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john deere 850l dozer

John Deere 850L Dozer Key Future

  • Net Power: 168 kW (225 hp) at 1,700 rpm
  • Operating Weight: 21 581–23 299 kg (47,578–51,365 lb.)
  • Track on Ground: 3300 mm (130 in.)
  • Blade – Dig Depth: 28 in  (704 mm)
  • Implement Pump-Flow: 41 gal (155 lt/min)

John Deere 850L Dozer Price New

Price – $335,000

John Deere 850L Dozer Horsepower

Engine – 225 hp

John Deere 850L Dozer Weight

Weight – 51,365 lb

John Deere 850L Dozer Specifications

john deere 850l dozer


Engine Manufacturer John Deere
Engine Model PowerTech PSS 6090
Displacement 549 Inches³  (9 L)
Rated Speed, rpm 1700
Engine Output 225 hp  (168 Kw)
Transmission Type Hydrostatic


Final Drive Direct Drive – Double Reduction
Track Rollers 8
Shoe – Pitch, mm (inches) 203 (8)
Shoe – Type Single Grouser – Moderate Service
Ground Contact Area,  () 10200 Inches²  (65811cm² )
Speeds Mode 1 – Forward 1
Speeds Mode 1 – Reverse 1
Number Of Shoes 45
Oscillation Yes


Blade – Width 14 ft  (4267 mm )
Blade – Dig Depth 28 in  (704 mm)
Blade – Tilt 1 ft 9 in  (541 mm)
Height – Max 11 ft  (3344 mm )
Ground Clearance 15.5 in. (394 mm)
Track Length – On Ground  10 ft 10 in (3300 mm)
Length – PAT Blade Straight 18 ft 9 in  (5727 mm)
Track Gauge 8 ft  ( 2438 mm)


Fuel Tank 116 gal  (439 L)
Hydraulic Tank 30.9 gal  (117 L)
Blade – Capacity 5.9 yd³  (4.5 m³)


Ground Bearing Pressure 5 psi (34.4 kpa )
Implement Pump – Type Piston
Implement Pump-Flow, lt/min 41 gal (155 L)
Implement Pump – Pressure  275 psi (18.96 bar)
Speed – Forward Maximum, kph (mph) 6.8 mph (11 kph)
Speed – Reverse Maximum, kph (mph) 6.8 mph (11 kph)


Operating Weight 51313 lbs (23275 kg)

John Deere 850L Dozer Features

Make long days feel shorter with the most comfortable cab available

john deere 850l dozer

  • The 850L’s 15 percent larger operator station and 10 percent greater glass area provide unrivaled vision to the blade and workplace.
  • Premium cab choices — Long days will seem shorter with a heated and ventilated leather-accented air suspension seat. Rearview camera improves situational awareness.
  • Joysticks redesigned with ergonomic handles and proportionate blade angle control. Customize hydraulic response to match application and operator desire.
  • The 850L angled seat reduces operator fatigue when tearing.
  • The 850L cab noise is 27% lower than its predecessor. Viscous cab mounts reduce noise and improve ride quality.

Uptime and reliability are key

john deere 850l dozer

  • Redesigned 850L mainframe streamlines hydraulic and electrical hose and harness routing. This decreases harness and hose wear, extending machine life.
  • The 850L’s 65-degree tiltable cab and wider service door apertures provide unparalleled service access.
  • Simple everyday maintenance Get daily maintenance updates. Inside the rear service, door is a maintenance chart. This chart shows maintenance intervals and refills capabilities.

Move more yards, more efficiently

  • 850L’s horsepower was boosted to 225HP from the previous model.
  • No fuel-use rise Even with more horsepower, the 850L’s fuel consumption was similar to the preceding series.

Reliable, easy, and customizable

john deere 850l dozer

  • The 850L’s larger hydrostatic pumps allow for finer regulation and greater longevity.
  • Since both tracks get constant power, drivers can spin even when carrying massive weights or even in neutral.
  • Manage the transmission and hydraulics separately from each other without impacting the hydraulic flow rate.
  • Increases to 4,000 hours between hydraulic, and hydrostatic oil changes.

Precise technology options to conveniently meet specifications

john deere 850l dozer

  • Standard EH Controls – adds any grade control system.
  • Slope Control is an entry-level grade control system that helps grade smooth surfaces. The operator can view and set the blade slope, and the system will automatically maintain it. This technology makes SmartGrade upgrades straightforward. All L-Series dozers can be upgraded with Slope Control.
  • John Deere’s 3D GNSS grade control technology, SmartGradeTM. SmartGrade combines harnesses and components within the machine, eliminating separate masts or harnesses. Auto SmartGrade’s upgraded features let rookie operators push more material per pass. All L-Series dozers can upgrade to SmartGrade.
  • New to SmartGrade? Remote Support Better support? L-Series SmartGrade dozers provide remote display and wireless data sharing. Allow company or local dealer access to assistance.
  • Remote display access lets you troubleshoot and train operators remotely.
  • Transfer project files and 3D model updates to and from the machine wirelessly.

John Deere 850L Dozer Review Video


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