Best iOS 15 Home Screen Ideas of 2024

Best iOS 15 Home Screen Ideas of 2024

Best iOS 15 Home Screen Ideas

iOS 15 Home Screen Ideas: iPhone, as well as the iPad, are fantastic devices and they earn most of the profits for Apple.

The Cupertino-based business is safe and is not making any risky decisions. iPhone is great, but it’s dull in terms of design elements and has a slow improving iOS Software User Interface.

This is why we have the iOS 15 best Home Screen concepts that we have curated to give you the most effective layouts. It is possible to capture the idea in your head and then customize it to fit your personal preferences.

iOS 15 Home Screen Ideas: Why Do We Need These?

Humans are bound to be curious, and always striving for higher performance.

It’s the same desire that causes us to play on the iPhone screens. Sometimes we’d like to arrange our apps so that we have easier accessibility to the apps. Sometimes we simply need to look at them differently and also look more attractive.

Whatever your motivation is, these iOS 15 home screen ideas will help you enhance your customization skills up a notch.

Best iOS 15 Home Screen Ideas of 2022

1. Willfulness

Human brains have surpassed the imagination of mankind and you can achieve the same feat even in a limited environment.

It is possible to arrange iOS fifteen apps into folders and change the names of the entire folder. You can also use images or emojis instead of text to identify the folder’s category.

The video camera icon in Emoji identifies the category and then pushes YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many other apps into it.

  • 👉 Include one category of apps within the folder.
  • 👉 Hold on to the file for a few seconds, then select”Rename” from the ” Rename” option.

Willfulness Tutorial

  • 👉 Take the name that is currently in use.

Remove the existing name

  • 👉 Start the Emoji bar on the keyboard, and then start searching for an appropriate icon to use in the folder.

iOS 15 Home Screen Ideas Willfullness Tutorial

  • 👉 I picked office building an Emoji office building.

I selected office building emoji

  • 👉 Exit the keyboard.

Exit the keyboard

  • 👉 Reduce the size of the folder so that you can see an uncluttered image of the emoji/icon within the folder’s name.

Best iOS 15 Home Screen Ideas.

  • 👉 Take the system applications off your dock, and substitute them for commonly utilized ones. It will make navigation easier and boost productivity by having the most important shortcuts within the dock.


  • 👉 It is possible to set any wallpaper you want on your Home Screen, but I recommend you choose a beach-themed background to get in the mood. Two Home Screens keep your personal and professional life. You don’t need to be concerned about distractions.

2- The Tidy Screen: Cleanest iOS 15 Home Screen Idea

The Tidy Screen Cleanest iOS 15 Home Screen Idea

The iOS 15 home screen idea is so original and easy to use. It clears up your home screen as if it were anything else.

Begin by removing all applications from the home screen. You’ll only be accessible via the app library. Choose a single application and place it on the dock.

This particular idea is in connection with the idea of minimalism. By sprucing up your screens by using just one app (call app, in most instances) You are reinforcing the concept that we’ve all lost – phones are simply tools to contact or message people you know.

I know it might be a bit odd however once you’ve gotten familiar with it, you’ll be unable to come across any other screen options for your home that aren’t to suit your needs. It can also assist you to utilize your phone, rather than using it in the opposite direction.

Pro Tip:

If you can’t locate the app library in your arsenal You can place your applications on the second screen that appears on the home screen. The goal is to keep the main page tidy sweet and straight to the point.

3. Brown Bread – Top iOS 15 Home Screen

Brown bread can be a popular color scheme that works well with newer iPhone models. A lot of iPhone users have chosen to stay out of Apple services and are beginning to use third-party services.

Brown Bread – Top iOS 15 Home Screen

Include frequently used apps in the dock. Music is my primary app to use while working. I’m an avid Spotify fan, so it’s the first app I choose to use the dock.

Include a calendar widget on the upper right-hand side of the screen so that you be aware of the day’s date. Include three applications of your choice and then put every social media app in the folder.

Music is life. that’s the reason why Spotify as well as the Apple Music widget goes in the middle of the screen. You can select the widget that will take the middle slap forever.

Use apps on your computer only occasionally, but may be needed at any time. Make a few folders and put all the frequently commonly used applications in them, including system apps.

4. Getting Creative With Colours

Getting Creative With Colours

App icons are available in a variety of shades. For example, the default icons for communications such as messages, calls, and Facetime are all green.

It’s one of our most original iOS 15 screen home screen designs.

Put all icons with the same color (like the green ones) in one place, and other icons that match in color on subsequent pages.

These icons which are gray or multicolored can be put on the dock or even have separate pages.

Pro Tip:

You can become more creative by creating pages that mix yellow and blue-colored icons.

5. Feel Motivated – Creative iOS 15 Home Screen

Are you just starting a company or taking an entirely new subject? Every successful person was told they would fail and you might be in the company of those who have been told the same.

Do not let anyone dictate to you how to live your life, and which terms you’d like to be successful in the direction you decide to take.

Feel Motivated – Creative iOS 15 Home Screen

It is common to spend a significant amount of time on your phone to read, respond to messages, research, and much more. Set light and bright-colored wallpaper to calm your eyes.

It keeps you focused. Bright colors have been shown to improve mood and can positively impact your daily routine.

Include three motivational phrases across the three sides of the display. Text icons or notecards to encourage you to focus on the task to achieve the desired goal.

Make your dock customizable and pin the most frequently used apps only.

6. Fire Focus – Unique iOS 15 Home Screen

We live a hectic life and don’t have a moment to waste on useless things. You’re burning and moving at speeds of light and there’s absolutely no stopping you.

