John Deere STX38 Black Deck Review, Price, Specs & Features 2023

John Deere STX38 Specs, Price, Reviews, Transmission, Engine, Horsepower, History, Weight, Pictures

The John Deere STX38 Black Deck was introduced in 1994, replacing the original John Deere STX38 yellow-deck model.

STX38 John Deere Black Deck is considered an economy model, offering fewer features compared to its yellow-deck counterpart.

This lawn tractor is powered by a Kohler CV13S gasoline 1-cylinder air-cooled vertical-shaft engine with a displacement of 398cc, providing 13 horsepower (9.7 kW) at a rated rpm of 3600.

The John Deere STX38 Black Deck Lawn tractor is equipped with a 13HP Kohler 398cc 1-cylinder gasoline engine and features a 4×2 2WD chassis. It comes with manual sector-and-pinion steering, integral mechanical disc brakes, and 5-speed gear transmission.

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John Deere STX38 Serial Number

Years Serial Number
1994 210001 (STX38 black deck)
1995 240001 (STX38 black deck)
1996 270001 (STX38 black deck)
1997 290001 (STX38 black deck)
1996 270001 (STX38 Motorsport)
1997 290001 (STX38 Motorsport)


John Deere STX38 Black Deck Review, Price, Specs & Features

John Deere STX38 Specs

Manufacturer John Deere
Lawn tractor
Built-in Horicon, Wisconsin, USA
Original price $2,000 (1995 gear )
$2,500 (1995 hydrostatic )

John Deere STX38 Engine:

Engine Kohler CV13S gasoline

1-cylinder air-cooled vertical-shaft

Displacement 398 cc
24.3 ci
Bore/Stroke 3.425×2.638 inches
87 x 67 mm
Power 13 hp
9.7 kW
Compression 8.5:1
Rated RPM 3600
Starter volts 12
Oil Capacity 2 qts
1.9 L

John Deere STX38 Transmission

Transmissions overview
5-speed gear
Transmission Dana 4360
Type belt-driven gear
Gears 5 forward and 1 reverse
Oil change sealed unit, service not recommended

John Deere STX38 Mechanical

Chassis 4×2 2WD
Steering manual sector-and-pinion
Brakes integral mechanical disc
Cab Open operator station.

John Deere STX38 Dimensions

Wheelbase 44.69 inches
113 cm
Length 60 inches
152 cm
Width 52 inches
132 cm
Height 38.6 inches
98 cm
Weight 433 lbs
196 kg

John Deere STX38 Tires

Lawn/turf front 13×6.5-6
Lawn/turf rear 18×8.5-8

John Deere STX38  Electrical

Ground negative
Charging system flywheel alternator
Battery volts 12
john deere stx38 black deck belt size 95.748″ length, .559″ width, .449″ thick

John Deere STX38 Black Deck Attachments

38″ Mower deck
Type mid-mount John Deere
Cutting width 38 inches
96 cm

stx38 john deere drive belt

The John Deere STX38 lawn tractor uses a drive belt to transfer power from the engine to the mower deck and wheels. The drive belt is a critical component that enables the tractor to move and engage the cutting blades.

Over time, the drive belt may wear out or become damaged due to normal use and exposure to outdoor elements. If you notice signs of wear, such as fraying, cracking, or slipping, it’s essential to replace the drive belt promptly to maintain the tractor’s optimal performance.

To replace the drive belt on the John Deere STX38, follow these general steps:

  1. Park the tractor on a flat, level surface and engage the parking brake for safety.
  2. Locate the mower deck’s belt guards and remove them to access the drive belt.
  3. Carefully release the tension on the old drive belt by disengaging the belt tensioner or loosening the belt guide pulleys.
  4. Slide the old drive belt off the pulleys and carefully route the new drive belt in the same path.
  5. Reapply tension to the new drive belt by engaging the belt tensioner or adjusting the belt guide pulleys.
  6. Double-check that the new belt is correctly seated on all pulleys and properly aligned.
  7. Reinstall the belt guards securely.
  8. Start the tractor and test the new drive belt to ensure it is functioning correctly.

It’s essential to consult the John Deere STX38 operator’s manual or seek professional assistance if you are uncertain about the replacement process. Proper installation and tensioning of the drive belt are crucial for the tractor’s safe and efficient operation.

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John Deere stx38 Problems

The John Deere STX38, like any piece of machinery, may experience certain issues or problems over time. Some common problems reported by users of the  STX38 John Deere lawn tractor include:

  1. Transmission Problems: Some users have reported issues with the transmission, such as difficulty shifting gears, grinding noises, or loss of power during operation.
  2. Electrical Problems: Problems with the electrical system, such as faulty wiring, starter issues, or problems with the battery, have been reported by some users.
  3. Engine Troubles: Users have experienced engine-related problems like difficulty starting, stalling, or loss of power during mowing.
  4. Belt and PTO Problems: The mower deck belts and the Power Take-Off (PTO) system can sometimes encounter issues, such as belt slipping, wearing out quickly, or PTO engagement problems.
  5. Steering and Braking Issues: Some users have faced problems with the steering mechanism, such as stiff or loose steering, and brake-related issues like ineffective brakes or brake dragging.
  6. Fuel System Problems: Fuel system issues, such as clogged fuel filters or carburetor problems, have been reported by some users.
  7. Deck Leveling and Cutting Problems: Users have mentioned difficulties in properly leveling the mower deck, leading to uneven cutting or scalping of the lawn.

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