John Deere 445 Lawn Tractor Price, Review, Specs & Attachments 2024

John Deere 445 Lawn Tractor Price, Review, Specs & Attachments 2024

John Deere 445 Price, Reviews, Specs, Engine Oil Capacity, Weight, Serial Numbers, Attachments

The John Deere 445 Lawn Tractor is equipped with a powerful Kawasaki FD620D gasoline 2-cylinder liquid-cooled horizontal-shaft V-twin OHV engine, delivering 22 hp (16.4 kW) power at a rated rpm of 3550.

This impressive tractor model features a shaft-driven hydrostatic transmission, along with a 22HP Kawasaki 617cc 2-cylinder gasoline engine.

It offers infinite forward and reverse gears, operates on a 4×2 2WD chassis, and is equipped with reliable wet disc brakes. The operator enjoys an open and spacious station cab for comfort.

John Deere 445 attachments include a variety of mid-mount mower deck options: 48″, 54″, and 60″. Additionally, it can accommodate useful attachments like a Snowblower, Blade, and Front-end loader.

The tractor’s versatility extends to its capability to use plows, tillers, or other ground-engaging attachments.

For those interested, further details about the John Deere 445 Lawn Tractor, such as its price, parts specifications, reviews, serial numbers, and images, can be explored to make an informed decision about this powerful and adaptable tractor.

John Deere 445 Price

John Deere 445 Lawn Tractor Price, Review, Specs & Attachments

The John Deere 445 Original Price: $4,895 USD (2001)

John Deere 445 Specs

Serial Number


John Deere 445 Engine

EngineKawasaki FD620D

gasoline 2-cylinder

liquid-cooled horitonztal-shaft V-twin OHV

Displacement617 cc
37.7 ci
Bore/Stroke2.992×2.68 inches
76 x 68 mm
Power22 hp
16.4 kW
Fuel systemelectronic fuel injection
Air cleanerpaper element with pre-cleaner
Rated RPM3550
Idle RPM1450-3550
Starter volts12
Starter power1.1 hp
0.8 kW
Coolant capacity3 qts
2.8 L
SparkplugChampion CJ8
Sparkplug gap0.030 inches
0.762 mm

John Deere 445 Transmission

TransmissionTuff Torq K91
Typeshaft-driven hydrostatic
Gearsinfinite forward and reverse

John Deere 445 Electrical

Charging systemalternator
Charging amps20
Battery CCA340
Battery volts12

John Deere 445 Power Take-off (PTO)

Rear PTOindependent *
Rear RPM540 (1.375)
Mid PTOindependent
Mid RPM2000

John Deere Hydraulics

Pressure1000 psi
69.0 bar
Pump flow4.65 gpm
17.6 lpm

John Deere 445 Mechanical

Chassis4×2 2WD
four-wheel steering optional
Brakeswet disc
CabOpen operator station.

John Deere 445 Dimensions

2WS Wheelbase50.4 inches
128 cm
AWS Wheelbase49.4 inches
125 cm
Length75 inches
190 cm
Width48 inches
121 cm
Height51.2 inches
130 cm
2WS Weight815 lbs
369 kg
AWS Weight910 lbs
412 kg

John Deere 445 Tires

Lawn/turf front18×8.50-8
Lawn/turf rear26×12.00-12

John Deere 445 Attachments

48″ mid-mount mower deck
54″ mid-mount mower deck
60″ mid-mount mower deck
Front-end loader

John Deere Official Website – Click Here

John Deere 445 Reviews  

The John Deere 445, a garden tractor in production from 1999 to 2005, has earned a substantial following among homeowners and small-scale farmers for its unwavering dependability, enduring build, and adaptability.

This robust machine is driven by a 19.5 horsepower Kawasaki V-twin engine and features a hydrostatic transmission. Its capabilities extend with a 54-inch mower deck and a 3-point hitch, rendering it compatible with an array of attachments, including snow blowers, tillers, and backhoes.

Noteworthy for its smooth and comfortable ride, the 445 boasts a user-friendly operation. It also boasts a well-earned reputation for resilience and longevity, with numerous owners attesting to the tractor’s ability to endure for many years with minimal maintenance. For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.

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John Deere 445 Problem

Based on the search results, here are some common fuel problems that John Deere 445 owners have experienced:

  1. Blown fuse: Check if the fuse under the dash is blown. Remove the side panels and inspect the fuses near the base of the steering
  2. Fuel dumping into the engine: In some cases, the fuel injectors may start dumping excessive fuel into the engine, leading to fuel saturation in the crankcase
  3. Fuel starvation: Some owners have reported fuel starvation issues, where the tractor may run until the fuel in the carburetor is depleted.
  4. Fuel pump not working: The fuel pump may fail to kick in, resulting in a lack of fuel delivery to the engine.
  5. Fuel pump issues: Owners have reported fuel pump problems, causing the tractor to stop running as if the fuel supply had been shut off

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william bartholomew

can my 445 grizzly be towed or pushed, engine will not run.

william bartholomew

can my 445 grizzly be towed, engine will not run.