John Deere LT150 Price, Specs, Review & Attachments 2024

John Deere LT150 Price, Specs, Review & Attachments 2024

John Deere LT150 Price, Specs, Review, Horsepower, Serial Numbers, Lift Capacity, Engine Oil Capacity, Attachments, & Pictures

The John Deere LT150 is a lawn tractor with a 2-wheel drive (2WD) belonging to the LT series. It was made by John Deere in Horicon, Wisconsin, USA, between 2002 and 2005.

John Deere LT150 Specs, Price, Review: John Deere LT150 Lawn Tractor fitted with Kohler Command CV426S gasoline 1-cylinder air-cooled engine, which delivers 15hp (11.2 kW) power.

The John Deere LT150 lawn tractor had a 5-speed gearbox, a 4×2 2WD chassis, hydrostatic transmission, mechanical disc brakes, and an open operator’s compartment. A padded chair that slides back and forwards 14 inches.

John Deere LT150 lawn Tractor Attachments include a 38″ mid-mount mower deck and Blade.

In the context of the John Deere LT150, there are two variants: the LT150G with gear drive and the LT150H with hydrostatic transmission.

Now, let’s find out the Lawn Tractor Price, Parts Specs, Reviews, Serial Numbers, and Images.

John Deere LT150 Price

John Deere LT150 Price, Specs, Review & Attachments

John Deere LT150 Original Price: $2,559 (2005 ) USD

Old and used John Deere Lt150 garden tractor prices range from $750 to $990 sold at

John Deere LT150 Specs

ManufacturerJohn Deere
Lawn tractor
Built-in Horicon, Wisconsin, USA
Model Year2002-2005

John Deere Lt150 Engine

EngineKohler Command CV426S  gasoline

1-cylinder air-cooled

Original engine. The CV426S was used during the 2002 model year.
Power (gross):15 hp
11.2 kW
Starter volts:12
Sparkplug gap:0.040 inches
1.016 mm
Fuel:2 gal
7.6 L
Oil Capacity2 qts
1.9 L
Oil change100 h
EngineKohler CV15S, gasoline, 1-cylinder, air-cooled vertical-shaft
Displacement426 cc
26 ci
Power (gross)15 hp
11.2 kW
Air cleanerpaper and foam
Idle RPM1650-3350
Oil change100 h


Charging system:flywheel alternator
Charging amps:15


Chassis:4×2 2WD
Steering:manual sector-and-pinion
Brakes:mechanical disc
Cab:Open operator station. Foam seat with 14 inches of travel.
Transmissions:5-speed gear


Transmission:Dana 4360
Gears:5 forward and 1 reverse
Oil change:sealed unit, service not recommended

John Deere LT150 PTO

Mid PTO:independent

John Deere LT150 Dimensions

Wheelbase48 inches
121 cm
Length67.9 inches
172 cm
Width36.2 inches
91 cm
Height41 inches
104 cm
Shipping395 lbs
179 kg (tractor only)

John Deere LT150 Tires

Lawn/turf front15×6-6
Lawn/turf rear20×10-8

John Deere LT150 Battery

Cold-cranking amps160

John Deere LT150 Serial Numbers

Year Serial Numbers

John Deere LT150 Attachments

38″ Mower deck

Type:mid-mount John Deere
 2-blade with manual lift
Cutting width:38 inches
96 cm
Overall width:52 inches
132 cm
Cut height:1 to 4 inch
2 to 10 cm


Type:front-mount John Deere
Width:44 inches
111 cm

John Deere LT150 Review 

The John Deere LT150 is a well-liked riding lawn tractor available from 2002 to 2005. It suits homeowners with small to medium-sized lawns.

This tractor runs on a 17 HP Kohler engine and has a 42-inch cutting deck. Its hydrostatic transmission ensures a smooth and straightforward operation. For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.

John Deere Lt150 Problems

The John Deere LT150 lawn tractor may encounter issues related to its engine, transmission, mower deck, and electrical system. Here are common problems and their potential solutions:


Gas shooting from the valve chamber into the carb: This could stem from a stuck float or needle valve in the carburetor. Cleaning or rebuilding the carburetor might be necessary.


Lawn tractor won’t move: A worn drive belt or a faulty transmission could be the cause. Inspect and replace the drive belt as needed. If the transmission is faulty, replacement might be required.

Mower Deck:

Blades not engaging: This issue might result from a broken or worn deck belt, a malfunctioning PTO switch, or a faulty mower engagement cable.

Inspect and replace the deck belt if needed. Test and replace the PTO switch and engagement cable if they’re faulty.

Electrical System:

Lawn tractor won’t start: This problem could arise from a lack of fuel, requiring you to check the fuel filter, fuel pump, and carburetor.

Also, examine the ignition system for sparks. If the issue persists, consider having a professional inspect the electrical system.

John Deere: Official Website

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Final Words


When was the John Deere LT150 manufactured?

The John Deere LT150 was manufactured from 2002 to 2005.

What are the engine options for the John Deere LT150?

The John Deere LT150 comes with two engine options: a 15HP Kohler 1-cylinder gasoline engine and a 15HP Kohler 426cc 1-cylinder gasoline engine.

What is the weight of the John Deere LT150?

The weight of the John Deere LT150 is 395 lbs (179 kg).

Where is the serial number located on the John Deere LT150?

The serial number tag on the John Deere LT150 is located below the front edge of the seat.

What are the common attachments available for the John Deere LT150?

Common attachments for the John Deere LT150 include a 38″ mid-mount mower deck, a snowblower, and a blade.

How does the John Deere LT150’s operator station provide comfort?

The operator station of the John Deere LT150 features a foam seat with 14 inches of travel.

What is the role of the clutch in the John Deere LT150?

The clutch in the John Deere LT150 is mechanical and is used for engaging and disengaging the power transfer.

What is the fuel tank capacity of the John Deere LT150?

The fuel tank of the John Deere LT150 has a capacity of 2 gallons (7.6 liters).

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