John Deere 855 Price, Specs, Review & Attachments 2024

John Deere 855 Price, Specs, Review & Attachments 2024

John Deere 855 Price, Specs, Review, Horsepower, Serial Numbers, Weight, Problems, Engine Oil Capacity, Attachments, & Pictures

The John Deere 855 was a very highly regarded garden tractor in its day. Thanks to its good construction and reliability, it’s still used widely by landscaping and gardening professionals today. The John Deere 855 was produced for a full 12 years from 1986 up until 1998.

There was also a smaller version of this lawn tractor made called the John Deere 755. The engine doesn’t require to be amazingly powerful and, as such, is fitted with a Yanmar diesel engine that provides the machine 24 hp.

John Deere 855s have 1.0 L three-cylinder diesel engines and hydrostatic transmissions with infinite (2-range) forward and reverse gears.

Yanmar 3TN75RJ engines powered JD 855 compact utility tractors. 1.0 L, 994 cm2, (60.7 cu·in) three-cylinder natural aspirated diesel engine with 75.0 mm (2.95 in) cylinder bore and piston stroke. 17.8:1 compression ratio. Maximum power was 24.0 HP  (17.9 kW ) with this engine.

The John Deere 855 engine is liquid-cooled by a system requiring 3.8 liters of coolant. The three-cylinder engine has natural aspiration and an engine oil capacity of 3.1 liters.

Now, let’s find out the John Deere 855 Tractor Price, Tractor’sReview, Attachments, Weight, Features & Images, and more. I hope it will be useful to you.

John Deere 855 Price

John Deere 855 Price

John Deere 855 Original Price:  $16,000 (1998)

John Deere 855 Specs

ManufacturerJohn Deere
Compact Utility tractor
FactoriesHoricon, Wisconsin, USA
 Augusta, Georgia, USA
Original price was $16,000 in 1998

John Deere 855 DIESEL ENGINE

engineYanmar 3TN75RJ diesel 3-cylinder liquid-cooled 60.7 ci [1.0 L]
Bore/Stroke:2.95×2.95 inches [75 x 75 mm]
Power:24 hp [17.9 kW]
Air cleaner:dry element
Pre-heating:air heater
Rated RPM:3200
Operating RPM:1400-3425
Starter volts:12
Oil capacity:3.8 qts [3.6 L]
Oil typeSAE 10W-30, API: CE or CD
Coolant capacity:4 qts [3.8 L]


Transmission:Sunstrand Series 17
Gears:infinite (2-range) forward and reverse
Oil capacity:18 qts [17.0 L]
A hydrostatic transmission is controlled by those right-side foot pedals. Cruise control is standard.

John Deere 855 CAPACITY

Fuel:6.6 gal [25.0 L]
Hydraulic system:4.5 gal [17.0 L]
Front axle:2.25 qts [2.1 L]

John Deere 855 tractor 3 POINT HITCH

Rear Type:I
Control:position control
Rear lift (at 24″/610mm):785 lbs [356 kg]

John Deere 855 HYDRAULICS

Type:open center
Capacity:4.5 gal [17.0 L]
Pressure:2050 psi [141.3 bar]
Mid valves:2*
Total flow:5.6 gpm [21.2 lpm]

John Deere 855 POWER

Engine:24 hp [17.9 kW]
PTO (claimed):19 hp [14.2 kW]

John Deere 855 TIRES

2WD Standard tires (ag):Front: 4.00×15. Rear: 9.5×16
4WD Standard tires (ag):Front: 6-12. Rear: 9.5×16
Lawn/turf front:23×8.50-12
Lawn/turf rear:33×12.50-15

John Deere 855 PTO

Rear PTO:independent
Rear RPM:540
Engine RPM:540@3200
Mid PTO:independent
Mid RPM:2100
Engine RPM:2100@3200

John Deere 855 MECHANICAL

Chassis:4×2 2WD
 4×4 MFWD 4WD
Differential lock:standard
Brakes:differential hydraulic wet disc
Cab:Two-post Roll-Gard ROPS. Optional canopy and high ROPS with extra headroom. Optional weather enclosure.

