John Deere 750 Tractor Price, Specs, Review & Attachments 2023

John Deere 750 Price, Reviews, Specs, Horsepower, Weight, Engine Oil Capacity, Attachments, History, Features & Pictures

The John Deere 750 is a small and handy tractor that comes in both 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive versions. It belongs to the 50 Compact series. This tractor was made by Yanmar for John Deere in Japan and was produced from 1981 to 1988.

The John Deere 750 Compact tractor is equipped with 20 hp a Yanmar 3-cylinder diesel engine with a capacity of 78.2 cubic inches (1.3 liters). This engine can produce 20 horsepower at a rated RPM of 2400.

It has 8 forward gears and 2 reverse gears, with a transmission oil capacity of 15 quarts (14.2 liters). The tractor is available in both 2-wheel drive (4×2) and 4-wheel drive (4×4 MFWD). It uses differential mechanical dry brakes with internal expanding shoes.

Additionally, the John Deere 750 has a weight range of 1900 to 2000 pounds, an engine oil capacity of 4.0 quarts (3.8 liters), and a lift capacity of 700 lbs (full at pin), which is approximately 317 kilograms.

Attachments for the John Deere 750 Compact Utility tractor include a 60″ Mower deck, Blade, 60″ Snowblower, and Loader.

If you want to know more about the John Deere 750 tractor, including its horsepower, price, specifications, review, attachments, features, and images, keep reading. I hope this information is helpful to you.

John Deere 750 Tractor Price


John Deere 750 Original Price: $10,000 (1989)

The price of a John Deere 750 tractor for sale varies depending on the condition, age, and location of the tractor. Here are some recent sale prices of John Deere 750 tractors based on top tractor trader results:

  • $3,900 – $10,500 price at 
  • $1,100 – $9,600 price at
  • $3,500 – $9,900 price at
  • $3,190 – $9,500 price at

The John Deere 750 Serial Numbers

Location: John Deere 750s are identified with serial numbers on their rear below the PTO shaft.

  • 1981: 1000
  • 1982: 3448
  • 1983: 5613
  • 1984: 8457
  • 1985: 13001
  • 1986: 18501
  • 1987: 22601
  • 1988: 26450
  • Final: 28161

john deere 750 tractor

John Deere 750 Specs


Distributor: John Deere
Manufacturer: Yanmar
Factory: Japan
Original price (USD):   $10,000 (1989 )


ENGINE Yanmar 3T80 diesel 3-cylinder liquid-cooled inline 78.2 ci [1.3 L]
Bore/Stroke: 3.15×3.35 inches [80 x 85 mm]
Power (gross): 20 hp [14.9 kW]
Engine (gross): 20 hp [14.9 kW]
Air cleaner: paper element
Compression: 22.5:1
Rated RPM: 2400
Starter volts: 12
Oil capacity: 4.0 qts [3.8 L]
Coolant capacity: 4.5 qts [4.3 L]


Engine (gross): 20 hp [14.9 kW]
PTO (claimed): 18 hp [13.4 kW]
Drawbar (tested): 15.30 hp [11.4 kW]
PTO (tested): 18.54 hp [13.8 kW]


Type: gear
Gears: 8 forward and 2 reverse
Clutch: 200mm dry disc
Oil capacity: 15 qts [14.2 L]


Fuel: 6.2 gal [23.5 L]


Type: open center
Pressure: 2030 psi [140.0 bar]
Valves: 1


Rear PTO: transmission
Clutch: over-running
Rear RPM: 540
Engine RPM: 540@2300
Front PTO: independent*
Clutch: electro-magnetic


Chassis: 4×2 2WD
  4×4 MFWD 4WD
Steering: manual
  power optional
Brakes: differential mechanical dry, internal expanding shoe
Cab: Two-post ROPS.



