John Deere 4440 Tractor Price, Specs, Reviews & Pictures 2024

John Deere 4440 Tractor Price, Specs, Reviews & Pictures 2024

John Deere 4440 Price, Specs, Review, Horsepower, Weight, Engine Oil Capacity, Attachments

The John Deere 4440 stands as a formidable Row-Crop tractor boasting 112 drawbar horsepower and 130 PTO horsepower. Its robust features include a hydraulic wet disc brake system, power steering, and a standard Sound-Gard cab.

This versatile machine comes with two drive options: 4×2 2WD and 4×4 HFWD 4WD.

Under its hood lies a powerful 6-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine, coupled with a reliable Power-Shift transmission and dual remote hydraulics, making the John Deere 4440 a true workhorse you can depend on.

John Deere 4440 Tractor Price, Specs, Reviews & Pictures

The tractor is equipped with an independent rear PTO offering two available speeds: 540 RPM and 1000 RPM. Its wheelbase spans 106.7 inches, while the weight ranges from 11,780 to 13,270 pounds. The front tires measure 10.00-16, and the rear tires are 18.4-38.

The electrical system operates with negative grounding and utilizes an alternator for charging. It is powered by two batteries boasting a CCA of 850 and a voltage of 6.

Additionally, the John Deere 4440 can be fitted with various attachments, including a front-end loader.

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John Deere 4440 Price

John Deere 4440 Original Price: $44,000 (1982 )

Here are some factors that can affect the price of a used John Deere 4440 tractor:

  • Year: The older the tractor, the less it will be worth. However, some older 4440s are still in good condition and can be worth a lot of money.
  • Condition: The condition of the tractor is also important. A well-maintained tractor will be worth more than one that has been neglected.
  • Hours: The number of hours the tractor has been used can also affect the price. A tractor with lower hours will be worth more than one with higher hours.
  • Location: The location of the tractor can also affect the price. Tractors in high-demand areas will be worth more than those in low-demand areas.

John Deere 4440 Specs

ManufacturerJohn Deere
Row-Crop tractor
Built in Waterloo, Iowa, USA
Original price$38,397 (1982 Quad-Range ROPS 2WD )
 $45,141 (1982 Power Shift Cab 2WD )
4440 Hi-Crophigh-clearance
John Deere 4440 Serial Numbers

John Deere 4440 DIESEL ENGINE

Displacement:466 ci
7.6 L
Bore/Stroke:4.5625×4.75 inches
116 x 121 mm
Air cleaner:dry with safety element
Pre-heating:ether injection
Rated RPM:2200
Idle RPM:800-2400
Operating RPM:1500-2200
Firing order:1-5-3-6-2-4
Starter volts:12
John Deere 4440  Oil capacity:16 qts
15.1 L
Coolant capacity:36 qts
34.1 L
Intake valve clearance:0.018 inches
0.457 mm
Exhaust valve clearance:0.028 inches
0.711 mm

John Deere 4440 POWER

Drawbar (claimed):112 hp
83.5 kW
PTO (claimed):130 hp
96.9 kW
Drawbar (tested):112.69 hp
84.0 kW
PTO (tested):130.58 hp
97.4 kW

John Deere 4440 TRANSMISSION

16-speed partial power shift Transmission

Transmission:John Deere Quad-Range
Type:partial power shift
Gears:16 forward and 6 reverse
Oil capacity:44 qts
41.6 L (2WD)
 60 qts
56.8 L (4WD)

8-speed full power shift Transmission

TransmissionJohn Deere PowerShift
Typefull power shift
Gears8 forward and 4 reverse
Oil Capacity52 qts (2WD)
49.2 L
 68 qts (4WD)
64.4 L