John Deere 855 DIMENSIONS

2WD Weight:1790 lbs [811 kg]
4WD Weight:1870 lbs [848 kg]
Wheelbase:64 inches [162 cm]
Length:110.3 inches [280 cm]
Width:42.6 inches [108 cm] *
 51.3 inches [130 cm] *
Height (hood):52.3 inches [132 cm]
Height (ROPS):75.6 inches [192 cm]
2WD Clearance (drawbar):12.68 inches [32 cm]
4WD Clearance (drawbar):9.9 inches [25 cm]
2WD turn radius:8.5 feet [2.6 m]
 7.4 feet [2.3 m] (with brakes)
4WD turn radius:8.8 feet [2.7 m]
 8.0 feet [2.4 m] (with brakes)

John Deere 855 ELECTRICAL

Charging amps:40

John Deere 855 Serial Numbers

John Deere 855 features a serial number plate located beneath its PTO shaft on its rear panel.

Year Serial Numbers
1986M00855A360001 (2WD)
1987M00855A420001 (2WD)
1988M00855A475001 (2WD)
1989M00855A595001 (2WD)
1990M00855A010001 (2WD)
1991M00855A100001 (2WD)
1992LV0855A100700 (2WD)
1993LV0855A130000 (2WD)
1994LV0855A165001 (2WD)
1995LV0855165211 (2WD)
1986M00855B360001 (2WD SCV)
1987M00855B420001 (2WD SCV)
1988M00855B475001 (2WD SCV)
1989M00855B595001 (2WD SCV)
1990M00855B010001 (2WD SCV)
1991M00855B105001 (2WD SCV)
1992LV0855B105700 (2WD SCV)
1993LV0855B135000 (2WD SCV)
1994LV0855B170001 (2WD SCV)
1995LV0855B170123 (2WD SCV)
1986M00855C360001 (4WD)
1987M00855C420001 (4WD)
1988M00855C475001 (4WD)
1989M00855C595001 (4WD)
1990M00855C010001 (4WD)
1991M00855C120001 (4WD)
1992LV0855C120700 (4WD)
1993LV0855C150000 (4WD)
1994LV0855C175001 (4WD)
1995LV0855C175141 (4WD)
1986M00855D360001 (4WD SCV)
1987M00855D420001 (4WD SCV)
1988M00855D475001 (4WD SCV)
1989M00855D595001 (4WD SCV)
1990M00855D010001 (4WD SCV)
1991M00855D125001 (4WD SCV)
1992LV0855D125700 (4WD SCV)
1993LV0855D160000 (4WD SCV)
1994LV0855D180001 (4WD SCV)
1995LV0855D181952 (4WD SCV)

John Deere 855 Attachements

60″ Mower deck

Type:mid-mount John Deere
 3-blade with a hydraulic lift
Cutting width:60 inches [152 cm]
Weight:325 lbs [147 kg]
Overall width:72.5 inches [184 cm]
Cut height:1.5 to 7.8 inch [3 to 19 cinches

72″ Mower deck

Type:mid-mount John Deere
 3-blade with a hydraulic lift
Cutting width:72 inches [182 cm]
Overall width:85 inches [215 cm]
Cut height:1.5 to 8.6 inches [3 to 21 cm]

John Deere 855 Loader

Loader type:

John Deere 70A

Height (to pin):77.3 inches [196 cm]
Clearance, dumped bucket:62 inches [157 cm]
Dump reach:27.5 inches [69 cm]
Dump angle:45
Reach the ground:47.8 inches [121 cm]
Rollback at the ground:22
Breakout force (lift):1,300 lbs [589 kg]
Breakout force (bucket):1,570 lbs [712 kg]
Lift to full height (at pin):700 lbs [317 kg]
Bucket width:48 inches [121 cm]
Raise time to height:3.2 s
Bucket dump time:2.2 s
Lowering time:2.0 s
Rollback time:2.2 s

