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john deere 135g specs

John Deere 135G Price

  • 2017 John Deere 135g (Brandt Tractor LTD) Price: $140,957.00 USD
  • 2016 John Deere 135g (Brandt Tractor LTD) Price: $128,070.00 USD
  • 2017 John Deere 135g (Brookside Equipment Sales) Price: $99,950.00
  • The 2017 John Deere 135G (Clark Equipment Rental and sales) Cost: $119,760.00
  • 2018 John Deere 135G (JESCO, Inc) Price: $159,900.00
  • 2018 John Deere 135G (JESCO, Inc) Price: $159,900.00
  • 2012 John Deere 135G (Waco Equipment Sales & Rentals) Price: $72,000.00
  • 2021 John Deere 135G (Plasterer Equipment) Price: $193,900.00
  • 2015. John Deere 135G (Five Star Equipment Inc.) Prices: $113,263.00 USD
  • The 2015 John Deere 135G (D&B Construction Equipment) Price: $122,000.00

John Deere 135G Specs

John Deere 135G Driveline

Emission Rating Tier 4 / Stage IV
Engine Manufacturer Isuzu
Number Of Cylinders 4
Displacement, ltr (Inches³) 3 (182)
Rated speed, rpm 2000
Engine Output – Net, kW (hp) 75 (101)
Number Of Carrier Rollers – Each Side 1
Number Of Track Rollers – Each Side 7
Track Shoe Width, mm (inches) 600 (24)

John Deere 135G Capacities

Fuel Tank, ltr (gallons (US)) 220 (58)
Hydraulic Tank, ltr (gallons (US)) 60 (15.9)
Number Of Batteries 2
Voltage, V 24

John Deere 135G Performance

Ground Bearing Pressure, kPa (PSI) 37 (5.37)
Swing Speed, rpm 13.3
Swing Torque, kNm (lbf / ft) 34 (25000)
Travel Speed – High, kph (mph) 5.5 (3.4)
Tractive Force, kN (lbf) 110 (24729)
Dipper Tearout, kN (lbf) 69 (15510)
Bucket Breakout, kN (lbf) 104 (23380)
Gradeability, % 70
Total Flow, lt/min (gallons (US) / min) 210 (56)
Bucket Pressure, bar (PSI) 343 (4975)
Boost Pressure, bar (PSI) 363 (5265)

John Deere 135G Weight

Operating Weight, kg (lbs) 14100 (31060)

John Deere 135G Dimensions

Transport Length Mono Boom, mm (ft/in) 7370 (24 ft 2 in)
Transport Height – Maximum, mm (ft/in) 2870 (9 ft 5 in)
Overall Undercarriage Width, mm (ft/in) 2590 (8 ft 6 in)
Track Length On Ground, mm (ft/in) 2880 (9 ft 5 in)
Overall Undercarriage Length, mm (ft/in) 3580 (11 ft 9 in)
Tailswing Radius, mm (ft/in) 1490 (4 ft 11 in)
Ground Clearance, mm (inches) 410 (16)
Width over fixed tracks, mm (ft/in) 2590 (8 ft 6 in)
Track Gauge, mm (ft/in) 1990 (6 ft 6 in)
Digging Reach – Mono Boom, mm (ft/in) 8390 (27 ft 6 in)
Ground Level Reach – Mono Boom, mm (ft/in) 8240 (27 ft )
Dig Height – Mono Boom, mm (ft/in) 9290 (30 ft 5 in)
Dump Height – Mono Boom, mm (ft/in) 7220 (22 ft 4 in)
Dig depth – 2.44m / 8’ft flat bottom, mm (ft/in) 5270 (17 ft 3 in)
Dig Depth – Mono Boom, mm (ft/in) 5490 (18 ft )
Standard Dipper, mm (ft/in) 2520 (8 ft 3 in)
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John Deere 135G Mid-Size Excavator Features

Key Features

  • Interim Tier 4-certified engine.
  • Powerwise(TM) III management system.
  • Blades for backfilling can be used.
  • Power Boost.


  • The EPA IT4/EU Stage IIIB tech that we employ in our excavators is easy, energy efficient, fully integrated, and fully.
  • It utilizes field-proven EGR, a cooled exhaust gas Recirculation (EGR) to lower NOX emissions, the diesel particulate filter, and a diesel oxidation catalyst that reduces particulate matter.
  • The highly efficient and robust cooling system keeps cool in harsh environments or at altitudes. The cooling system comprises five coolers in the left compartment of the service compartment: fuel, hydraulic coolant for engines, charge air conditioning, and the air.
  • Auto-idle reduces the engine’s speed automatically when the hydraulics aren’t being used. Auto-shutdown also helps conserve precious fuel.
  • Wet-sleeve cylinder liners, mono-steel pistons, and big-diameter connecting rods guarantee the long-term durability of engines.


