How To Transfer YouTube Downloaded Videos To Gallery – 2022

How To Transfer YouTube Downloaded Videos To Gallery

How To Transfer YouTube Downloaded Videos To Gallery: This guide will show you how to download YouTube videos and transfer them to a gallery. You can view them even without an internet connection, if necessary.

YouTube is one of the most used programs on the internet. It is easy to use and has videos about almost every aspect of human life. YouTube allows users to stream music and view documentaries.

It’s great to be able to see clips. But what if you want to save them? Everyone wants to save a video in their gallery. You can only download videos from YouTube to your device’s library.

How To Transfer YouTube Downloaded Videos To Gallery.

YouTube currently does not offer any option to save offline content in your gallery. Continue reading to find out how to save YouTube offline clips to your Gallery.

Why Do People Download YouTube Videos?

Let’s say you want to save your favorite YouTube clips for offline viewing. You can either download the videos directly from YouTube or save them to your phone’s gallery.

You won’t need to waste time searching for films you have stored but you don’t have an internet connection.

Browse through your phone’s gallery to see which one was downloaded the last time you connected to the internet.

Note: One of the most beautiful aspects of saving films to a device gallery is that their quality will be better than what you can see online. This is due to the compression method used by browsers.

Let’s show you how to download YouTube videos and save them to your gallery. You can enjoy the video whenever you want, without having to have internet access.

Step By Step Guide On How To Transfer YouTube Downloaded Videos To Gallery

YouTube videos cannot be downloaded to your smartphone Gallery. If you follow these steps, any YouTube video can be downloaded to your mobile gallery.

1. Open either the Chrome app or Google search bar.

How To Transfer YouTube Downloaded Videos To Gallery

Transfer YouTube Downloaded Videos To Gallery

2. Type “Download Vidmate Apk” in the search bar and click the Search button.

How To Transfer YouTube Downloaded

3. Click on the official website of the Vidmate app after search results are displayed. After clicking, you will be redirected directly to

How To Transfer Youtube Offline Videos To Gallery

4. Once you have logged into the official website, click on the “Official Download” option.

How To Transfer YouTube Offline Vidmate Videos To Gallery

5. After you click on download, a message with the following text will appear: “This file can damage your device.” Do not click onCancel” instead, click the “Ok” button in the screenshot below. This message will appear every time you download anything from google.

transfer youtube downloaded videos Vidmate

6. You can view all the things you have downloaded after you’ve completed downloading.

how to transfer youtube videos downloaded

7. After you have opened Downloads, click the Apk for Vidmate.

How to download & Save YouTube Videos to Phone Gallery

8. Next, click on Install.

Next, click on Install Vidmate

9. Once the installation is completed, tap on “Open” to open the Vidmate application.

Is it legal to download videos from YouTube

10. Next, click on the “Sites” option to open sites from YouTube.

transfer youtube downloaded videos

11. Next, click on the “YouTube” button.

Next, click on the YouTube button

12. After opening YouTube, search for the video you wish to download to your phone gallery.

How to download & Save Yo

13. Next, click on the Download option as shown in this screenshot.

Click on the download option

14. Click on the download button, then choose the video quality you wish to save in your mobile gallery. Then click on the ‘Download’ option. The audio and video can both be downloaded.

After clicking on download, choose the quality of the video

15. After downloading is complete, open your mobile gallery to view the video. Now you can watch the video.

Bottom Line

This post should give you an idea of how easy it is to download YouTube videos to your smartphone’s gallery. You can also download the selected video clip to your smartphone’s gallery in just minutes.

Because it doesn’t require installation on your mobile phone, Save from Site is the best website to download videos and save them to your gallery. Before downloading and saving a video to your phone’s gallery, you will need to install the other apps.

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