John Deere 9420R Tractor Price, Specs & Features 2023

John Deere 9420R Price, Specs, Review: Hello, friends hope you have seen all the models of John Deere tractors. Still, now If you are searching for the John Deere 9420R Tractor Price, Specification then read this article and to know the John Deere 9420R Tractor Price, Specs, Features, Attachments, and more.

John Deere 9420R Tractor Key Specs

  • John Deere PowerTech™ 13.5L PSS
  • 420 hp Rated engine power
  • 335 hp Rated PTO power
  • e18™ PowerShift Transmission
  • CommandView™ III Cab
  • Gen 4 CommandCenter™
  • ActiveSeat™ Suspension

John Deere 9420R Tractor Price

John Deere 9420R Tractor

John Deere 9420R Tractor price: $386,747.00

John Deere 9420R Tractor Features

PowerTech PSS 9.0L engine
PowerTech PSS 9.0L engine
PowerTech PSS Final Tier 4 technology
PowerTech PSS Final Tier 4 technology
CommandView III cab
CommandView III cab
ComfortCommand seat
ComfortCommand seat
Fingertip paddle pots
Fingertip paddle pots


e18 operation
e18 operation

John Deere 9420R Tractor Specification

Key Specs
Engine description John Deere PowerTech PSS 13.5L
Engine displacement 13.5 L
824 cu in
Rated engine power 309 kW
420 hp
Rated PTO power 249 kW
335 hp
Transmission type 18-speed PowerShift with Efficiency
Hydraulic pump-rated output Standard: 220 L/min
Rear hitch category Category 4N/3: 6,804 kg
Base machine weight 18,810 kg
Engine specifications
Description PSS 13.5L
Engine type Diesel, in-line, 6-cylinder
Engine family JJDXL13.5310
Rated speed 2,100 rpm
Aspiration Dual series turbocharger
Emission level Final Tier 4
After treatment type DOC/DPF/SCR
Displacement 13.5 L
824 cu in.
Engine performance
Rated power 309 kW
420 hp
Rated PTO power 249 kW
335 hp
Power Boost 10 percent
Engine peak torque At 1600 rpm: 1,938 Nm
PTO torque rise 38 percent
Hydraulic system
Pump rated output Standard: 220 L/min
Available flow 0.5 in. couplers: 132 L/min
Number of rear selective Standard: ISO Couplers: 4-6
SCV control Electronic
Rear hitch
Hitch category Category 4N/3: 6,804 kg
Maximum lift capacity Category 4N/4: 9,072 kg
Sensing type Electrohydraulic with draft sensing
Drawbar category Standard: Category 4
Maximum vertical load Standard: 2,470 kg
Electrical system
Alternator size Standard: 200 amp
Battery options 12 V
Total cold-cranking amps 925 CCA

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