John Deere 5090E Price, Specs, Review & Attachments {2023}

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John Deere 5090E Price, Specs, Review, Horsepower, Weight, Oil Capacity, Attachments

The John Deere 5090E is a utilitarian tractor that was designed for various tasks, such as the work of loading, as well as hay baling and cultivation of fields. It’s driven by a 90-hp John Deere PowerTech(tm) diesel engine, which is in compliance with FT4 emission standards.

The 5090E comes with 12-F/12-R PowrReverser(TM) transmission as well as MFWD. It also has a rear hitch lift capacity of 4,600 pounds (2100 kg) which is more than 30% more than prior models.

The 5090E comes with various options, such as a premium cabin, an open operator station, as well as a 1000 RPM PTO field installed.

Key Features

  • Engine: 90 horsepower John Deere PowerTech™ diesel engine with FT4 emissions compliance
  • Transmission: 12F/12R PowrReverser™ transmission
  • Drivetrain: MFWD (standard)
  • Rear hitch lift capacity: 4,600 lbs (2100 kg)
  • PTO speed: 540/540 Economy (standard), 1000 RPM field-installed option
  • Cab options: Premium cab, open operator station

John Deere 5090E Price New

John Deere 5090E Price, Specs, Review , Attachments

John Deere 5090E Original Price: $81,900

John Deere 5090e Price South Africa: R1,781,165

Year Price
2019 $51,590
2021 $54,203

John Deere 5090E Horsepower

The John Deere 5090E tractor has a rated power of 67.1 kW (90 hp) at 2400 rpm.

John Deere 5090E Weight

The John Deere 5090E has a shipping weight of 7275 pounds (3300 kilograms) with an open operator station and 8150 pounds (3700 kilograms) with a cab.

John Deere 5090E Engine Oil Capacity

The engine oil capacity for a John Deere 5090E tractor is 9.25 quarts (8.8 litres).

John Deere 5090E Specs

Manufacturer John Deere
Utility tractor
Built-in Augusta, Georgia, USA


5090E utility
5090EL low-profile

 John Deere 5090E Engine

Engine details
Displacement 276 ci
4.5 L
Bore/Stroke 4.19×5.00 inches
106 x 127 mm
Emissions Tier IV
Emission control selective catalytic reduction (SCR)
Rated Power (EC 97/98) 90 hp
67.1 kW
Rated RPM 90
Starter electric
Starter volts 12

John Deere 5090E Transmission

Transmission PowrReverser
Type power shuttle
Gears 12 forward and reverse
Clutch wet disc
Transmission PowrReverser Plus
Type power shuttle
Gears 24 forward and 12 reverse
Clutch wet disc

John Deere 5090E Dimensions

Wheelbase 92.5 inches
234 cm
Length 159.1 inches
404 cm
Width 85.1 inches*
216 cm
ROPS Weight 7275 lbs
3299 kg
Cab Weight 8150 lbs
3696 kg
Clearance (front axle) 17 inches
43 cm
Flange rear axle

John Deere 5090E Height

Hood 70.6 inches
179 cm
ROPS 101.1 inches
256 cm
Cab 102.4 inches
260 cm

John Deere 5090E Tires

Standard tires (ag) Front: 12.4-24. Rear: 18.4-30

John Deere 5090E Power

Engine (gross) 90 hp
67.1 kW
PTO (claimed) 75 hp
55.9 kW


Four-wheel drive
Final drives inboard planetary
Differential lock mechanical rear

Power steering

Hydraulic wet disc brakes
Two-post folding ROPS. Cab optional with air-conditioning.

Tractor hitch

Rear Type II
Control top-link draft sensing
Rear lift (at 24″/610mm) 3213 lbs
1457 kg

Power Take-off (PTO)

Rear PTO independent
Clutch electro-hydraulic
Rear RPM 540/540E
Engine RPM 540@2400


Ground negative
Charging system alternator
ROPS Charging amps 90
Cab Charging amps 120
Battery CCA 950
Battery volts 12
Battery AH 180

John Deere 5090E Attachments

520M Loader

lift (full at pin) 3523 lbs, 1598 kg
lift (full at 800mm) 2293 lbs, 1040 kg
lift (1.5m at pin) 4641 lbs, 2105 kg
lift (1.5m at 800mm) 2974 lbs,1349 kg
breakout (at pin) 4641 lbs, 2105 kg
breakout (at 800mm) 3168 lbs , 1437 kg
breakout (bucket) 4830 lbs,2190 kg
dump 55°
reach (dumped) 40.9 inches,103 cm
reach  (ground) 88.5 inches,224 cm
rollback 44°
height (at pin) 132 inches, 335 cm
clearance (dumped) 99.2 inches, 251 cm
clearance (level) 124.3 inches,315 cm
Bucket width 66 inches
167 cm
Bucket width 73 inches
185 cm

Also, Check

John Deere 5090E Problems

This John Deere 5090E tractor has been found to have several problems. Here are a few of the most frequently reported issues identified:

  • Transmission issues The problem is among the most frequent issues reported on the John Deere 5090E tractor.
  • Problems with steering There are reports that the steering system on the tractor may not work properly.
  • Engine issues The engine could have issues like slow start-up speed, dirty or damaged injectors, or improper timing.
  • Axle issues There have been reports of axle problems on the John Deere 5090E tractor.
  • Overheating issues Overheating is identified as a problem with this tractor.
  • Electrical issues: electrical problems leaks in fuel, and coolant leaks have also been reported.

It is important to note that routine maintenance can prevent these issues from happening.

However, if you encounter any of these issues it is advised to seek out the assistance of an expert mechanic to diagnose and resolve the issue.

John Deere 5090E Review 

The John Deere 5090E is a versatile utility tractor suitable for a range of jobs like mowing, hay baling, loading, and tillage. It’s driven by a 90-horsepower engine and equipped with a PowerShift transmission offering 24 forward and 12 reverse gears.

The 5090E boasts a rear lift capacity of 4,600 pounds and a three-point hitch that can accommodate various implements. For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.

Final Words

What type of engine does the John Deere 5090E tractor have?

This John Deere 5090E tractor comes with a John Deere PowerTech(TM) Diesel Engine that is able to meet FT4 emissions in compliance.

What is the transmission type of the John Deere 5090E tractor?

It is the John Deere 5090E tractor that has a regular 12F/12R PowrReverser(tm) Transmission and MFWD is the only one.

What is the hydraulic pump-rated output of the John Deere 5090E tractor?

The hydraulic pump-rated output of the John Deere 5090E tractor is 85.1 L/min 22.5 gpm.

What are the selectable detent positions on the #1 valve of the John Deere 5090E tractor?

It is the John Deere 5090E tractor has three detent positions that can be selected at the top of the first valve which include auto kickout or continuous flow. There is also none. Also, it has a float setting for EACH valve.

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