John Deere LX280 Lawn Tractor Price, Specs, Review & Attachments 2024

John Deere LX280 Lawn Tractor Price, Specs, Review & Attachments 2024

John Deere LX280 Price, Specs, Serial Numbers, Reviews, Horsepower, Engine Oil Capacity, Attachments, History, Features & Pictures

The John Deere LX280 belongs to the LX200-series of lawn and garden tractors. Manufactured at the John Deere Horicon Works plant in Horicon, Wisconsin, USA, this garden tractor was in production from 2004 to 2005.

John Deere LX280 Lawn Tractor is equipped with a Kawasaki FH580V gasoline 2-cylinder air-cooled, 585 cc engine, which delivers 18 hp (13.4 kW) power.

The John Deere LX280 Tractor featured with 18HP Kawasaki 585cc 2-cyl gasoline engine, 4×2 2WD chassis, wet disc brakes, hydrostatic transmission, and infinite forward and reverse gears.

John Deere LX280 Garden Tractor attachments include a 42″ mid-mount mower deck and a 48″ mid-mount mower deck.

Now, let’s find out the John Deere LX280 Lawn Tractor Price, Parts Specs, Reviews, Serial Numbers & Images.

John Deere LX280 Price 

John Deere LX280 Lawn Tractor Price, Specs, Review & Attachments

John Deere LX280 Original Price: $4,389 (2005 42C deck)/$5,179 (2005 48C deck AWS)

The price of a John Deere LX280 for sale can vary depending on factors such as the condition, age, and location of the equipment.

  • Fastline: new and used John Deere LX280 riding mowers for sale. The prices range from $1,000 to $3,500.
  • John Deere LX280 for sale on this website. One listing specifies a price of CAD $3,012.

John Deere LX280 Specs


ManufacturerJohn Deere
Lawn tractor
Built in Horicon, Wisconsin, USA
Model Year2004-2005

John Deere LX280 Engine

EngineKawasaki FH580V gasoline

2-cylinder air-cooled

Displacement:585 cc
35.7 ci
Bore/Stroke:2.91×2.68 inches
74 x 68 mm
Power (gross):18 hp
13.4 kW
Air cleaner:paper and foam elements
Starter volts:12
Sparkplug gap:0.040 inches
1.016 mm
Point gap:0.012 inches
0.305 mm
Intake valve clearance:0.004 inches
0.102 mm
Exhaust valve clearance:0.004 inches
0.102 mm
Oil Capacity1.9 qts
1.8 L

John Deere LX280 Mechanical

Chassis:4×2 2WD
LX280AWS Steering:manual four-wheel
Brakes:wet disc
Cab:Open operator station.

John Deere LX280 PTO

Front PTO:independent

John Deere LX280 Transmission

Transmission:Tuff Torq K62
Type:belt-driven hydrostatic
Gears:infinite forward and reverse
Oil type:SAE5W30
Oil change:fill as needed
 speedForward: 6.0 mph/ 9.7 kmh
Reverse:  3.2 mph /5.1 kmh

John Deere LX280 Dimensions

Wheelbase:49 inches
124 cm
LX280AWS Wheelbase:48.3 inches
122 cm
Length:67 inches
170 cm
LX280AWS Length:70 inches
177 cm
Width:37.5 inches
95 cm
LX280AWS Width:38.3 inches
97 cm
Height:43.7 inches
110 cm
Shipping Weight487 lbs
220 kg
LX280AWS Shipping:560 lbs
254 kg


Fuel:3 gal
11.4 L
LX280AWS Fuel:2.75 gal
10.4 L


Lawn/turf front:16×6.50-8
Lawn/turf rear:22×11.00-10



John Deere LX280 Battery

Cold-cranking amps:500

John Deere LX280 Serial Number


John Deere LX280 Attachments

42″ Mower deck
Type:mid-mount John Deere 42C
 2-blade with manual lift
Cutting width:42 inches
106 cm
Weight:82 lbs
37 kg
Cut height:1 to 4 inch
2 to 10 cm
Cut positions:13
48″ Mower deck
Type:mid-mount John Deere 48C
 3-blade with manual lift
Cutting width:48 inches
121 cm
Weight:117 lbs
53 kg
Cut height:1 to 4 inch
2 to 10 cm
Cut positions:13

