John Deere vs New Holland Tractors: Which One Should You Buy?

John Deere vs New Holland Tractors: Which One Should You Buy?

John Deere vs New Holland

Buying a tractor is an investment that demands careful thought if you work as a farmer or in the agricultural sector. It might be challenging to find the tractor that best suits your unique demands when there are so many different brands and models available.

John Deere and New Holland are both of the most well-known brands on the market. To assist you in making an educated selection, we will compare John Deere and New Holland tractors in this post.

About the Brand: John Deere vs. New Holland

John Deere, founded in 1837, is a well-known and recognized brand. John Deere is the founder of the corporation. I like the organization’s customer-centric approach. The design strategy and upgrades will be beneficial for users.

John Deere has been awarded the most reliable brand of lawn tractors and ZTR mowers by Consumer Reports.

I will list some reasons why New Holland is an excellent brand below. Under Sperry’s direction, New Holland began manufacturing lawn and garden tractors in the 1970s and ultimately sold the product line to Ariens.

As Ford sold a controlling stake in the Ford-New Holland agricultural machinery firm to FIAT, the Ford-branded Toros were replaced with New Holland-branded models. The line of lawn and garden tractors was made by New Holland until 2009 when it was discontinued.

John Deere vs. New Holland Comparison

FeaturesJohn DeereNew Holland
Power17.5 – 25.5 HP22 HP to 35 HP
Mower Deck Size42”-54”60’’ to 84’’
Seat AdjustabilityYesYes
Cost$1599 to $8,299$5610 to more than $8,172
Warranty2-4 Years6 years
Overall ComfortGoodGood
Overall EfficiencyEfficientEfficient
Handling AbilityGoodGood
Fuel Capacity5 gal12 gal

Differences Between New Holland vs. John Deere Based on Features

Engine Power

Both  John Deere and New Holland manufacture an assortment of lawn tractors. As a result, you have several alternatives for engine power.

John Deere’s product selection consists of four series: 100, 200, X300, and X500. The 100, the most fundamental model, has 17.5 horsepower.

In contrast, the most powerful and pricey X500 series models offer up to 25.5 horsepower.

A lawnmower with a strong engine is always ideal. Hence, if engine capacity is essential, New Holland may be a better option than John Deere.

New Holland offers three distinct types of lawnmowers to fulfill your specific mowing needs.

The MC22, MC28, and MC35 tractors engines generate 22, 28, and 35 horsepower, respectively.

All three are powered by reliable, fuel-efficient diesel engines. Due to its isolator installation and underhood exhaust, the engines operate without vibration.

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Total Comfort

Examining the New Holland and John Deere models reveals that they have superior suspension systems and all required comfort elements.

John Deere can provide you with an ergonomic operator station and an adjustable seat to ensure a smooth ride on your grass at all times.

A debris-collecting groove in the footrest panel ensures that the footrest is always clean and dry. There is an anti-vibration and non-slip floor mat for improved seating and driving comfort.

New Holland has a reclining, high backrest for optimal support and a weight-adjustable, full-suspension seat. The cushioned arms fold up and out of the way when not in use.

Mowers from New Holland may be equipped with optional cruise control for increased comfort when mowing vast, open areas.

In addition, forward and backward travel pedals are situated on the right side of the platform, making it simple and straightforward to go back and forth or navigate in confined spaces.

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Both New Holland and John Deere are reliable brands that come up with excellent facilities.

With the automatic transmission system on a John Deere, the driver has total control over the gears, allowing for quicker gear changes.

The hood opens simply, allowing you to view the equipment and immediately do any maintenance or repairs that may be required.

All New Holland lawn tractors have the biggest fuel tank in the business, at 13.3 gallons, allowing for prolonged periods between refilling.

Standard on all tractor models is a two-speed hydraulic gearbox. They feature a low range for challenging mowing conditions and a high range for light mowing and hauling.

With a New Holland mower, there is no need to open the hood to check the engine oil level or replenish it.

A single-piece engine hood that folds up to provide easy access to the engine oil fill, oil and air filters, cooling, and electrical systems.


Both brands utilize engines from distinct manufacturers. Hence, these manufacturers have been refining engines for decades.

John Deere is close behind in terms of productivity. John Deere provides exceptional agility and trimming skills. Mowers are designed for tight turns, allowing for more effective mowing around flower beds.

New Holland mowers are equipped with an audible alert that sounds if the oil pressure is low or the engine is overheated.

Typical equipment includes a two-post rollover protective structure and a retractable seatbelt. If needed, the ROPS may be collapsed in order to mow beneath low-hanging trees or in other low-clearance conditions.


Many of us overlook the product guarantee. When a new tractor develops a problem, unfortunately, it becomes critical rapidly.

Basic lawn tractors from John Deere provide a 2-year or 120-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty. The best part is that more expensive models come with a four-year warranty term.

According to surveys, all New Holland tractors come with a six-year warranty that ensures user satisfaction.

Customer Support

Customer support is an additional consideration when deciding between John Deere and New Holland tractors. John Deere has a good reputation for customer service.

They provide a variety of services, including maintenance programs, financing choices, and online information, to assist clients in maximizing the performance of their tractors.

New Holland likewise provides excellent customer service, however, it may not be as comprehensive as John Deere’s.

John Deere vs. New Holland: Which One to Select Finally?

Given the characteristics of the models offered by both New Holland and John Deere, it is tough to choose between the two. Both brands of tractors have outstanding features at reasonable rates.

Nonetheless, due to several compelling factors, you may choose New Holland over John Deere.

With a New Holland mower, there is no need to raise the hood to check the engine oil level or replenish it.

The hood of a single-piece engine folds up for easy access to the engine oil fill, oil and air filters, cooling, and electrical systems.

John Deere’s lawnmowers, on the other hand, have a number of defects not present in New Holland models.

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Q: Which is better, John Deere or New Holland tractors?

A: While New Holland is preferred for traditional agricultural labor, John Deere is selected for heavy-duty operations. John Deere is excellent for baling hay and mowing grass. In addition, it is capable of a variety of light farm tasks. It also results in more plowing and digging than in New Holland.

Q: Are John Deere tractors more expensive than New Holland tractors?

A: Yes, John Deere tractors tend to be more expensive than New Holland tractors. However, they also come with more features and better performance.


Taking into account all of the differences between the New Holland and the John Deere may assist you in determining which is optimal for your needs.

You won’t find a more broad and more contemporary selection of tractors, combines, and agricultural equipment anywhere else.

Excellent performance, convenience, and comfort features, as well as productive equipment, are available to you.