 050001
2018 060001
2019 070001
2020 080001
2021 090001


Engine Brand Kawasaki
Engine Power 25.5 HP
Displacement 745 cc
Cylinders 2
Cooling System Liquid Cooled
Starting System Electric Key Start
Fuel Capacity 5.2
Oil Filter Yes
Air Filter Cartridge with Pre Cleaner
CARB Compliant No
Fuel Type Gasoline
Fuel Delivery System EFI


john deere x730 Weight 868 lbs.
Length, Overall 75″
Width, Overall 74.3″
Height, Overall 51.2″


Drive System Hydrostatic Drive
Transmission Commercial Hydrostatic
Drive Wheels Rear Wheel Drive
Forward Speed 8.5
Reverse Speed 6.0
Differential Lock Yes
Ranges 1

Mower Deck

Cutting Width 54″
Height of Cut 1-5.25
Cut Height Increments 0.25″
Deck Construction Stamped Steel
Cutting Blades 3
Blade Engagement/PTO Electronic
Deck Lift System Power Lift
Cutting Options Side Discharge
Deck Drive Shaft
Spindles Greasable
Anti-Scalp Wheels 4
Steel Thickness 10 gauge


Power Steering Yes
All Wheel Steering N/A
Turning Radius 25
Uncut Circle Radius 28


Seat Material Foam
Armrests Optional
Adjustable Position Yes
Seat Options N/A


Hour Meter Standard
Tow Hitch Standard
Fuel Gauge Yes
Front Bumper Optional
Headlights Standard
Roll Over Protection (ROPS) N/A
Washout Port Yes
Blade Stop System Yes
Cruise Control Yes
Engine Guard N/A
Rear Bumper N/A
Parking Brake Integrated with Transmission


Front Tire Size 18 x 8.5-8
Rear Tire Size 26 x 12.00-12

John Deere X730 Attachments

Attachment overview

48″ mid-mount mower deck
54″ mid-mount mower deck
60″ mid-mount mower deck

48″ Mower deck

width 48 inches
121 cm
blade 3

54″ Mower deck

width 54 inches
137 cm
blade 3
Weight 225 lbs
102 kg

60″ Mower deck

width 60 inches
152 cm
blade 3

54″ Snowblower

  • width: 54 inches 
    137 cm
  • dual-stage
  • front-mount
  • hydraulic-lift

The following attachments are available for the John Deere X730 garden tractor

  • 3-bladed, 1,220 mm (48 in) mid-mount John Deere 48 mower deck.
  • 3-bladed, 1,370 mm (54 in) mid-mount John Deere 54 mower deck.
  • Mid-mount, three-bladed John Deere 60 in. (1520 mm) mower deck.
  • Front-mount Dual-stage, 1,370 mm (54 in) John Deere 54 snow blower with hydraulic lift.

John Deere X730 Features

Electronic Fuel Injected 25HP V-Twin torque Engine

  • Design with liquid cooling offers strength, performance, and fuel efficiency.
  • EFI improves fuel economy, makes starting simpler, and compensates for altitude.
  • OHVs deliver higher horsepower and torque per square inch.

Hydraulic Power Steering and Tilt Steering Wheel

  • Productivity and maneuverability are both increased with power steering.
  • Operator tiredness is decreased by automotive feel.
  • This platform provides the best comfort thanks to its six-position tilt steering wheel.

Deluxe High Back Seat with With Coil Suspension

  • Excellent airflow is provided by the brand-new 2-piece design for a cooler ride.
  • To make the operator more comfortable, allow a tilt.

Hydrostatic Drive Transaxle with Differential Lock

  • The operator finds two-foot pedal controls to be convenient and pleasant.
  • Operator comfort is increased by cruise control.
  • Applying traction to both wheels is possible thanks to a foot control that locks the rear differential.

High Capacity Drive Over Decks With Hydraulic Lift

  • Purchase a 48″ deck for best cutting results in confined spaces.
  • Drive Over technology allows 54″ and 60″ HC decks to be quickly attached and detached.
  • Better airflow and discharge are made possible by a new, high-capacity design, which enhances cutting performance.

John Deere X730 Problems

These are some of the most common problems with the John Deere X730, and some general ideas are given about how to deal with them.