2WD Weight (shipping): 1900 lbs [861 kg]
4WD Weight (shipping): 2000 lbs [907 kg]
Wheelbase: 61.1 inches [155 cm]
Length: 112 inches [284 cm]
Width: 45.1 inches [114 cm]
Height: 78.9 inches [200 cm]
Height (hood): 45.6 inches [115 cm] (2WD)
  46.4 inches [117 cm] (4WD)
Clearance (front axle): 15.1 inches [38 cm] (2WD)
  13 inches [33 cm] (4WD)
Front tread: 35 inches [88 cm] (2WD)36 inches [91 cm] (4WD)
Rear tread: 35/39 inches
[88/99 cm]

John Deere 750 Tires

Standard tires (ag): Front: 4.00-15. Rear: 9.5-24
  Front: 5-14. Rear: 9.5-24
Lawn/turf front: 25/8.5-14
Lawn/turf rear: 13.6-16

John Deere 750 Height

2WD Hood 45.6 inches [115 cm]
4WD Hood 46.4 inches [117 cm]
ROPS 74.9 inches [190 cm]
Exhaust 76.9 inches [195 cm]


Ground: negative


Number: 1
Volts: 12

John Deere 750 Attachments

Attachment overview
60″ mid-mount mower deck
John Deere 67 loader
John Deere 70 loader

60″ Mower deck

Type: mid-mount John Deere 160
Cutting width: 60 inches [152 cm]


Type: front-mount John Deere 375
Width: 60 inches [152 cm]

60″ Snowblower

Type: front-mount John Deere 359
Clearing width: 60 inches [152 cm]

John Deere 750 Tractor loader

70 Loader

Loader type: John Deere 70
Height (to pin): 77.3 inches [196 cm]
Clearance, dumped bucket: 62 inches [157 cm]
Dump reach: 27 inches [68 cm]
Dump angle: 45
Clearance, level bucket: 73.8 inches [187 cm]
Reach ground: 49.8 inches [126 cm]
Rollback angle: 22
Breakout force (lift): 1300 lbs [589 kg]
Breakout force (bucket): 1570 lbs [712 kg]
Lift to full height (at pin): 700 lbs [317 kg]
Bucket width: 48 inches [121 cm]
  54 inches [137 cm]
  60 inches [152 cm]

67 Loader

Loader type: John Deere 67
Height (to pin): 82.5  inches [209 cm]
Clearance, dumped bucket: 62.5 inches [158 cm]
Dump reach: 23 inches [
58 cm]
Dump angle: 53°
Clearance, level bucket: 73.8 inches [187 cm]
Reach ground: 55 inches [139 cm]
Rollback angle: 19
Breakout force (lift): 1240 lbs breakout
562 kg
Breakout force (bucket): 1570 lbs [712 kg]
Lift to full height (at pin): 700 lbs [317 kg]
Bucket width: 48 inches [121 cm]
  54 inches [137 cm]
  60 inches [152 cm]

John Deere 7 Backhoe

Backhoe type John Deere 7 Backhoe
Weight 650 lbs
294 kg
Transport height 69 inches
175 cm
Digging depth 90 inches
228 cm
Reach from pivot 114 inches
289 cm
Loading height 70 inches
177 cm
Bucket Rotation 180°
Swing Arc 180°

John Deere 750 Problems And Solutions

Here you can explore some of the common John Deere 750 problems and solutions, which I have outlined here.

Transmission Issues

The Transmission issues will make your John Deere 750 behave differently. The transmission sends engine power to hydraulic pumps.

Following your tractor’s manual prevents transmission problems.

Beginners still have transmission troubles, sometimes caused by low-grade hydraulic oil.


Ask your dealer to inspect the transmission before buying. Your John Deere 750 cannot fix a built-in problem.

If you neglect lawn tractor maintenance, transmission issues can emerge. Changing the hydraulic oil to a 30 wt non-detergent can fix it.

Replace the transmission system or parts if problems persist. If so, consult an expert.

Engine Cranking

John Deere tractor engine cranking problems are prevalent. If your John Deere 750 cranks but won’t start, it needs attention.

Problems have numerous causes. The most typical cause is a clogged fuel filter or hoses.

Water might also start your tractor’s engine. The system degrades and cranks due to fuel-water mixing. Bad spark plugs or ignition coils can also cause it.


Fill your tractor’s gasoline tank on a regular basis. Don’t leave it unfilled for a lengthy period of time.
Examine the fuel filter and hoses for any signs of leakage or fracture. If required, replace it.
If water has become mixed with the fuel inside the tank, drain it.

Carburetor Issues

Your lawn tractor’s carburetor needs maintenance eventually, no matter how expensive. Likewise, John Deere 750. Before driving your tractor to a repair shop, you must understand the process and purpose.