John Deere lx280 Problems And Their Solution

The John Deere LX280 is a renowned lawn tractor celebrated for its dependability and robustness. Nonetheless, like any piece of machinery, it can encounter occasional issues. Here, we highlight some prevalent problems with the John Deere LX280, accompanied by their respective solutions:

Engine Problems:

  1. Clogged Air Filter: A congested air filter can hinder proper airflow to the engine, resulting in poor performance or failure to start. The remedy involves simply swapping out the air filter.
  2. Dirty Fuel Filter: A contaminated fuel filter can obstruct fuel flow to the engine, leading to subpar performance or failure to start. The solution is to replace the fuel filter.
  3. Faulty Spark Plugs: Damaged spark plugs can cause misfires or prevent the engine from starting. The fix is straightforward: replace the spark plugs.

Transmission Problems:

  1. Low Fluid Level: Inadequate transmission fluid level can lead to slipping or improper engagement. Rectify this by adding transmission fluid to the correct level.
  2. Damaged Belt: Over time, the transmission belt can wear out or sustain damage, necessitating replacement.
  3. Malfunctioning Solenoid: The solenoid, responsible for transmission engagement, might become faulty and require replacement.

Electrical Problems:

  1. Weak Battery: A deteriorating battery can impede the tractor’s startup. Replacing the battery is the solution.
  2. Defective Switch: A malfunctioning switch can disrupt the tractor’s operation. In such cases, the problematic switch should be replaced.
  3. Corroded Wiring: Electrical issues may arise from corroded wiring. Remedying this involves cleaning or substituting the corroded wiring.

Mower Deck Problems

1. Excessive Mower Vibration:

  • The drive sheave of the mower deck is dirty or worn – Service or replace the sheave.
  • Loose or defective drive belt – Adjust belt tension or install a new belt.
  • Unbalanced or warped cutting blades – Balance or replace as needed.
  • Loose blade bolts – Tighten bolts.

2. Constantly Plugged Discharge Chute:

  • Mowing speed is too high – Use a slower speed.
  • Long grass – Set a lower cutting height.
  • Engine rpm is too low – Adjust choke to full opening.

3. Uneven Cut:

  • Low tire inflation – Inflate the tires.
  • The deck level is not correct – Adjust the mower deck level.
  • Blades are not sharp – Sharpen the blades.
  • Bent or worn blades – Change the blades.

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John Deere LX280 Review Video

Overall, the John Deere LX280 seems to be a reliable and comfortable lawn tractor that can handle most mowing tasks. it may not be the best option for cutting very tall grass or weeds. For a full review, please check this YouTube video.

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Final Words


What is the horsepower of the John Deere LX280?

The John Deere LX280 has a 18 horsepower engine

What are the features of the John Deere LX280?

The features of the John Deere LX280 include a hydrostatic transmission, a 48-inch mower deck, and a 18-horsepower engine

When was the John Deere LX280 lawn tractor produced?

The John Deere LX280 was produced from 2004 to 2005.

Is the LX280 suitable for hilly terrain?

The LX280’s design makes it well-suited for level to slightly hilly terrains.

Can the LX280 bag grass clippings?

Yes, the LX280 can be equipped with a bagger attachment to collect grass clippings.

Where can I find replacement parts for my LX280?

You can find genuine replacement parts at authorized John Deere dealerships or reputable online retailers.

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Larry G. LYNCH

Need crankshaft for 2004 John Deere LX280 42″ riding mower. Engine is Kawasaki FH580V 18 HP. Date- June 16, 2021. Also need gasket kit to put engine back together after replacing crankshaft