It is essential to have your phone ready to alleviate your stress and make it easier to complete your daily tasks.

Fire Focus – Unique iOS 15 Home Screen

Get rid of all apps that are not needed from the dock. Pin productivity apps like email apps, browsers,s, and the app for to-do lists.

Create a blurry wallpaper that is in tune with your home and the surroundings.

Install a battery widget on the first row so that you don’t wake the next morning with just 10% remaining to fill up. Unfortunately, the current iPhone still comes with a notch on every model you can have any notch Android phone on the market.

Include a calendar app on the first row to make it easy to access reminders, as well as other information quickly.

7. Widget-Only Home

Widget-Only Home – iOS 15 Aesthetic Design

If the icons you see are boring for you, it’s the perfect time to revamp the home screen to a new appearance using iOS widgets.

The options range from Snapchat and Snapchat to Facebook and even messages There are a variety of widgets in iOS for the majority of the popular applications.

Remove your home screen of the icons, and begin adding your preferred widgets, one by one. After that, place them at the top of your screen in such a manner that they complement one another.

The removed icons of the app via the App Library on iOS 15.

Pro Tip:

Include each widget based on the priority it has as per your personal preferences. We suggest adding widgets for apps such as Calendar, Contacts Reminders, Clock, and Contacts first.

8. Rainbow Spirit

Your iPhone includes rainbow wallpapers on it, and you can take advantage of them to change things up. Do not be afraid to stay away from them since the designers have made them with in mind the iOS device in the forefront of their minds.

Rainbow Spirit

The wallpapers feature a vibrant palette with vibrant colors that be able to match the screen. The wallpapers are created keeping in mind the aspect ratio and the type of technology in mind. Therefore, rainbow wallpapers are something you must try on the iPhone.

The dock is changed to correspond with the previous choice.

  1. Phone app
  2. Safari browser
  3. Messages
  4. Music

Apple has changed its Music app’s color back to the previous version. You can now have several home Screens in a row and organize them in a way and segregate each screen with the use of categories. Now. I’ll leave the creativity to you and invite you to submit your idea in the comments section.

9. Aesthetic Pink

I’d like to start with aesthetic pink. it’s a blend of pink and organized Home screens. There’s no reason to have multiple screens on the device that displays each app installed in one place.

Aesthetic Pink

Music is a constant factor for millions of users all over the world. We will include a widget for Apple Music as well as Spotify in the upper right corner of your screen.

Social media is a crucial component of many people’s lives, and we’ll include all apps in one folder. You can customize the top panel according to your preferences and I will not advise you on any other option.

Everyday chores are essential to be completed, and there isn’t the risk of not doing them, therefore, you should include a slap on a To-Do-list widget that sits in the middle of your screen. It is possible to take a glance at the list of things to be completed during the current day.

You must fit all apps installed on one screen, which means you have to arrange the apps at the lower part of the display.

10. Adding The Good Old App Box Wallpaper

Adding The Good Old App Box Wallpaper

All OG iOS users remember the times when app box wallpapers were the norm. Today, we’re going to reminisce about those days.

Wallpapers for the App Box/Shelve are different from the normal wallpapers. They offer a rack for your widgets and apps, making your home appear neat and clean appearance.

The internet is full of thousands of wallpapers for apps available on the internet. Simply type in iOS boxes or shelves on Google to locate the wallpaper you like.

Pro Tip:

Look for iOS blueprint wallpapers and then we will be grateful!

11 – Top-Center Widgets & Bottom Icons

Top-Center Widgets & Bottom Icons

Are you looking to limit the number of apps or make your iOS 15 home screen? If so, then we have just the solution for you.

Begin by placing your preferred widgets on the top and middle of your screen at home. Next, add your most-loved icons from apps on the bottom of the screen.

This style will make the home screen of your device a beautiful and sleek appearance. You’ll be able to use your preferred apps without overloading or underloading.

Pro tip:

Choose a simple or minimalist background to help your screen stand out by highlighting the design.

12. No Dock Icons

No Dock Icons

Have you ever used an iPhone, iPad, or iOS with no icon icons in the dock? There’s an initial time for everything.

While you may be initially skeptical this feature can dramatically alter the entire look of the iOS 15 home screen.

Start by removing the icon from the dock, then shift them into a new window. The change may be a bit jarring initially but you’ll be used to it in time. Additionally, it will add a stylish and distinctive design to your device without much effort.

Pro Tip:

It is possible to group the icons on the dock and add the icons to folders to be able to access them easily.

Note: Do not jailbreak your iPhone to allow customizing it. This puts your phone at risk and could damage it for good.

You will need to download a couple of applications from Cydia and they’re accessible in the store.

Create a custom icon pack and it will contain icon icons that represent the best-loved apps in the App Store. There is a widget at the top that includes four important apps to be able to match your career or love.

In the second row. This is your decision to select the widgets for the most effective result. Choose only the most popular apps to make your Home Screen look aesthetic. Do not sacrifice functionality for unique output or aesthetic design.

Conclusion: iOS 15 Home Screen Ideas

This is our opinion on the most creative iOS 15 Home Screen ideas and how to define your unique way of thinking in the unfriendly software.

There is no need to follow the rules, and you can draw your inspiration from Home Screen concepts to design your style.

Do not take jailbreaking lightly and you could be putting your device in danger therefore, don’t follow the path you don’t know about. Let us know what you think of Homer Screen ideas in the post below in the comments section.

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