John Deere 544K High-Lift Wheel Loader Specs, Price & Review 2023


John Deere 544K High-Lift Wheel Loader Specs, Price, Review, Weight

John Deere 544K High-Lift Wheel Loader Specs: You have arrived at the right place if you are looking for information about the John Deere 544K High-Lift Wheel Loader, such as its price, features, overall dimensions and weight, and evaluations given by previous purchasers.

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John Deere 544K

John Deere 544K price

2016 Deere 544K Price: $199,995

John Deere 544K Key Facts

  • Net Power: 121 kW (163 hp) @ 1,800 rpm
  • Operating Weight: 13 217 kg (29 138 lb)
  • Bucket Capacity: 2.3 m³ (3.0 cu. yd.)

John Deere 544k Tire Size

Tire Size: 20.5 R 25

John Deere 544k Weight

Operating Weight: 28263.3 lbs (12,820 kg)

john deere 544k Fuel Capacity

Fuel Capacity: 85.9 gal (322 l)

John Deere 544K Features

John Deere 544K Wheel Loader Specs


Maximum performance is delivered by this wheel loader. This machine’s engine has 167 horsepower and can lift loads up to 4,818 kg (10,622 lb.). The maximum dump height is 2.76 metres (9 feet, 1 inch), and the bucket breakout force is 10,115 kg (23,215 lb). The 544K HL’s operational weight is 13,217kg (29,138 lb). A 2.3 cubic metre bucket is included with the John Deere 544K. (heaped).


Refills are quick and straightforward thanks to a hinged panel that tilts away for rapid ground-level access to the fuel and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tanks.

All daily service points, including the fuel pump, are gathered on the machine’s left side for easy access.

Safety & Security

Nearly 100 wires are removed while keeping out dust and moisture with a sealed-switch module.

With keyless-start that requires a numeric passcode, prevent unauthorized machine usage.


In a special boxed arrangement that is segregated from engine heat, Quad-Cool installs the radiator, air-conditioner condenser, intercooler, hydraulic gearbox, and optional axle coolers.

An optional programmed fan mechanically reverses at predetermined intervals, expelling debris from the cooler and radiator cores. Alternately, customize your cleaning cycles using the monitor.

John Deere 544K Specs

John Deere 544K wheel loader

John Deere 544K Engine

Aspiration Turbocharged charge air cooled
Displacement 414 cu in (0 m)
Engine Model E 6068H, Tier III certified
Net Power 167 hp (125 kw)
Number of Cylinders 6
Power Measured @ 1900 rpm
Torque Measured @ 1600 rpm
Torque Rise 38%

John Deere 544K Hydraulic System

Dump Time 1.2 sec
Lower Time 3.2 sec
Pump Flow Capacity 50 gal/min (189 l/min)
Pump Type variable displacement, axial piston
Raise Time 5.8 sec
Relief Valve Setting 3650 psi

John Deere 544K Operating Specifications

Alternator Supplied Amperage 80 A
Cooling System Fluid Capacity 6.1 gal (23 l)
Engine Oil Fluid Capacity 5.1 gal (19 l)
Front Axle/Diff Fluid Capacity 4.5 gal (17 l)
Fuel Capacity 85.9 gal (325 l)
Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity 24.1 gal (91 l)
Operating Voltage 24 V V
Operating Weight 28463.9 lbs (12,911 kg)
Rear Axle Oscillation 24 °
Rear Axle/Diff Fluid Capacity 4.5 gal (17 l)
Static Tipping Weight 20481 lbs (9,290 kg)
Tire Size 20.5 R 25
Transmission Fluid Capacity 4.9 gal (19 l)
Turning Radius 16.5 ft (5 m)

John Deere 544K Transmission

Max Speed – Forward 22.2 mph (36 kph)
Max Speed – Reverse 15 mph (24 kph)
Number of Forward Gears 4
Number of Reverse Gears 3
Transmission Type Countershaft, powershift

John Deere 544K Bucket

Breakout Force 20940 lbs (9,498 kg)
Bucket Capacity – heaped 3.1 cu yds (2 m)
Bucket Capacity – struck 2.7 cu yds (2 m)
Bucket Width 8.4 ft (3 m)
Dump Clearance at Max Raise 10.3 ft (3 m)

John Deere 544K Dimensions

Ground Clearance 1.4 ft (0 m)
Height – Top of Cab 10.7 ft (3 m)
Hinge Pin – Max Height 13.7 ft (4 m)
Length with Bucket on Ground 25.5 ft (8 m)
Reach at Max Lift and Dump 3.3 ft (1 m)
Wheelbase 9.7 ft (3 m)
Width Over Tires 8.4 ft (3 m)

John Deere 544K High-Lift Wheel Loader Review

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John Deere 544K FAQs


How much can a John Deere 544K lift?

john deere 544K lifting 8338 kg (18,382 lb.).

What is a John Deere 544K?

John Deere 544K is a High-Lift Wheel loader.

How much does a John Deere 544k loader weigh?

John deere 544k loader operating weight is 28,927 lb.