John Deere 900HC Price, Specs, Review, Attachments 2024

John Deere 900HC Price, Specs, Review, Attachments 2024

John Deere 900HC Price, Reviews, Specs, Engine Oil Capacity, Weight, Serial Numbers, Attachments, Features & Pictures

John Deere 900HC High-Clearance Tractor is equipped with a John Deere diesel 3-cylinder liquid-cooled inline valve-in-head 78.2 ci [1.3 L] engine, which delivers 25 hp [18.6 kW] power at rated rpm 2600.

John Deere 900HC High-Clearance Tractor featured a John Deere 1.3L 3-cyl diesel engine, 4×2 2WD, 1,800 lbs [816 kg] Rear lift (at 24″/610mm), 2,865 lbs [1299 kg] Weight, dry internal expanding shoe brakes, 5 Qts [4.7 L] engine oil capacity.

The John Deere 900HC High-Clearance Tractor was matched with the Model 8 mid-mount cultivator, plus the model John Deere 100D and 250S mid-mount fertilizer spreaders. 

Now, let’s find out the John Deere 900HC High-Clearance Tractor Price, Parts Specs, Reviews, Serial numbers & Images.

John Deere 900HC Price 

John Deere 900HC Price, Specs, Review, Attachments

John Deere 900HC Original Price: $13,000 (1990)

John Deere 900HC Serial Number

  • 1986: 1001
  • 1987: 1710
  • 1988: 2127
  • Final: 2276

John Deere 900HC Review

The John Deere 900HC is a small utility tractor made between 1985 and 1991. It had a 3-cylinder diesel engine from Yanmar that could produce 22 horsepower when using the power take-off (PTO).

The tractor came with different options, including a 540 RPM PTO, a 3-point hitch for attaching equipment, and a hydraulic loader for lifting.

The 900HC was liked by farmers and homeowners who needed a dependable and flexible tractor for various jobs, like cutting grass, plowing, and clearing snow. It was also a popular choice for people who did some farming as a hobby and those raising livestock.

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John Deere 900HC Specs

John Deere 900HC Engine:

EngineJohn Deere diesel 3-cylinder liquid-cooled inline valve-in-head 78.2 ci [1.3 L]
Bore/Stroke:3.15×3.25 inches [80 x 83 mm]
Power (gross):25 hp [18.6 kW]
Air cleaner:dry
Rated RPM:2600
Starter volts:12
Oil capacity:5 qts [4.7 L]
Coolant capacity:5.8 qts [5.5 L]

John Deere 900HC Transmission

Gears:8 forward and 2 reverse
Oil capacity:29.5 qts [27.9 L]

John Deere 900HC Tires

Ag front:5.00-15
Ag rear:11.2-28

John Deere 900HC Dimensions

Weight (shipping):2,865 lbs [1299 kg]
Wheelbase:73 inches [185 cm]
Length:126.2 inches [320 cm]
Width:55.1 inches [139 cm]
Height (hood):58.6 inches [148 cm]
Height (ROPS):96.6 inches [245 cm]
Height (exhaust):81.1 inches [205 cm]
Clearance (front axle):23 inches [58 cm]
Clearance (rear axle):26 inches [66 cm]
Front tread:42 to 51 inches
[106 to 129 cm]
Rear tread:42 to 58 inches
[106 to 147 cm]
2WD turn radius:8.8 feet [2.7 m]

John Deere 900HC Power

Engine (gross):25 hp [18.6 kW]
Engine (net):24 hp [17.9 kW]
PTO (claimed):22 hp [16.4 kW]

John Deere 900HC Mechanical

Chassis:4×2 2WD
Differential lock:foot-operated
Brakes:dry internal expanding shoe
Cab:Two-post ROPS. Optional canopy.

John Deere 900HC Hydraulics

Type:open center
Pressure:2030 psi [140.0 bar]
Total flow:3.1 gpm [11.7 lpm]

John Deere 900HC PTO

Rear PTO:live
Clutch:dry dual state
Rear RPM:540 (1.375)
Engine RPM:540@2257

John Deere 900HC 3 Point Hitch 

Rear Type:I
Rear lift (at 24″/610mm):1,800 lbs [816 kg]

John Deere 900HC capacity

Fuel:8.5 gal [32.2 L]

John Deere 900HC Electrical

Charging system:alternator
Charging amps:25

John Deere 900HC Battery


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