Type:closed center
Capacity:11 gal
41.6 L (Power Shift 2WD)
 13 gal
49.2 L (Quad-Range 2WD)
 15 gal
56.8 L (Power Shift 4WD)
 17 gal
64.3 L (Quad-Range 4WD)
Pressure:2250 psi
155.1 bar
Valves:2 or 3
Pump flow:23 GPM
87.1 lpm


Fuel:65 gal
246.0 L
Hydraulic system:11 gal
41.6 L (Power Shift 2WD)
 13 gal
49.2 L (Quad-Range 2WD)
 15 gal
56.8 L (Power Shift 4WD)
 17 gal
64.3 L (Quad-Range 4WD)


Rear PTO:independent
Rear RPM:540/1000 (1.375)

Tractor hitch

Rear Type:IIIN/II
Rear lift:5,710 lbs
2590 kg
 6,744 lbs
3059 kg


Chassis:4×2 2WD
 4×4 HFWD 4WD
Differential lock:pedal-actuated hydraulic
Brakes:differential hydraulic wet disc
Cab:Sound-Gard cab standard. Four-post ROPS is available.
Transmissions:16-speed partial power shift
 8-speed full power shift

John Deere 4440 Dimensions

Wheelbase:106.7 inches
271 cm
Length:158.5 inches
402 cm
Width:96 inches
243 cm
 109 inches
276 cm (long axle)
 119 inches
302 cm (long axle)
Height (cab):117.3 inches
297 cm
Height (exhaust):128.7 inches
326 cm
Clearance (front axle):24.7 inches
62 cm
Clearance (rear axle):28 inches
71 cm
Clearance (drawbar):15.7 inches
39 cm
Rear axle:Rack-and-pinion: 3.39 by 96 inches
86 by 2438 mm
Rear axle:Rack-and-pinion: 3.62 by 96 inches
91 by 2438 mm
Rear axle:Rack-and-pinion: 3.62 by 109 inches
91 by 2768 mm
Rear axle:Rack-and-pinion: 3.62 by 119 inches
91 by 3022 mm
Front tread:55.7 to 93.2 inches
141 to 236 cm
Rear tread:60 to 130 inches
152 to 330 cm

John Deere 4440 WEIGHT

Shipping:11780 lbs
5343 kg
Operating:13270 lbs
6019 kg
Ballasted:15775 lbs
7155 kg
John Deere 4440 Tires
Ag front:10.00-16
Ag rear:18.4-38
Ag front:11.00-16
Ag rear:23.1-30

John Deere 4440 ELECTRICAL

Charging system:alternator
Charging amps:61 (ROPS)
 72 (cab)
Battery CCA:850
Battery volts:6

John Deere 4440 Attachments

Attachment overview
John Deere 148 loader
John Deere 158 loader
John Deere 148 Loader
Loader weight:1350 lbs
612 kg
Height (to pin):126 inches
320 cm
Clearance, dumped bucket:102 inches
259 cm
Dump reach:32 inches
81 cm
Dump angle:38°
Clearance, level bucket:121 inches
307 cm
Rollback angle:11°
Breakout force (lift):4700 lbs
2131 kg
Lift to full height (at pin):3100 lbs
1406 kg
Bucket capacity:0.5 cu yd
0.4 cu m
 0.6 cu yd
0.5 cu m
 0.8 cu yd
0.6 cu m
 0.9 cu yd
0.7 cu m
Bucket width:60 inches
152 cm
 72 inches
182 cm
 84 inches
213 cm
 96 inches
243 cm
John Deere 158 Loader
Loader weight:1771 lbs
803 kg
Height (to pin):156 inches
396 cm
Clearance, dumped bucket:132 inches
335 cm
Dump reach:32 inches
81 cm
Dump angle:37°
Clearance, level bucket:151 inches
383 cm
Rollback angle:12°
Breakout force (lift):5000 lbs
2268 kg
Lift to full height (at pin):3800 lbs
1723 kg
Bucket capacity:0.5 cu yd
0.4 cu m
 0.6 cu yd
0.5 cu m
 0.8 cu yd
0.6 cu m
 0.9 cu yd
0.7 cu m
Bucket width:60 inches
152 cm
 72 inches
182 cm
 84 inches
213 cm
 96 inches
243 cm

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John Deere 4440 Problems

To figure out how to fix these common problems, you have to go through each possible cause and fix it. Read the piece to get full instructions.

