John Deere 7020 Specs, Price, Review & Features

John Deere 7020 Price, Reviews, Specs, Engine Oil Capacity, Weight, Serial Numbers, Attachments, History, Features & Pictures

The John Deere 7020, a four-wheel-drive (4WD) tractor, was manufactured by John Deere in Waterloo, Iowa, USA, during the years 1971 to 1975. This tractor model is part of the 7020 series, which also includes the 7520 and WA-14 variants.

John Deere 7020 Powered by a John Deere 6.6L 6-cylinder diesel engine, it delivers a drawbar-tested power of 127.72 hp (95.2 kW) at rated 2200 rpm.

Its transmission features a Syncro-Range with partially synchronized gears, offering 8 forward and 2 reverse options. Equipped with four-wheel drive and hydrostatic power steering,

it boasts a standard cab configuration and weighs 18,495 lbs (8389 kg). The oil capacity is 17 quarts (16.1 liters).

Now, let’s find out the John Deere 7020 Tractor’s Price, Parts Specs, Reviews, Serial Numbers & Images.

John Deere 7020 Price

john deere 7020

The original price was $22,000 in 1975

The average selling price of a John Deere 7520 tractor can vary significantly, influenced by factors such as the tractor’s year, condition, location, and other variables.

  • On Fastline, John Deere 7520 tractors are listed with prices ranging from $35,500 to $83,900.
  • MarketBook Canada indicates prices for the John Deere 7520 tractor in the range of CAD $84,002 (USD $62,000) to USD $86,000.

John Deere 7020 Space

Manufacturer John Deere
Four-wheel Drive (4WD) tractor
Built-in Waterloo, Iowa, USA
Model Year 1971-1975

John Deere 7020 Engine

Engine Type John Deere, turbocharged intercooled diesel, 6-cylinder, liquid-cooled
Displacement 404 ci
6.6 L
Bore/Stroke 4.25×4.75 inches
108 x 121 mm
Air cleaner dual paper elements with pre-cleaner
Compression 15.7:1
Rated RPM 2200
Firing order 1-5-3-6-2-4
Starter volts 12
Oil Capacity 17 qts
16.1 L
Coolant capacity 32 qts
30.3 L

John Deere 7020 Power

Drawbar (tested) 127.72 hp
95.2 kW
PTO (tested) 146.17 hp
109.0 kW


Fuel 156 gal
590.5 L
Hydraulic system 22 gal
83.3 L


Type closed center
Capacity 22 gal
83.3 L
Valves 2 (early)
  3 (late)
Pump flow 26 gpm
98.4 lpm

Power Take-off (PTO)

Rear PTO transmission
Rear RPM 1000

John Deere 7020 Transmission

Transmission Syncro-Range
Type partially synchronized
Gears 8 forward and 2 reverse
Oil Capacity 88 qts
83.3 L
Transmission Syncro-Range Hi-Lo
Type partially synchronized
Gears 16 forward and 4 reverse

John Deere 7020 Dimensions

Wheelbase 120 inches
304 cm
Weight 18,495 lbs
8389 kg
Ag front 18.4-34S
Ag rear 18.4-34S


Ground negative
Charging system Motorola alternator
  Delco alternator
Batteries 2
Battery volts 6

John Deere 7020 Serial Numbers

1971 773R001000
1972 773R002007
1973 773R002548
1974 773R003122
1975 773R003542
Final 773R003708

John Deere 7020 Review Video

John Deere 7020 Problems

The John Deere 7020 tractor has encountered several reported issues, and here are some common problems along with potential solutions:

Engine Issues:

  • Starting Problems: Difficulty starting the engine may result from a faulty ignition switch, fuel delivery issues, or a malfunctioning starter motor. Troubleshooting steps involve examining the fuel system, battery, and electrical connections.
  • Overheating: Overheating can stem from a malfunctioning cooling system, including a faulty radiator, water pump, or thermostat. Regular maintenance and cooling system inspections are advised.

Transmission Issues:

  • Front Wheel Inactivity: When the front wheel isn’t rotating, it could be due to front axle problems like a damaged CV joint or a malfunctioning differential. Inspection and necessary repairs of front axle components are recommended.
  • Transmission Slippage or Shifting Problems: Transmission slipping or shifting difficulties may arise from low transmission fluid levels, worn clutch plates, or a faulty transmission control module. It’s advisable to check fluid levels and inspect clutch components.

Other Issues:

  • Knocking Noise: A knocking noise, indicative of engine or mechanical issues, should be investigated to identify the source. This might necessitate professional inspection.
  • Electrical Problems: Electrical issues can lead to various problems, including starting issues or malfunctioning lights. Examination of the battery, fuses, and wiring connections can help identify and resolve electrical concerns.

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What is the production history of the John Deere 7020 tractor?

The John Deere 7020 tractor was produced from 1971 to 1975.

How much horsepower does the John Deere 7020 tractor generate?

The drawbar-tested power output is approximately 127.72 horsepower (95.2 kW), and the PTO-tested power is around 146.17 horsepower (109.0 kW).

How many units of the John Deere 7020 tractor were produced in total?

A total of 2,586 units were manufactured.

What was the original price of the John Deere 7020 tractor in 1975?

The original price in 1975 was approximately $22,000.

What type of engine does the John Deere 7020 tractor have?

It is equipped with a John Deere 6.6L 6-cylinder diesel engine.

What are the available transmission options for the John Deere 7020?

The tractor offers two transmission options: 8-speed partially synchronized and 16-speed partially synchronized.

Where is the serial number located on the John Deere 7020 tractor?

The serial number plate is typically found on the rear of the tractor, above the PTO.

What are the fuel and hydraulic system capacities of the John Deere 7020 tractor?

It has a fuel capacity of 156 gallons (590.5 liters) and a hydraulic system capacity of 22 gallons (83.3 liters).

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