Engine Starting Issue

  • If you’ve had the tractor for a while, you’ve probably had some trouble getting it to start.
  • When the starter doesn’t work right, the engine won’t start. Several things can cause it to happen. Check to see if the fuse is broken, and if it is, put in a new one.
  • This can happen if your batteries are bad or if the link between the terminals is corroded. Check the battery to make sure it has the right charge and is in good shape.
  • Clean the plug ends. Make sure that all of the wire links are tight and that the ignition switch works. The starter switch may need to be changed.
  • If the engine cranks but the tractor won’t start, check to see if there is fuel in the tank. This trouble can also be caused by old or bad fuel.
  • Drain the old fuel out of the tank and fill it back up with good fuel. Some people put fuel in the tank without first getting rid of the old fuel. Do not do that.
  • Air or water needs to be let out of the fuel line. Trouble starting can also be caused by a plugged fuel filter or a broken carburetor.
  • The filter and carburetor need to be changed. Spark plugs that don’t work right can cause so many problems. Check the spark plugs and, if they need to be changed, do so.

Engine Rough Running

  • There are times when the engine starts making noise or vibrating too much, which hurts its total performance. When the cooling fans are clogged up, the car can run so badly. Wash them.
  • If the electrical links are corroded or broken, the engine can also run rough. Check those addresses and get new ones. If the starting process doesn’t work right, the engine won’t work well.
  • Check the spark plugs to see if they can work right. If the air filter gets dirty, there may not be enough air in the combustion area to give the engine enough power.
  • Clean the air filter or get a new one. The carburettor is another important part. If it gets jammed, the engine won’t work as well. When you clean it, you should always clean the parts next to it as well.

Engine Backfires

Having dirty spark plugs can cause the engine to backfire. Check them out and fix them up. Change or tweak the speed. Check the air gap in the ignition coil and fix it if it’s not in the right place.

Engine Overheats

  • If the engine can’t cool down because the fins are blocked, the engine overheats, which can cause other problems. So it is important to clean the fins every so often. If the engine oil is too low or too high, you need to add or drain oil. The problem could also be bad oil.
  • Drain the oil, and always use the right type of oil. When the load is too heavy, the engine can also get too hot. If the idle speed is too fast, you can change the carburetor to make the idle speed slower. Aside from these, you should clean or repair a dirty air filter or carburetor.

Engine Loses Power

  • The loss of engine power is a common cause of trouble. When the air filter is blocked, the power goes out. Extra oil from the engine needs to be emptied. Such issues may also be brought on by faulty fuel pumps.
  • Fix the pump or get a new one. Also, check the governor and fix it if it’s broken.

Engine Smoke

  • A high fuel-to-air ratio in the combustion chamber can be identified by the appearance of black smoke coming from your tractor.
  • If the air cleaner element is obstructed, not enough air will reach the engine’s combustion process. Purify the air we breathe. Maybe draining the oil buildup will help.

Excessive Vibration

  • Check the drive belt if the tractor is vibrating excessively. Check that they are correctly set up and in good shape. Tighten the belt if necessary. If it is broken, replace it.
  • If the pulley or deck is blocked with dirt and debris, the vibrations will be too strong. Clean up the clutter. Vibrations can also be caused by mower blades. Make sure the blades are balanced and replace them when necessary.

John Deere X730 Reviews

The John Deere X730 is a fancy lawn mower that people really like because it lasts a long time, works well, and is comfy. People who own it think the engine is really strong, it feels nice to ride on, and it cuts grass really well.

The X730 costs a bit more, but it’s a good buy for people who have big lawns or lots of land. For a full review YouTube video Check Here.


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What is the engine power of the John Deere X730?

The X730 has a 25.5-hp (19 kW) iTorque™ Power System.

What are the available mower deck sizes for the John Deere X730?

The X730 is available in 48-, 54-, and 60-inch mower deck sizes.

What is the PowerGard Protection Plan for the John Deere X730?

The PowerGard Protection Plan is an extension of the manufacturer’s warranty that protects you from unforeseen repair expenses and ensures regular maintenance with original equipment components.

What are some common problems with the John Deere X730?

Some of the most common problems with the X730 are problems with the engine oil pressure sensor, overheating because of too much load, and stalling or working poorly.

How can I reduce the load on the engine of my John Deere X730?

To make the engine work less, you can change the speed of the tractor, lower the cutting height, and don’t mow when it’s very hot outside.