John Deere 27D Specs, Weight, Price & Review ❤

John Deere 27D Specs, Weight, Price & Review

When working in the construction industry, we must be familiar with construction equipment. We are going to discuss an excavator, one of which is the John Deere 27D Excavator thus, we have gathered all of the information about the John Deere 27D Specs from the (official website), including John Deere 27D features, weight, price, and measurements.

John Deere 27D Specs

John Deere 27D overview

The small John Deere 27D compact excavator can dig 8 feet and 3 meters. It has a 26-horsepower diesel engine and an operating weight of 6,393.5 pounds. Its tiny shape lets it maneuver in confined locations. The 27D can dig trenches, grade, demolish, and more. It suits residential, commercial, and industrial uses.

John Deere 27D Price

Price: Between $26,995 and $29,500

John Deere 27D Speed

Speed: 2.8 mph

John Deere 27D Weight

Weight:2887 kg (6358 lb)

John Deere 27D Height

Height: 2.46m

John Deere 27D Specs

John deere 27d Engine

Aspiration Natural
Displacement 100 cu in (0 m)
Engine Model 3TNV88
Net Power 26.4 hp (20 kw)
Number of Cylinders 3
Power Measured 2200 rpm

John deere 27d Operating Specifications

Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity 9.2 gal (35 l)
Operating Weight 6393.5 lbs (2,900 kg)
Fuel Capacity 10.5 gal (40 l)
Hydraulic Pump Flow Capacity 16.4 gal/min (62 l/min)

John deere 27d Swing Mechanism

Swing Speed 9.1 rpm

John deere 27d Undercarriage

Ground Pressure 3.9 psi
Max Travel Speed 2.8 mph (5 kph)
Shoe Size 12 in (30 cm)

John deere 27d Boom/Stick Excavator Option 1

Shipping Height of Unit 8.1 ft (2 m)
Shipping Length of Unit 13.8 ft (4 m)
Max Cutting Height 14.7 ft (4 m)
Max Digging Depth 8.6 ft (3 m)
Max Loading Height 10.5 ft (3 m)
Max Reach Along Ground 15.33 ft (5 m)

John deere 27d Dimensions

Ground Clearance 1 ft (0 m)
Height – Top of Cab 8.1 ft (2 m)
Tail Swing Radius 2.6 ft (1 m)
Width to Outside of Tracks 5.1 ft (2 m)
Length of Track on Ground 5 ft (2 m)
Removal Counterweight Clearance 1.9 ft (1 m)

John Deere 27D Review

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