John Deere 9570RT Tractor Price, Specs & Features 2023

John Deere 9570RT Price 2022, Specification: Guys, Here in this post, I am going to share information about the John Deere 9570RT Tractor, So please read this post and get details in deeply including the John Deere 9570RT Tractor Price, Specs Features, Image and more.

John Deere 9570RT Tractor Key Feature

  • Engine: 468 kW (627 hp) Max / 425 kW (570 hp) Rated
  • John Deere JD14 13.6 L engine
  • Operating Weight: 45,000 lbs
  • e18™ PowerShift transmission
  • AirCushion™ walking beam suspension
  • Fully integrated precision ag technology

John Deere 9570RT Tractor Price 2022

John Deere 9570RT Tractor

John Deere 9570RT Tractor price: $532,617.00

John Deere 9570RT Tractor Features

9RT engine
9RT engine
9RT with Cummins X15 15.0L engine
9RT with Cummins X15 15.0L engine
CommandView III cab
CommandView III cab
ComfortCommand seat
ComfortCommand seat
Fingertip paddle pots
Fingertip paddle pots
CommandARM controls
CommandARM controls
Seat swivel
Seat swivel
Efficiency Manager switch
Efficiency Manager switch

John Deere 9570RT Tractor Specification

Engine Manufacturer Cummins
Engine Model QSX15
Emission Rating Tier 4
Number Of Cylinders 6
Cylinder Liner Type Wet Sleeve
Bore, mm (inches) 137 (5.39)
Stroke, mm (inches) 169 (6.65)
Displacement, ltr (Inches³) 14.9 (912)
Engine Output, kW (hp) 419 (570)
Transmission PowerShift
Number Of Speeds – Forward 18
Number Of Speeds – Reverse 6
Steering Differential Steer-Track
Planetaries Outboard
Front Axle Suspension AirCushion Suspension
Service Brake Type Wet disc
Service Brake Actuation Hydraulic
Overall Length, mm 6020 (19 ft 9 in)
Height Over Cab, mm 3393 (11 ft 2 in)
Overall Width, mm 3454 (11 ft 4 in)
Wheelbase, mm 2956 (9 ft 8 in)
Ground Clearance, mm 345 (14)
Fuel Tank, ltr 1324 (350)
Pump Flow, lt/min 435 (115)
System Pressure, bar 200 (2900)
Number Of Control Valves 4
Additional Optional Control Valves 2
Flow Available To One Control 159 (42)
Open Or Closed Centre Closed Centre
Operating Weight, kg (lbs) 20412 (45000)7

John Deere 9570RT Tractor Review  

The John Deere 9570RT stands as a high-horsepower row-crop tractor engineered for large-scale farming operations.

It boasts a formidable 13.6L PowerTech 616 engine, delivering an impressive 620 horsepower and a remarkable 2,200 lb-ft of torque.

This powerhouse is coupled with John Deere’s e18 PowerShift transmission, offering a versatile range of 18 forward gears and 6 in reverse.

The 9570RT is a four-wheel drive tractor featuring a substantial 12-foot, 2-inch wheelbase. It maintains a ground clearance of 22 inches and navigates with a turning radius of 24 feet, 6 inches.

This robust tractor weighs 45,000 pounds and exhibits a maximum lifting capacity of 16,000 pounds.For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.

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