John Deere 855 Backhoe

Backhoe type:John Deere 7
Weight:787 lbs [356 kg]
2-Foot flat digging depth:90 inches [228 cm]
Reach from pivot:114 inches [289 cm]
Loading height:70 inches [177 cm]
Bucket force:1,945 lbs [882 kg]
Dipperstick force:1,095 lbs [496 kg]

John Deere 855 Problems

Here are 6 common John Deere 855 problems and solutions in detail:

Uneven grass cutting

A problem may be caused by dull blades, uneven tire pressure, or a damaged deck.

Sharpen or replace the blades, adjust the tire pressure, and inspect the deck for any damage. Replace any damaged components as needed

Slipping belts

The problem may be caused by worn or damaged belts, or improper belt tension.

Replace any worn or damaged belts, and adjust the belt tension according to the manufacturer’s specifications

Lighting issues

problem may be caused by a faulty light bulb, wiring, or switch. Replace any faulty components as needed, and inspect the wiring for any damage or wear

Battery problems

problem may be caused by a dead battery, faulty alternator, or loose connections. Check the battery voltage, and replace the battery if necessary.

Check the alternator output, and replace it if necessary. Tighten any loose connections

Engine overheating

 problem may be caused by a clogged radiator, low coolant level, or damaged water pump.

Clean or replace the radiator, and check the coolant level. Replace any damaged components as needed

Tractor won’t engage forward or backward

The problem may be caused by a faulty transmission, hydraulic system, or brakes.

Check the transmission fluid level and quality, and inspect the hydraulic system for any leaks or damage.

Replace any damaged or worn components as needed. Check the brakes for any damage or wear, and replace any faulty components as needed

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John Deere 855 Review 

The John Deere 855 is a compact utility tractor that was manufactured between 1999 and 2008. It is equipped with a 20.5 horsepower Yanmar 3TNV75RJ diesel engine and comes with a hydrostatic transmission.

The tractor has a maximum lifting capacity of 1,500 pounds and is fitted with a three-point hitch that can support various attachments.

The 855 is a great choice for small-scale farms and homesteads as it is versatile and easy to operate. It is also ideal for large property owners who need to perform multiple tasks like mowing lawns, moving dirt, and even snow removal.  For a full review, please check this YouTube video.

Final Words

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What is the horsepower of the John Deere 855?

The John Deere 855 has a 24.2 horsepower, 3-cylinder diesel engine.

What is the weight of the John Deere 855?

The operating weight of the John Deere 855 is approximately 1,800 lbs.

What is the maximum towing capacity of the John Deere 855?

The John Deere 855 has a maximum towing capacity of approximately 1,600 lbs.

What type of transmission does the John Deere 855 have?

The John Deere 855 comes equipped with a hydrostatic transmission.

What is the maximum speed of the John Deere 855?

The maximum speed of the John Deere 855 is approximately 7.5 mph.

What is the fuel tank capacity of the John Deere 855?

The John Deere 855 has a fuel tank capacity of 5.5 gallons.

What is the hydraulic system capacity of the John Deere 855?

The John Deere 855 has a hydraulic system capacity of 5.5 gallons.

What is the warranty period for the John Deere 855?

The warranty period for the John Deere 855 varies depending on the country and dealer but is typically 2-3 years.

what is the lift capacity of a john deere 855 tractor?

The lift capacity of a John Deere 855 tractor varies depending on the model and other factors. However, according to the provided search results, the lift capacity of early models is 785 lbs (357 kg).

what is the value of a John Deere 855 tractor?

The value of a John Deere 855 tractor varies depending on several factors such as the age, condition, location, and any attachments included. the value of a John Deere 855 tractor ranges from CAD 234.64 for a used model to USD $10,800 for a new or used model