John Deere 1530 HP, Price, Specs, Weight, Review 2023

John Deere 1530 HP, Price, Specs, Review, Horsepower, Serial Numbers, Engine Oil Capacity, Attachments & Pictures

John Deere 1530 Utility tractor is fitted with a John Deere diesel 3-cylinder liquid-cooled 164.4 ci [2.7 L] engine, which produces 38.07 hp [28.4 kW] (Drawbar (tested)) power at rated rpm 2500.

John Deere 1530 Utility Tractor featured a John Deere 2.7L 3-cyl diesel engine, 4×2 2WD, hydraulic wet disc, 4800 to 6863 pounds weight, hydraulic wet disc brakes, and 8 forward and 4 reverse gears.

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John Deere 1530 Tractor Price

John Deere 1530 HP, Price, Specs, Weight, Review

Original Price: $8,000 USD (1975)

John Deere 1530 Serial Numbers

  • 1974: 108811L
  • 1974: 176601T
  • 1975: 145500L

John Deere 1530 Specs

John Deere 1530 HISTORY

Manufacturer: John Deere
Factory: Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Original price (USD): $8,000 (1975)

John Deere 1530 ENGINE

ENGINE John Deere diesel 3-cylinder liquid-cooled 164.4 ci [2.7 L]
Bore/Stroke: 4.016×4.331 inches [102 x 110 mm]
Compression: 16.2:1
Rated RPM: 2500
Firing order: 1-2-3
Starter volts: 12
Oil capacity: 6 qts [5.7 L]
Coolant capacity: 11 qts [10.4 L]

John Deere 1530 TRANSMISSION

Type: collar shift
Gears: 8 forward and 4 reverse
Clutch: dry disc
Type: partial power shift
Gears: 16 forward and 8 reverse
Clutch: dry disc

John Deere 1530 DIMENSIONS

Weight (operating): 4,800 lbs [2177 kg]
Weight (ballasted): 6,863 lbs [3113 kg]
Wheelbase: 74 inches [187 cm]
Front tread: 49 to 79 inches
[124 to 200 cm]
Rear tread: 52 to 76 inches
[132 to 193 cm]

John Deere 1530 HYDRAULICS

Type: closed center
Capacity: 9.5 gal [36.0 L]
Pump flow: 11 gpm [41.6 lpm]

John Deere 1530 POWER

Drawbar (tested): 38.07 hp [28.4 kW]
PTO (tested): 45.38 hp [33.8 kW]

John Deere 1530 TIRES

Ag front: 6.00-16
Ag rear: 13.6-28

John Deere 1530 CAPACITY

Fuel: 16.5 gal [62.5 L]
Hydraulic system: 9.5 gal [36.0 L]

John Deere 1530 MECHANICAL

Chassis: 4×2 2WD
Steering: manual
power assist optional
Brakes: hydraulic wet disc
Cab: Open operator station.

John Deere 1530 PTO

Rear PTO: independent
Rear RPM: 540

John Deere 1530 ELECTRICAL

Ground: negative

John Deere 1530 Review 

The John Deere 1530 is a 45-horsepower tractor they made from 1972 to 1980.

If you’re thinking about getting a John Deere 1530, make sure to have a good look at it to see if anything is broken or worn out.

It’s also a smart idea to get a mechanic to check it out before you buy it. For a full review YouTube video Check Here.

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