John Deere 350P Excavator Specs, Weight, Price & Review ❤

John Deere 350P Excavator Specs, Weight, Price & Review

When working in the construction industry we must be familiar with construction equipment like excavators. In this article, I have gathered all of the information on the John Deere 350P Excavator Specs, price, and features from the (official site), including John Deere 350P Excavator specs, features, weight, price, and dimensions.

john deere 350P excavator specs

John Deere 350P Excavator Key Facts

The John Deere 350P excavator is a compact machine typically used for digging and grading tasks. Some key facts about this model include:

  • Net Power: 202 kW (271 hp)
  • Max. Digging Depth: 8.18 m (26 ft. 10 in.)
  • Operating Weight: 36 734 kg (80,985 lb.)

John Deere 350P Excavator Price

price = N/A

John Deere 350P Excavator Weight

weight = 36734 (80985)

John Deere 350P Excavator Features

It’s smart to get good grades

John Deere is a cost-effective option for utilizing grade-management technology. You may pick between 2D or 3D Excavator grade guiding or the fully integrated SmartGrade(tm) system, which offers 3D control, including overriding protection and real-time goal distance.

All systems for grade management may be sent straight from the factory and are supported by your local Deere dealer. Included in this are service and finance.

Seeing is believing

To improve the 270-degree view of the surroundings additional camera arrays with LED-surround illumination incorporated into the main display can be added.

Durable by design

Improved front joint-bushing design and centralized lubrication at the arm tip move the grease-entry points to push out contamination. A new design streamlines routine greasing to improve communal life.

Cool connections

With a bigger hood opening and independently replaceable coolers the engine’s front is easier to reach With four bolts and one electrical connector fan maintenance is simple and quick.

Fuel saver

On-demand electric cooling fans reduce engine load. System complexity and limitations are decreased by in-line after treatment. A larger front pipe diameter relieves hydraulic resistance, and together these two factors result in up to a 7% reduction in fuel consumption compared to the 350G LC.

At home in the cab

Sculpted mechanical-suspension high-back seat slides independent of the pilot-control console. The premium air-suspension leather seats can be heated or cooled and are adjustable.

Ergonomically correct short-throw pilot switches provide smooth fingertip control. The right lever has buttons that control hydraulic flow to operate attachments.

Clear visibility is provided by large expanses of side and front glass, small front cab posts, large overhead windows, and many mirrors.

John Deere 350P Excavator Specs


Transport Length Mono Boom, mm (ft/in) 11200 (36 ft 9 in)
Overall Undercarriage Width, mm (ft/in) 3390 (11 ft 1 in)
Overall Undercarriage Length, mm (ft/in) 4940 (16 ft 2 in)
Ground Clearance, mm (inches) 500 (19.6)
Track Gauge, mm (ft/in) 2590 (8 ft 6 in)
Ground Level Reach – Mono Boom, mm (ft/in) 10890 (35 ft 9 in)
Dump Height – Mono Boom, mm (ft/in) 7240 (23 ft 9 in)
Dig Depth – Mono Boom, mm (ft/in) 7380 (24 ft 3 in)
Transport Height – Maximum, mm (ft/in) 3270 (10 ft 9 in)
Track Length On Ground, mm (ft/in) 4050 (13 ft 3 in)
Tailswing Radius, mm (ft/in) 3600 (11 ft 10 in)
Width over fixed tracks, mm (ft/in) 3390 (11 ft 1 in)
Digging Reach – Mono Boom, mm (ft/in) 11100 (36 ft 5 in)
Dig Height – Mono Boom, mm (ft/in) 10360 (34 ft )
Dig depth – 2.44m / 8’ft flat bottom, mm (ft/in) 7210 (23 ft 8 in)


Ground Bearing Pressure, kPa (PSI) 50.1 (7.27)
Swing Torque, kNm (lbf / ft) 120 (88500)
Tractive Force, kN (lbf) 297.5 (66900)
Bucket Breakout, kN (lbf) 246 (55303)
End lift – 7.5m Reach, kg (lbs) 10270 (22140)
Total Flow, lt/min (gallons (US) / min) 576 (152)
Boost Pressure, bar (PSI) 380 (5511)
Swing Speed, rpm 10.7
Travel Speed – High, kph (mph) 5 (3.1)
Arm Tearout, kN (lbf) 185 (41590)
Gradeability, % 70
Side lift – 7.5m Reach, kg (lbs) 6460 (13960)
Bucket Pressure, bar (PSI) 343 (4975)


Emission Rating Tier 4 / Stage V
Number Of Cylinders 6
Rated speed, rpm 1900
Number Of Carrier Rollers – Each Side 2
Track Shoe Width, mm (inches) 800 (31)
Engine Manufacturer John Deere Power Tech
Displacement, ltr (Inches³) 9 (549)
Engine Output – Net, kW (hp) 202 (271)
Number Of Track Rollers – Each Side 8


Operating Weight, kg (lbs) 36734 (80985)


Hydraulic Tank, ltr (gallons (US)) 193 (51)
Fuel Tank, ltr (gallons (US)) 628 (166)

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