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John Deere is a brand that is synonymous with quality, reliability, and durability. The John Deere 2210 is a compact utility tractor that is designed to meet the needs of homeowners and small farmers. It is a versatile machine that can handle a wide range of tasks, from mowing the lawn to tilling the fields.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the John Deere 2210 and provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. We will cover the price, specs, review, and available attachments. So, let’s get started!

John Deere 2210 Price

The John Deere 2210 is a mid-range tractor that is priced competitively in the market. The price of the 2210 varies depending on the year of manufacture, the condition of the tractor, and the dealer’s location. On average, you can expect to pay between $8,000 and $12,000 for a used John Deere 2210 tractor.

John Deere 2210 Specs

John Deere 2210 is a compact tractor that is powered by a 23 hp, 3-cylinder diesel engine. It has a hydrostatic transmission and a 4×4 drive system, which makes it easy to maneuver in tight spaces. The tractor has a category 1 three-point hitch, which allows you to attach a wide range of implements.

The 2210 has a 54-inch mid-mount mower deck, which is perfect for mowing small to medium-sized lawns. It also has a rear PTO that can be used to power a variety of attachments, including a tiller, a snow blower, and a blade.

John Deere 2210 Review

The John Deere 2210 is a reliable and versatile tractor that is well-suited for homeowners and small farmers. It is a compact machine that is easy to operate and maintain. The tractor’s hydrostatic transmission and 4×4 drive system make it easy to navigate around obstacles and tight spaces.

One of the best features of the 2210 is its versatility. With the ability to attach a wide range of implements, you can use the tractor for a variety of tasks, from mowing the lawn to tilling the fields. The 2210 is also fuel-efficient, which means you can save money on fuel costs in the long run.

John Deere 2210 Attachments

One of the biggest advantages of owning a John Deere 2210 is the wide range of attachments that are available. Here are some of the most popular attachments for the 2210:

  • Front Blade: A front blade attachment is perfect for pushing snow, dirt, or other materials out of the way.
  • Tiller: A tiller attachment is great for preparing soil for planting or for removing weeds.
  • Snow Blower: A snow blower attachment is perfect for removing snow from driveways and sidewalks.
  • Loader: A loader attachment is great for moving heavy materials, such as dirt, gravel, or sand.


Q. How much does a John Deere 2210 weigh?

A. The John Deere 2210 weighs approximately 1,550 pounds.

Q. What is the maximum speed of the John Deere 2210?

A. The John Deere 2210 has a maximum speed of 8.6 mph.

Q. What is the fuel capacity of the John Deere 2210?

A. The fuel capacity of the John

John Deere 2210 Tractor Price

John Deere 2210 Price, Specs, Review, Attachments

Original Price: $10,900.00 USD 

Serial Numbers

  • 2003: 2100001
  • 2004: 3100001
  • 2005: 4310001

John Deere 2210 Tractor Review Video

John Deere 2210 Specs


ENGINE Yanmar 3TNE74 diesel 3-cylinder liquid-cooled 61.4 ci [1.0 L]
Bore/Stroke: 2.91×3.07 inches [74 x 78 mm]
Power (gross): 23 hp [17.2 kW]
Fuel system: indirect injection
Air cleaner: dry
Pre-heating: coolant heater*
Compression: 23.5:1
Rated RPM: 3000
Starter: electric
Starter volts: 12
Starter power: 1.5 hp [1.1 kW]
Oil capacity: 2.1 qts [2.0 L]
Coolant capacity: 3.1 qts [2.9 L]


Type: hydrostatic
Gears: infinite (2-range) forward and reverse
Oil capacity: 13.6 qts [12.9 L]


Rear Type: I*
Rear lift (at 24″/610mm): 700 lbs [317 kg]


Rear PTO: independent
Clutch: hydraulic wet disc
Rear RPM: 540
Mid PTO: independent
Clutch: hydraulic wet disc*
Mid RPM: 2100


Fuel: 5 gal [18.9 L]
Hydraulic system: 3.4 gal [12.9 L]


Type: open center
Capacity: 3.4 gal [12.9 L]
Pressure: 1987 psi [137.0 bar]
Mid valves: 2
Pump flow: 3 gpm [11.4 lpm]
Total flow: 5.5 gpm [20.8 lpm]
Steering flow: 2.5 gpm [9.5 lpm]


Engine (gross): 23 hp [17.2 kW]
Engine (net): 22.5 hp [16.8 kW]
PTO (claimed): 17.7 hp [13.2 kW]


Chassis: 4×4 MFWD 4WD
Final drives: spur gear
Differential lock: mechanical rear
Steering: power
Cab: Two-post fixed ROPS.


Weight: 1400 lbs [635 kg]
Drawbar capacity: 562 lbs [254 kg]
Front axle load: 750 lbs [340 kg]
Rear axle load: 2426 lbs [1100 kg]
Wheelbase: 57 inches [144 cm]
Length: 104 inches [264 cm]
Width: 47.9 inches [121 cm]
Height (hood): 41.8 inches [106 cm]
Height (ROPS): 78.6 inches [199 cm]
Clearance (front axle): 7.7 inches [19 cm]
Front tread: 31.1 inches [78 cm]
Rear tread: 35.3 inches [89 cm]


Ag front: 18×8.50-10
Ag rear: 26×12.00-12
Lawn/turf front: 18×8.50-10
Lawn/turf rear: 26×12.00-12
Industrial front: 18×8.50-10
Industrial rear: 26×12.00-12


Ground: negative
Charging system: alternator
Charging amps: 20


Number: 1
Cold-cranking amps: 435
Volts: 12

John Deere 2210 ATTACHMENTS

54″ Mower deck:

Type: mid-mount John Deere 54C
Cutting width: 54 inches [137 cm]
Belt: shaft-driven

62″ Mower deck:

Type: mid-mount John Deere 62C
Cutting width: 62 inches [157 cm]
Belt: shaft-driven


Type: front-mount John Deere
Width: 54 inches [137 cm]
Lift height: 11 inches [27 cm]
Cut depth: 3.5 inches [8 cm]
Weight: 50 lbs [22 kg]

46″ Snowblower:

Type: front-mount John Deere
Clearing width: 46 inches [116 cm]
Clearing height: 12 inches [30 cm]
Weight: 250 lbs [113 kg]
Overall width: 47.5 inches [120 cm]


Loader type: John Deere 210
Height (to pin): 68.5 inches [173 cm]
Clearance, dumped bucket: 50 inches [127 cm]
Dump reach: 242 inches [614 cm]
Dump angle: 47.2
Reach at ground: 50.2 inches [127 cm]
Rollback at ground: 26.5
Rollback, raised: 98.2
Breakout force (at pin): 1577 lbs [715 kg]
Breakout force (at 500mm): 1072 lbs [486 kg]
Breakout force (bucket): 1650 lbs [748 kg]
Lift to full height (at pin): 622 lbs [282 kg]
Lift to full height (at 500mm): 437 lbs [198 kg]
Lift to 1.5m (at pin): 721 lbs [327 kg]
Lift to 1.5m (at 500mm): 520 lbs [235 kg]
Bucket width: 49.2 inches [124 cm]
Raise time to height: 3.8 s
Bucket dump time: 2.4 s
Lowering time: 2.0 s
Rollback time: 3.4 s

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