John Deere S670 Specs, Weight, Price & Review ❤

John Deere S670 Specs, Weight, Price, Feature & Review

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john deere S670 specs

John Deere S670 Key Facts

The John Deere S670 is a combine harvester manufactured by John Deere. Some key facts about this model include:

  • It is part of the S Series of combine harvesters, which are designed for high-volume crop harvesting.
  • It is powered by a John Deere PowerTech™ PSS 9 ltr (549.3 cu in) 6-cylinder diesel engine.
  • It has a maximum engine power of 500.3 hp and a maximum fuel capacity of 950 L (251 gal).
  • It has a maximum grain tank capacity of 300.9 bu and a maximum unloading rate of up to 3.3 bu/s.
  • It is equipped with a variety of advanced features, including a high-performance cleaning system, a PrecisionCut™ feeder house, and a CommandCenter™ display.

Note: The key facts may vary based on the year of production, location, and configuration.

John Deere S670 Price

price = $149,500 USD (2017)

John Deere S670 Weight

weight = 1400 kg (3000 lb)

John Deere S670 Fuel Capacity

Fuel Capacity = 251 gal (950 l)

John Deere S670 Features

High-performance Dyna-Flo™ Plus cleaning system

Dyna-Flo Plus cleaning shoe

Dyna-Flo Plus cleaning shoe


  • The sieve now has a 12 percent larger surface area. Up to 0.6 square hectares (1.5 acres) of the surface may be produced every hour.
  • reductions in tailings volume of up to 14 percent for small grains and between 28 and 28 percent for coarse grains.
  • Weight reduction of 180kg (396 lbs) to let the combine operate more smoothly and compress the ground less.

Automatic shifting with ProDrive™ transmission

Harvesting in rolling ground and slopes

Harvesting in rolling ground and slopes

Customer Value

  • the ability to precisely regulate the speed of the combine while it is moving in either direction without having to continually check and tweak the hydrostatic control handle.
  • utilizes shift-on-the-go technology to maintain high levels of efficiency across the speed ranges.
    keeps the ground’s speed constant when utilizing 4WD (4WD) (if fitted)
  • The ability to choose the top speed in each range gives the operator greater exact control over the combination in critical conditions (for instance connecting headers)

Platform tilt increases header productivity from the combine

Hydraulic fore-aft feederhouse

Hydraulic fore-aft feederhouse

Customer Value

  • extends the time of harvest by up to one hour by optimizing header efficiency in low crops or in different field conditions.
  • creates a bespoke fore-aft angle with a 17.17-degree tilt for the header.
    makes adjustments while moving and within the cab

TriStream™ rotor designed for coarse grains and easy threshing small grains

S-Series TriStream rotor

S-Series TriStream rotor

Customer Value

  • With the help of Tristram’s rotor technology, the force required to move the material through the unit may be reduced by up to 20%, improving fuel economy.
  • The rotor in the shape of a bullet can move materials more effectively, enhancing grain quality, thanks to the rifling grooves on threshing parts.
  • Strong, long-lasting vanes on the top cover drive the crop in a smooth, reversible direction throughout the length of the rotor, making certain that every grain is separated during threshing.

John Deere S670 Specs


Displacement 549.3 cu in (0 m)
Number of Cylinders 6
Power Boost Power 45.6 hp (34 kw)
Engine Model John Deere 6-cyl. 9.0 L
Power 500.3 hp (373 kw)
Power Measured @ 2200 rpm

Grain Handling

Grain Tank Capacity 300.9 bu
Unloading Speed 3.3 bu/sec
Unloading Auger Length 22.5 ft (7 m)


Discharge Grate Area 555 cu in (0 m)
Separator Length 123 in (312 cm)
Separating Area 3704507.5 cu in (61 m)
Separator Type rotary

Operating Specifications

Operating Weight w/o Attachment 36114 lbs (16,381 kg)
Fuel Capacity 251 gal (950 l)


Rotor Diameter 30 in (76 cm)
Rotor Speed – High 1000 rpm
Rotor Length 4.9 in (10 cm)
Rotor Speed – Low 210 rpm


Conveyor Width 55 in (140 cm)
Conveyor Length 68 in (173 cm)

Cleaning System

Cleaning Fan Speed – Low 620 rpm
Total Cleaning Area 7905.1 cu in (0 m)
Cleaning Fan Speed – High 1350 rpm

John Deere S670 Review Video

John Deere S670 Equipment

Category Combines
Manufacturer John Deere
Model S670
Model Year 2014
Separator Hours 1801
Operation Hours 2893
Serial Number 1h0s670sve0767129
Stock Number 125263
Status on Lot

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