Problem 1: The Engine Will Not Start

The engine not starting is one of the most common problems with John Deere 4440s. Even though it seems like a big problem, there are simple reasons for it and easy ways to fix it.

Reasons :

  • John Deere 4440 won’t start because the fuel filters are dirty, the fuel petcock is stuck, and the fuel system is dirty or has air in it.
  • Also, your tractor engine won’t start if the fuel injectors and pumps are broken or dirty, or if the cylinder compression pressure is low.


Check the fuel filter as the first step in fixing it. If the filter is dirty, you should change it. Here’s how to change a John Deere 4440 tractor’s fuel filter.

  • Let the engine cool down. 
  • Place a pan to catch the oil drop from the filter. 
  • Twist open the filter case and pull out the old filter. 
  • Clean the filter case and seat with a rag. 
  • Push the new filter inside the seat. Install the filter case. 

Problem 2: Engine Suddenly Stops While Driving

The engine can stop at any time while you are driving the tractor. This happens a lot with John Deere 4440.

Reasons: Low coolant temperature and trapped air inside the fuel system are the main cause of this problem. Dirty fuel filters and damaged or misadjusted fuel injectors are also responsible.

Solution : 

  • To raise the temperature of the coolant, you need to let the engine warm up for a few minutes before you use the tractor.
  • Open the fuel bleed valve to let any air that has gotten stuck in the system escape.
    Follow the steps above to change the fuel filter.
  • Check the fuel pump next. If you can see damage, like a broken or worn-out injector, you need to get a new one. If the injector isn’t in the right way, take it out and put it back in the right way.

Problem 3: The engine Stops Immediately After Starting

This problem is a little bit different from the last one. Here, when you turn on the engine, it stops right away. You won’t be able to do anything with the tractor.

At a low standstill, the engine can sometimes die. The same things cause both of these problems.

Reason: The timing of your fuel injection pump may be off if you’re experiencing these issues. These issues may also be the result of a clogged gasoline filter, a broken fuel injection nozzle, or another malfunctioning component.


  • Shims added or removed from under the pump base can remedy erroneous fuel injection pump timing.
  • The clogged filter needs to be changed.
  • Verify the nozzle of the fuel injector. Repairing the fuel injector is not possible.
  • Check the fuel injection pump if the nozzle is fine. If the injection system is damaged, it must be replaced.

Problem 4: Engine Knocks 

John Deere 4440 tractors often make knocking or other strange sounds.


  • This sound can happen if the fuel injection time is wrong and the fuel injection nozzle is clogged or worn out.
  • This problem can also be caused by a lack of engine oil, broken piston rings, a low coolant temperature, or loose flywheel screws.


  • Check and fix the speed of the fuel injectors.
  • Check the tip of the fuel injector. If it’s stuck, use a fuel injector cleaner to clean it. Replace the tip if it is broken.
  • Check the oil amount in the engine and add more if you need to.
  • Check the rings on the pistons. If the rings are broken or worn down, you should get new ones.
  • Look at the screws on the rotor. If the pins are loose, you should tighten them.
    If the coolant temperature is low, let the tractor run at a low speed for a while to warm up the engine.

John Deere 4440 Review 

The John Deere 4440 is a type of tractor that runs on all four wheels and was made from 1978 to 1982. It has a strong 6.6L turbocharged diesel engine that makes 130 horsepower.

You could get it with different ways to change gears, like a 16-speed one you do yourself, a 12-speed one that changes automatically, and another 16-speed one with extra options. For More Details Check Out The YouTube Video.

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