John Deere 210G Excavator Specs, Weight, Price & Review ❤

John Deere 210G Excavator Specs, Weight, Price & Review

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John Deere 210G Excavator Specs

John Deere 210G Excavator key specs

The John Deere 210G excavator is a heavy-duty machine designed for construction and other demanding applications. Some of the key specs for this model include:

  • Horsepower: 159 hp
  • Operating weight: 49139 lbs
  • Dig depth: 19’9″
  • Bucket capacity: 1.3-2.5 cubic yards
  • Digging force (bucket): 30,600 lbs
  • Arm crowd force: 21,200 lbs
  • Travel speed: 2.8 mph
  • Swing speed: 10.4 rpm
  • Engine: John Deere PowerTech PVX 6.8L 6-cylinder diesel
  • Hydraulic system: Variable flow, load-sensing
  • Fuel tank: 106.5 gal
  • Operating voltage: 24 V DC

It is a versatile machine that can be equipped with a variety of attachments to perform a wide range of tasks, including digging, grading, and demolition.

John Deere 210G Excavator price


2012 – 2013 $82,000 USD to $95,144 USD
2014 – 2015 $99,000 USD to $115,000 USD
2016 – 2017 $109,500 USD to $138,000 USD
2018 – 2019 $159,500 USD to $173,000 USD

John Deere 210G Excavator weight

weight = 49139 lbs (22,289 kg)

John Deere 210G Excavator Fuel Capacity

Fuel Capacity = 106.5 gal (401 l)

John Deere 210G Excavator Oil Capacity

Oil Capacity = 5.5 gal (19 l)

John Deere 210G Excavator Specs


Displacement 415 cu in (0 m)
Net Power 159 hp (119 kw)
Engine Model PowerTech PVX
Torque Measured @ 1900 rpm

Swing Mechanism

Swing Speed 13.3 rpm


Ground Clearance 1.5 ft (0 m)
Removal Counterweight Clearance 3.4 ft (1 m)
Height – Top of Cab 9.7 ft (3 m)
Tail Swing Radius 9.5 ft (3 m)

Operating Specifications

Cooling System Fluid Capacity 8.1 gal (30 l)
Fuel Capacity 106.5 gal (401 l)
Operating Weight 49139 lbs (22,289 kg)
Engine Oil Capacity 5.5 gal (19 l)
Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity 35.7 gal (132 l)
Swing Drive Fluid Capacity 1.7 gal (4 l)


Number of Shoes per Side 46
Drawbar Pull 45620 lbs (20,693 kg)
Number of Track Rollers per Side7
Number of Carrier Rollers per Side 2

John Deere 210G Excavator Review Video

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