John Deere 550 Dozer Specs, Weight, Price & Review 2022

John Deere 550 Dozer Specs: John Deere 550 Dozer specifications is a dozer built to offer rugged performance and high efficiency on various job sites.

Its JD 550 dozer offers excellent traction and mobility for challenging tasks due to its exceptional maneuvering and digging capability.

The John Deere 550 dozer with an impressive engine and robust dozer deck is perfect for tasks requiring more capability and power.

The John Deere 550K has new engines and transmissions that can move gravel, dirt, manure, snow, mulch, and other substances.

It is possible to select between the three-speed and four forward gears due to the latest hydraulic controls, and the operator interface offers additional options to increase production.

John Deere 550 Dozer Specs

The John Deere dozer 550 is a great performer and security. The new hydraulic powertrain has improved steering, and a broader array of safety measures are just some innovations in the vehicle’s technology.

JD Dozers with 550 horsepower provide enhanced safety, comfort and performance for the operators and their equipment.

John Deere 550 Dozer Specs


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Brand John Deere
Model 550K
Series K series
Type Crawler dozer
Years Made 2012-2022

John Deere 550 Dozer Engine

Brand John Deere
Model PowerTech PWS 4045
Type Diesel, air-cooled
No. of Cylinders 4
Emissions EU Stage IV/EPA Final Tier 4
Aspiration Turbocharged
Combustion Direct Injection
Air Cleaner Dry-type
Compression Ratio 17.2:1
Rated Power 2200 RPM
Torque Speed 1400 RPM
Specs US Metric
Horsepower 92.5 HP 69.0 kW
Torque Power 310.0 ft-lb 420.3 N-m
Displacement 274.6 cu in. 4500 cc
Bore and Stroke 4.2×5.0 in. 10.6×12.7 cm
Coolant Capacity 5.6 gal 21.1 L
Engine Oil Capacity 5.0 gal 19.0 L

John Deere 550 Dozer Engine Dimensions

US Metric
Length 34.8 in. 88.5 cm
Width 28.0 in. 71.2 cm
Height 35.9 in. 91.2 cm

John Deere 550 Dozer Powertrain

Transmission HST
Steering Single lever
Brakes Dynamic
US Metric
System Relief Pressure 5,619 psi 38,741 kPa
Max. Drawbar Pull 30,000 lbs 134 kN

John Deere 550 Dozer Travel Speed

US Metric
Max. Travel Speed (forward) 5.0 mph 8.0 km
Max. Travel Speed (reverse) 5.0 mph 8.0 km

John Deere 550 Dozer Hydraulic System

Type Gear
Control T-bar joystick
US Metric
Max. Flow 21.1 GPM 80 LPM
System Relief Pressure 3000 psi 20684 kPa
Pump Displacement 2.2 cu in. 36.4 cc
Ground Pressure 6.4 psi 44.1 kPa

John Deere 550 Dozer Dimensions

US Metric
O/A Height 110.2 in. 279.9 cm
O/A Lenght 158.1 in. 401.6 cm
Width Over Track 79.0 in. 200.7 cm
Ground Clearance 13.0 in. 32.9 cm

John Deere 550 Dozer Blade

US Metric
Blade Lift Height 30.4 in. 77.2 cm
Blade Digging Depth 20.6 in. 52.3 cm
Blade Width 105.0 in. 266.7 cm
Blade Height 37.6 in. 95.5 cm
Blade Capacity 2.4 yd³ 1.8 m³
Blade Weight 1,330 lbs 603 kg
O/A Width With Blade Angled 97.2 in. 246.9 cm
Blade Tilt 14.3 in. 36.3 cm
Cut Reach 4.6 in. 11.7 cm
Cast Reach 18.3 in. 34.5 cm
Blade Angle 0.4 rad. 22°
Blade Cutting Edge Angle 0.9-1 rad. 52-60°
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John Deere 550 Dozer Ripper

US Metric
Maximum Penetration 20.0 in. 50.8 cm
Maximum Clearance Under Tip 20.0 in. 50.8 cm
Overall Length, Lowered Position 57.1 in. 145.0 cm
Overall Length, Raised Position 40.0 in. 101.5 cm
Overall Beam Width 72.0 in. 183.0 cm
Ripping Width 65.7 in. 167.0 cm
Distance Between Shanks 32.0 in. 80.6 cm
Slope Angle 0.7 rad. 40°

John Deere 550 Dozer Undercarrige

Chain Sealed and lubricated
Shoes (each side) 40
Track Rollers (each side) 6
US Metric
Track Gauge 61.0 in 155.0 cm
Grouser Width 18.0 in. 45.7 cm
Track Length on Ground 92 in. 234.9 cm
Track Pitch 6.7 in. 17.1 cm
Ground Pressure 6.4 psi 44.1 kPa

John Deere 550 Dozer Weight

US Metric
Operating Weight 19,758 lbs 8,981 kg
Blade Weight 1329.4 lbs 603.0 kg
Ripper Weight 2,163 lbs 981.0 kg

John Deere 550 Dozer Price

Model Hours Price
2012 John Deere 550 Dozer 4000 $59,000
2013 John Deere 550 Dozer 3500 $68,000
2014 John Deere 550 Dozer 1800 $85,000
2015 John Deere 550 Dozer 3700 $70,000
2016 John Deere 550 Dozer 2500 $85,000
2017 John Deere 550 Dozer 1500 $100,000
2018 John Deere 550 Dozer 850 $110,000
2019 John Deere 550 Dozer 1000 $120,000
2020 John Deere 550 Dozer 700 $165,000
2021 John Deere 550 Dozer 500 $190,000
2022 John Deere 550 Dozer New $230,000

John Deere 550 Dozer Reviews

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How much does a 550 John Deere Dozer weight?

19,758-21,000 lb.

550KCrawler Dozer. Operating Weight 8 981-9 544 kilograms (19,758-21,000 lbs. )

How many horsepower is a John Deere 550 Dozer?

The John Deere 550J crawler tractor comes with a John Deere 4045 turbocharged, four-cylinder wet-sleevediesel engine that produces either 80-84 horsepower (HP). It comes with an electrostatic drivetrain as well as a 60/40 weight distribution. It has a very low centre of gravity, a long wheelbase, and high ground clearance.