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John Deere 624K
John Deere 624K High-Lift Wheel Loader

John Deere 624K Key Future

  • Engine Net Power: 198 hp (148 kw)
  • Operating Weight: 33772.7 lbs (15,319 kg)
  • Bucket Breakout Force: 25884 lbs (11,741 kg)
  • Hydraulic Pump Flow Capacity: 59 gal/min (223 l/min)

John Deere 624K Price New

2015 DEERE 624K price – USD $96,950

2010 DEERE 624K price – USD $55,000

John Deere 624K Future


  • Our FT4/Stage IV diesel engine provides enough displacement, pulling capacity, and power.
  • According to condition-based DPF ash service intervals replacement may not be required until the first engine overhaul.
  • Application, upkeep, and the use of specified fluids and lubricants can prolong intervals.


  • In repetitive loading applications, the boom-height kick-out and return-to-carry functions help speed up production.
  • Engine/hydraulic match keeps good power in the boom and bucket.
  • With responsive and full 80-degree articulation, the machine is easier to move in tight spaces, making cycle times faster and reducing the number of three-point turns.


  • Vertical spin-on filters are simple to replace and leave no residue.
  • If there are any issues, an easy-to-read LCD panel displays diagnostic warnings.
  • Color-coded fluid sample ports and diagnostic test ports facilitate maintenance and troubleshooting.

John Deere 624K

John Deere 624K Specifications


Engine Model 6068H, Tier III certified
Net Power 198 hp (148 kw)
Number of Cylinders 6
Aspiration Turbocharged charge air cooled
Displacement 414 cu in
Power Measured @ 1800 rpm
Torque Measured @ 1600 rpm
Torque Rise 55%

Operating Specifications

Engine Oil Fluid Capacity 5.1 gal (19 l)
Front Axle/Diff Fluid Capacity 5.9 gal (19 l)
Fuel Capacity 93 gal (352 l)
Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity 29.1 gal (110 l)
Alternator Supplied Amperage 80 A
Cooling System Fluid Capacity 7.2 gal (27 l)
Operating Voltage 24 V V
Operating Weight 33772.7 lbs (15,319 kg)
Rear Axle Oscillation 24 °
Rear Axle/Diff Fluid Capacity 4.5 gal (15 l)
Static Tipping Weight 25483.3 lbs (11,559 kg)
Tire Size 20.5 R 25
Transmission Fluid Capacity 5.6 gal (19 l)


Breakout Force 25884 lbs (11,741 kg)
Bucket Capacity – heaped 3.6 cu yds (2 m)
Bucket Capacity – struck 3.1 cu yds (2 m)
Bucket Width 8.9 ft (2 m)
Dump Clearance at Max Raise 10.6 ft (3 m)


Ground Clearance 1.3 ft (0 m)
Height – Top of Cab 10.9 ft (3 m)
Hinge Pin – Max Height 14.2 ft (4 m)
Length with Bucket on Ground 26.9 ft (8 m)
Reach at Max Lift and Dump 3.7 ft (1 m)
Wheelbase 10.2 ft (3 m)
Width Over Tires 8.8 ft (2 m)

Hydraulic System

Pump Flow Capacity 59 gal/min (223 l/min)
Pump Type variable displacement, axial piston
Raise Time 5.9 sec
Relief Valve Setting 3675 psi
Dump Time 1.3 sec
Lower Time 2.7 sec


Max Speed – Forward 24.6 mph (39 kph)
Max Speed – Reverse 16 mph (26 kph)
Transmission Type Countershaft, powershift
Number of Forward Gears 4
Number of Reverse Gears 3

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