  • Powerwise(TM) III balances the engine’s performance and the flow of hydraulic fluid to ensure a steady operation. Three productivity modes let you select the best dig style suited to the task. High productivity provides more power and a faster response from the hydraulics to move more materials. Power provides smooth and well-balanced metering during normal operation. The economy lowers the top speed and can help save fuel.
  • Do you want to include an additional breaker or another attachment? High-flow, high-pressure factory-installed additional hydraulic systems can meet your needs.
  • Press the right-hand joystick, and then muscle through. Power boost can also be activated automatically when you lift or raise the boom.

Cab Comfort

  • We’ve got your back with a sculpted mechanical suspension high-back seat. The seat is 318 millimetres (12 inches.) of movement, which can be moved between the joystick’s controller. It won’t hinder the user’s design. For even greater comfort and support, go for a heated seat with air suspension.
  • A wide expanse of side and front glass The narrow front cab post, large overhead glass, and multiple mirrors offer virtually complete visibility. If you want to see more, select the camera option that will show what’s happening behind it on the screen.
  • A bi-level, automatic, high-speed climate control system with adjustable louvres resembling an automobile ensures that the glass remains clean and the cabin comfortable.
  • Self-cleaning steps, wide entranceways and convenient grab bars aid in easing taxi entry and exit.
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Ease OF Control

  • For jobs that require more precision, the short-throw joysticks with low effort with fine metering and a smooth multifunction operation will give you the accuracy you require.
  • Short-throw pilot levers that are ergonomically correct give a smooth, consistent finger using less effort and movement.
  • Choose the engine’s speed, auto-idle lighting mode, power mode and window wipers settings on the left-hand console. Press buttons to control the fingertip of the hydraulic flow of the auxiliary attachments.

Ease OF Service

  • Large, easily-to-open service doors and service points that are easy to access will make it easy to complete routine maintenance and maintenance.
  • The easy-to-reach dipstick, as well as the close to the coolant reservoir, makes routine checks or additions quick and simple.
  • Remote diagnostic ports and fluid-sample ports assist in the process of preventative maintenance as well as troubleshooting.
  • Sight gauges for fluid levels are easily accessible and can be inspected instantly.


  • Vertical spin-on filters for engine oil and fuel are conveniently placed in the rear compartment to the right to facilitate ground-level maintenance.
  • Fresh-air cabin filters can be quickly cleaned outside the cab, where it’s most likely to be done. Perforations on either side’s shields function as a “first filter.” Whatever passes through can also clean cool cores.

Structure And Undercarriage

  • The blade can be a beneficial addition to cleanup and backfilling. It also gives you more lift capacity and stability while using heavy-duty breakers or other attachments.
  • Reinforced D-channel side frames offer maximum protection for the cab and components.
  • The thick-plate mainframe with a single-sheet thickness, the box-section track frames, and unique double-seal swing bearings offer solid endurance.
  • With big idlers, rollers, and strutted links, The sealed and lubricated undercarriage provides durable and long-lasting performance.
  • Standard lights on the boom/frame and cab/boom mounted options offer illumination that extends your working hours beyond daylight.

Arm And Boom

  • The boom is a John Deere exclusive, three reinforced bulkheads welded into the boom resist torsional strain to ensure unbeatable endurance. Booms, arms and mainframes are made of such strength that they’re warranted for three decades or 10,000 hours.
  • Reinforced thrust plates of resin, grooved bushings and thermally-coated bucket joints can increase the interval of lube on the boom and arm up to 500 hours.
  • The Tungsten-carbide coating is a durable surface that protects the crucial joint between the arm and bucket. Bushings coated with oil increase longevity and extend grease intervals to 500 hours in the arm-and-boom joint and 100 hours in the bucket joint.
  • TK-Series bucket teeth are designed for maximum strength and absorption. Removal and installation without a hammer are simple adjustments and reduce the amount of downtime.
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  • In conjunction with John Deere WorkSight(TM), JDLink(TM) monitoring offers live machine usage, health information, and details about your location. Fleet Care proactively suggests maintenance to address issues before they become expensive downtime. And the Service ADVISOR(TM) Remote allows your dealer to scan diagnostic codes, keep performance data, and upgrade software without making a trip to the worksite. It’s the complete technological suite that is easy to use and can increase efficiency and uptime while lowering operating costs. It’s available only from John Deere.
  • A multilingual LCD screen and dial allow easy access to various functions and information. Turn and tap to switch to the active mode, view information about the operation, alter the temperature of the cab, and adjust the radio. And much more.
  • A simple-to-read LCD monitor keeps track of scheduled maintenance intervals and issues reminders. In the event of a malfunction, it will provide diagnostic data to reduce the time to repair.

John Deere 135G Review


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How much does a John Deere 135g weight?

30,620 lb.

Digging Depth: 5.49 m (18 ft. 4 in.) Operating Weight 13,900 kilograms (30,620 lbs. )

How much can a John Deere 135g lift?

5,900 lb.

The capacity to lift 2676 kg (5,900 lbs. )

How much does a Deere 130g weight?

29,531 lb.

Operating Weight 13407 kg (29,531 lbs. )