Before starting the tractor, the carburetor combines gasoline and air perfectly. However, a defective carburetor produces black smoke, sounds, and fuel use.

A bad carburetor might potentially shut down your lawn tractor. Some experts say a defective carburetor can overheat the engine, thus correcting it is necessary.


Stop the engine and cool the tractor. The air filter cover exposes the carburetor.
Wipe the air filter, carburetor hoses, and other dirty parts gently.

Clean all deposits and congested lines to ensure fuel supply. Examine any potentially defective parts.

Replacing your carburetor may be the only solution.

Battery Dies Quickly

Our clients often have lawn tractor battery troubles. This issue is easy to fix compared to other lawn tractor issues.

Check the battery connection first. Loose wiring might shorten battery life.


 Charge your battery: a healthy battery charges about 8 hours at 12 volts. If not, replace the battery.

One of the easiest battery fixes is checking the water reservoir. Water a lawn tractor to the top. Fill the reservoir with distilled water if the water is low.

Steering Issues

Lawn tractors depend on steering and handling. Steering must work for your tractor to operate concurrently. If your steering vibrates frequently and moves left or right, it needs repair.

There are various causes of lawn tractor steering problems. Tire pressure can prevent tractor movement. Steering support assembly might potentially cause problems.

Park the tractor on an even surface before starting any repair. Before opening tractor parts, ensure safety.


Check tire pressure first. Unadjusted tire pressure might cause steering concerns. Use the tractor’s operator manual to measure tire pressure.

Troubleshoot the steering gear too. Steering gear controls it’s over system. Trees and mountains can damage the tractor. Check for loose steering gear.

Replace the wired-out bushing to fix steering issues. Bushing damage causes steering vibration. Power steering housing replacement improves overall.

To find a service manual for the John Deere 750 tractor, you have a few options:

  1. Farm Manuals Fast: They offer the complete service manual for the John Deere 650 and 750 tractor, used by dealer repair shops.

  2. Deere Tractors: This website provides a downloadable service manual for the John Deere 750 tractor, with step-by-step repair and maintenance instructions.

  3. Amazon: You can find the John Deere 650 & 750 Tractor Technical Service Repair Shop Manual Book on Amazon, which provides detailed repair and maintenance guidance



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John Deere 750 Tractor Review 

The John Deere 750 tractor is a fantastic choice for small farms, homeowners, and people who do landscaping. It’s not hard to use or take care of, and it’s really strong.

All in all, the John Deere 750 is a good pick for anyone who wants a tough and useful small tractor. For a full review YouTube video Check Here. 

Final Words

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What is the value of a John Deere 750 tractor?

The value for a John Deere 750 tractor varies depending on factors such as location, condition, and age of the tractor. Prices can range from around $5,900 to $10,000 .

What are some features of a John Deere 750 tractor?

Some features of a John Deere 750 tractor include power steering, differential lock, and a roll bar. It also has a comfortable operator station with easy-to-use controls and good visibility.

Does the John Deere 750 tractor come with a front-end loader?

The John Deere 750 tractor does not come with a front end loader as standard equipment. However, a front end loader can be added as an attachment.

What is the oil filter part number for a John Deere 750 tractor?

The oil filter part number for a John Deere 750 tractor is AM101378.

What type of oil should I use for a John Deere 750 tractor?

The recommended oil type for a John Deere 750 tractor is SAE 10W-30 or 10W-40. It’s important to use oil that meets the John Deere JDM J20C specification.

What is the maximum speed of a John Deere 750 tractor?

The maximum speed of a John Deere 750 tractor is approximately 12 miles per hour (19 kilometers per hour).

What is the maximum lift capacity of a John Deere 750 tractor?

The maximum lift capacity of a John Deere 750 tractor is approximately 1,200 pounds (544 kilograms).

How many horsepower is a John Deere 750 tractor?

A John Deere 750 tractor has a horsepower of 20. The engine produces 20 horsepower at 2,400 rpm of maximum output power

What year is my John Deere 750?

To determine the year of a John Deere 750 tractor, you can check the serial number. The serial number is typically located on the right side of the tractor frame, above the front axle. The first two digits of the serial number indicate the year the tractor was manufactured. For example, if the serial number starts with “89”, the tractor was manufactured in 1989.