John Deere G Horsepower, Specs, Price, Review 2024

John Deere G Horsepower, Specs, Price, Review 2024

John Deere G Price, Reviews, Specs, Engine Oil Capacity, Attachments, Serial Numbers, History, Features & Pictures

The John Deere G tractor was first made in 1937. It was a versatile row-crop tractor with enough power to pull three plows. The distance between the rear wheels could be adjusted to fit different rows. Later versions offered both wide and narrow front wheel arrangements.

G” tractor had a two-cylinder side-by-side 34-horsepower engine that could run on gasoline or kerosene. Around 64,000 Model G tractors were built at the John Deere factory in Waterloo, Iowa, and they were sold for about $2,600.

Originally, the G was meant to be called the Model F, but they changed it to avoid confusion with another tractor called Farmall F-20. The early G tractors had issues with overheating, so they made a larger radiator to fix the problem.

In 1942, the G tractor got a new design by Henry Dreyfuss and was called the GM. Later, they went back to calling it the plain G in 1947, and they also made GN (single front wheel) and GW (wide front wheels) models.

Now, let’s find out the G Tractor HP, Price, Specs, Review, Serial Numbers, Implements, Features & Images, and more.

John Deere G Tractor Price


Original Price: $2,600 (1953)

John Deere G Specs


Manufacturer:John Deere
Type:Row-Crop tractor
Factory:Waterloo, Iowa, USA
Total built:31,913 (G)
1,522 (GN)
4,666 (GW)
235 (GH)
Original price:$2,600 (1953 )

John Deere G ENGINE

Model Year1937-1941
ENGINEJohn Deere all fuel 2-cylinder liquid-cooled
Displacement:412.5 ci
6.8 L
Bore/Stroke:6.125×7.00 inches
156 x 178 mm
Rated RPM:975
Firing order:1-2
Starter:Hand crack, electric
Starter volts:12
Oil capacity:11 qts
10.4 L
Coolant capacity:44 qts
41.6 L

John Deere G POWER

Model Year1937-19411942-19481948-1953
Drawbar (claimed):20.70 hp
15.4 kW
20.70 hp
15.4 kW
36.01 hp
26.9 kW
Belt (claimed):31.44 hp
23.4 kW
31.44 hp
23.4 kW
39.80 hp
29.7 kW
Ploughs:3 (14-inch)3 (14-inch)3 (14-inch)
Drawbar (tested):27.63 hp
20.6 kW
34.49 hp
25.7 kW
34.49 hp
25.7 kW
Belt (tested):35.91 hp
26.8 kW
38.10 hp
28.4 kW
38.10 hp
28.4 kW


Transmission:John Deere
Gears:6 forward and 1 reverse (1942-1953)

4 forward and 1 reverse (1937-1941)

Clutch:dry disc


Rear PTO:transmission
Rear RPM:540


Fuel:17 gal
64.3 L
Aux. fuel:1.5 gal
5.7 L
Hydraulic system:1.25 gal
4.7 L


Type:open centre
Capacity:1.25 gal
4.7 L


Chassis: 2WD
Cab:Open operator station.
Transmission:6-speed gear


Model Year1942-19531937-1953
Length:137.4375 inches
349 cm
135 inches
342 cm
Width:65.825 inches
167 cm
61.5 inches
156 cm
Height:84.75 inches
215 cm
84 inches
213 cm
Operating weight:5300 lbs
2404 kg
5000 lbs
2268 kg
Ballasted weight:7442 lbs
3375 kg *


Ag front:6.00-16
Ag rear:12-38
Ag front:7.50-16
Ag rear:13-38


Charging system:generator
Battery volts:6

G Tractor Serial Numbers

1938:1000 (G Unstyled)
1939:7734 (G Unstyled)
1940:9321 (G Unstyled)
1941:10489 (G Unstyled)
1942:11561 (G Unstyled)
1942:13000 (GM)
1943:13418 (GM)
1945:13748 (GM)
1946:15780 (GM)
1947:18553 (GM)
Final:22112 (GM)
1947:23000 (G Early Styled)
1948:25235 (G Early Styled)
1948:26000 (G Late Styled)
1949:32457 (G Late Styled)
1950:39161 (G Late Styled)
1951:46809 (G Late Styled)
1952:53479 (G Late Styled)
1953:63138 (G Late Styled)

John Deere G Tractor Review

The John Deere G tractor is an old-school type of tractor that was made from 1937 to 1953. People back then really liked it because it was strong, dependable, and could do lots of different work.

You could get it in different versions, like for regular farms, special crops, or orchards. Plus, you could pick what kind of engine you wanted, like gasoline, distillate, or propane.  For a full review, please check this YouTube video.

John Deere G Photo

John Deere G John Deere G
John Deere G John Deere G

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Final Words

That’s all about the John Deere G Tractor Price, Specification, and Features. But If you have any problem regarding this post, then please comment in the below comment box. Thanks.

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