John Deere 210G LC Specs, Price & Review 2024

John Deere 210G LC Specs, Price & Review 2024

John Deere 210g lc Specs, Price, Features & Review

John Deere 210g Lc Specs: The John Deere 210G LC hydraulic excavator, according to Deere has a 159-horsepower John Deere Power Tech PVS 6.8L diesel engine with a PDF that regenerates on its own and an ash removal period of 15,000 hours.

Spills are drained outside the machine by an integrated spill guard in the DEF tank, which is located within the steps leading to the servicing platform. With a bigger hood than the previous model, the John Deere 210G LC excavator makes it simpler to access the engine.

John Deere 210g Lc Specs

The nine-pin diagnostic connector, according to Deere was included in the cab to reduce the amount of time personnel must spend doing diagnostic testing.

An individual single-side ground-level fluid filter service includes filters for engine oil, fuel, and hydraulic pilot oil.

John Deere 210g lc Key Fact

  • Net Power: 119 kW (159 hp)
  • Max. Digging Depth: 6.67 m (21 ft. 11 in.)
  • Operating Weight: 23 631 kg (52,097 lb.)

John Deere 210g lc Price


John Deere 210g lc Features


  • The EPA FT4/EU Stage IV engine uses selective catalytic reduction (SCR), easy-to-maintain high-uptime exhaust filters, and field-proven cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) for decreasing NOX (SCR).
  • The diesel particulate filter’s (DPF) ash-service intervals are condition-based, and the machine will alert the operator when maintenance is necessary.
  • Hydraulically powered, highly effective fans only operate at full speed when necessary to minimize noise, fuel use, and running expenses. Even in areas with high levels of trash and at high elevations, the cooling systems keep things operating cool. Cooler cores are automatically back blown by an optional reversing fan to keep them clean.


  • Short-throw pilot levers that are ergonomically sound offer smooth, predictable fingertip control with less movement and effort.
  • Auxiliary hydraulic flow can be controlled predictably by pushing buttons in the correct lever to operate attachments. You have complete control at your fingertips thanks to the proportional speed control offered by the optional sliding auxiliary-function lever*.
  • Excavators equipped with Grade Guidance or SmartGradeTM do not have an accessory-function lever.

Grade Management

  • By providing a simple path for future upgrades, John Deere offers an affordable way for your 210G LC Excavator to implement grade-management technology. This allows you the freedom to choose the best option, regardless of whether you’re considering this technology for the first time or are seeking a high-end solution. Excavator Grade Guidance, an affordable entry-level option, or SmartGradeTM, a fully integrated option.
  • Your local John Deere dealer supports our grade-management solutions with service, warranty, upgrades, and financing and provides them factory-ready.


  • Models with larger fuel tanks and 500- and 5,000-hour engine and hydraulic oil service intervals see less downtime for normal maintenance than models with shorter service requirements. Fluid-level sight gauges are easily accessible and can be inspected quickly.
  • Vertical spin-on fuel and engine oil filters are located in the right rear compartment for easier ground-level maintenance.

John Deere 210g lc Specs

john deere 210g lc Excavators


Emission RatingTier 4
Engine ManufacturerJohn Deere Power Tech
Number Of Cylinders6
Displacement, ltr (Inches³)6.8 (415)
Rated speed, rpm2000
Engine Output – Net, kW (hp)119 (159)
Number Of Carrier Rollers – Each Side2
Number Of Track Rollers – Each Side7
Track Shoe Width, mm (inches)800 (32)


Transport Length Mono Boom, mm (ft/in)9530 (31 ft 3 in)
Transport Height – Maximum, mm (ft/in)3010 (9 ft 11 in)
Overall Undercarriage Width, mm (ft/in)3020 (9 ft 11 in)
Track Length On Ground, mm (ft/in)3350 (11 ft )
Overall Undercarriage Length, mm (ft/in)4170 (13 ft 8 in)
Tailswing Radius, mm (ft/in)2890 (9 ft 6 in)
Ground Clearance, mm (inches)450 (17.72)
Width over fixed tracks, mm (ft/in)3020 (9 ft 11 in)
Track Gauge, mm (ft/in)2220 (7 ft 3 in)
Digging Reach – Mono Boom, mm (ft/in)9920 (32 ft 7 in)
Ground Level Reach – Mono Boom, mm (ft/in)9750 (32 ft )
Dig Height – Mono Boom, mm (ft/in)10040 (32 ft 11 in)
Dump Height – Mono Boom, mm (ft/in)7180 (23 ft 7 in)
Dig depth – 2.44m / 8’ft flat bottom, mm (ft/in)6500 (21 ft 4 in)
Dig Depth – Mono Boom, mm (ft/in)6670 (21 ft 11 in)
Standard Dipper, mm (ft/in)2910 (9 ft 7 in)


Fuel Tank, ltr (gallons (US))403 (106.5)
Hydraulic Tank, ltr (gallons (US))135 (35.7)
Number Of Batteries2
Voltage, V24


Ground Bearing Pressure, kPa (PSI)37.7 (5.47)
Swing Speed, rpm13.3
Swing Torque, kNm (lbf / ft)68.9 (50662)
Travel Speed – High, kph (mph)5.5 (3.4)
Tractive Force, kN (lbf)202.9 (45636)
Dipper Tearout, kN (lbf)114 (25628)
Bucket Breakout, kN (lbf)158 (35520)
Gradeability, %70
End lift – 7.5m Reach, kg (lbs)4420 (9520)
Side lift – 7.5m Reach, kg (lbs)2730 (5860)
Total Flow, lt/min (gallons (US) / min)424 (112)
Bucket Pressure, bar (PSI)343 (4975)
Boost Pressure, bar (PSI)380 (5511)


Operating Weight, kg (lbs)23161 (51061)

John Deere 210G LC Review

The John Deere 210G LC is a versatile mid-sized excavator that is well-known for its durability and high performance. It is equipped with a John Deere PowerTech PVS 4.5L diesel engine capable of generating 137 horsepower.

This engine is known for its high fuel efficiency and reliability. Additionally, the 210G LC features a four-wheel drive system that provides excellent traction on all types of terrain.

The 210G LC comes with a 78-inch backhoe and a 54-inch bucket as standard. The backhoe has a digging depth of 18 feet and 6 inches, while the bucket can hold up to 2.3 cubic yards of material. The 210G LC also features a hydrostatic transmission that ensures smooth and effortless shifting.

Apart from digging and loading, the 210G LC is ideal for a wide range of other tasks such as grading, landscaping, and demolition. It comes equipped with a three-point hitch and front and rear PTOs that allow it to be used with a variety of attachments.

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