How To Pass A Mouth Swab Drug Test For Amazon (Guide 2023)

How To Pass A Mouth Swab Drug Test For Amazon?

How To Pass A Mouth Swab Drug Test For Amazon: Here are the steps to pass an Amazon mouth swab drug test.

A mouth swab drug test, also known as a saliva drug screening, is used to identify drug residues in the mouth after drug use. Amazon and other corporations use them to identify illicit drug usage in their employees.

Amazon’s drug-testing standards changed several times over time. It’s worth learning how and when the company does drug testing via mouth swabs.

This article will provide information about Amazon’s drug testing procedures and strategies to ensure that you pass them.

how to pass a mouth swab drug test for amazon

Avoiding using drugs is the best way to avoid failing a drug screening. Although there are rare cases where medicinal drugs can cause false positives in drug tests.

these are very rare and you can usually prove your innocence by providing a subscription. Knowing how to pass these tests can help you keep your job.

Amazon has relaxed its drug-testing requirements, allowing users of marijuana to continue their employment.

They even went as far as to reinstate eligibility for people who were previously fired due to positive marijuana tests. You can get in trouble for using illegal drugs or being drunk on the job.

An experienced technician performs oral swab testing. These tests are performed by Amazon on a whim, or as part of a criminal investigation.

There are different regulations that govern the administration of mouth-swab tests. Contact human resources if you are interested in learning more about your workplace’s policies.

What Is A Mouth Swab Drug Test?

What Is A Mouth Swab Drug Test

A mouth swab drug test looks for drug residues in the mouth from oral drug use, such as smoking, vaping, and eating. Because drugs can alter the way they enter the body before they are absorbed into the oral fluids, some drugs might not be detected in saliva.

Inhalation, such as snorting or injection, can also occur. Although metabolites can be found in our blood and mixed with saliva to detoxify our bodies, they are not detected at sufficient levels for mouth swab drug testing.

How A Mouth Swab Drug Test Is Administered

Your luck may be able to help you in certain situations. However, it is not always easy to give to someone else. If you are asked to clean your mouth, you have luck and can get checked.

In most cases, however, the limit is reached by another person who will swab your mouth to detect drug testing visibility and collect samples.

They will focus on the underside of your tongue, and the inner gumline of your jaw to detect drug metabolites and saliva.

This allows for samples to be collected quickly and efficiently. The drug detection kit will then take the sample from the mouth and show the chemical composition.

Five panels are used for drug testing detection. These five panels will each give five results depending on the type of drug used.

Similar to the previous example, if there are 10 panels of tests, then it will result in 10 different types of examination results for each meeting. However, the majority of drug tests are performed on five panels. Below is a list of the five-panel drug tests.

  • Opiates
  • Continue
  • THC
  • Amphetamines
  • PCP

Saliva Drug Test Accuracy Information

The accuracy information for saliva testing refers to the oral test. This is different than the urine test. Only those who have used drugs in the past 24 hours or more are eligible for saliva testing. It cannot detect drug use that exceeds a few hours.

When do employers use mouth swab drug tests?

If they suspect that you are using it illegally, they may test you. Although testing for marijuana use at home is no longer required in certain countries (e.g. urine tests), employers may still want to verify that you are using cannabis on the job. If they accuse you, a saliva test could reveal the truth.

Healthcare professionals who are suspected of being addicted to or diverting pain medication on the job may be subject to this test. Only drug residues found in the mouth after oral use in the past few hours can be detected by mouth swab testing.

The test will not identify use after the period or by injecting or enema. If your test is positive, it’s most likely that you were using drugs during work or lunch.

Can I Pass a Mouth Swab if I Smoked The Night Before? states that a mouth swab test can be used to detect residuals from oral drug use. A mouth swab test is not able to detect components that have leaked into the saliva. A mouth swab test can be used to detect residuals within 5 minutes to 25 hours.

If you have ingested or smoked cannabis in the past 24 hours, a mouth swab test will not detect them. To be safe, avoid drug use. Other drugs are more difficult to detect.

Amazon has, however, relaxed certain of its drug policies as previously mentioned. They will now accept applications from those who have been previously disqualified for marijuana usage.

The changing legal status of marijuana in the United States led to these policy changes. This decision was also influenced by the fact that marijuana drug testing adversely affected many people of color.

It is still illegal to use marijuana while on the job.

How Far Back Will a Mouth Swab Drug Test Go?

It takes just 5 minutes to trace the marijuana traces. You can also trace the cannabis traces after just 24 hours, regardless of whether you smoked or ate drugs. However, it is possible to trace illegal substances such as marijuana, cocaine, and THC within three days.

First, be cautious and avoid using such substances if you need to pass the exam. It is best to avoid it for at least three days before you take a test or have your mouth swab taken. It is best to remain sober and calm. This will allow you to pass the test and get a positive result.

What Can Be Detected in a Mouth Swab Test?

A mouth swab test can detect many popular recreational drugs including, but not limited to:

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Opiates
  • Methamphetamine
  • Other amphetamines
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Buprenorphine
  • Oxycodone
  • Barbiturates
  • Phencyclidine

You could be subject to a mouth swab test by Amazon if you’re a regular user of these drugs without a prescription. Even if you have a prescription for psychoactive substances, you could still be in trouble at work.

Amazon will only test you for intoxication if there is a reason to believe you are drunk. However, random testing is possible at some locations so be prepared.

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In a mouth swab test, what can get detected?

You can easily detect many drug substances and metabolites from mouth swab drug testing, including alcohol, THC, and cannabis.

Home Remedies To Pass A Saliva Drug Test

It is not difficult to beat a mouth-swab test using home remedies, normal toothpaste, or detox products. Some home remedies can be just as effective as dietary supplements or detox programs and are also much more affordable.


Vinegar is a popular choice to pass a mouth swab drug testing because of its high PH level. There is no scientific evidence to support vinegar’s reliability in beating drug tests.

Vinegar has been around for a while now and there is a chance that scientists will find some scientific evidence to support its use in beating drug tests.


Another great way to pass an oral drug test is to use Listerine. It can be used by dissolving Listerine strips inside your mouth. This will give you good results.

It was also said that Listerine could be used on both your cheeks and under your tongue to remove any trace of drug dilutes.

It will absorb THC (Cannabis), if it is present, so you won’t need to be concerned on the day of your exam. You should also rinse your mouth with Listerine 30 minutes before you take the test.

Hydrogen Peroxide 

Hydrogen Peroxide, or H2O2, is another home remedy that you can use to pass your saliva drug screening. It should be swallowed whole before you take the test. Hydrogen Peroxide, a chemical compound that combines hydrogen with water, is used often as a disinfectant.

The Danger Of A Mouth Swab Drug Test

A mouth swab drug screening is dangerous because it’s performed on the spot and with very little notice. There are no preparations required and you don’t need to have any special training.

Instead, use the provided swab to take the sample and then place it in the testing panel kit. This will give you results within 15 minutes.

They are easy to do for anyone. Because mouth swabs can be assembled in minutes using an easy-to-follow system, you don’t have to be trained.


You don’t want to be subject to a mouth-swab while you work at Amazon. It’s best to learn about Amazon’s testing policies and the mechanisms behind mouth-swab testing. To pass any drug test, it is best to stay sober.

Feel free to ask questions and share your concerns in the comments section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How far back will a mouth swab drug test go for Amazon?

What is the maximum distance a mouth swab drug testing can go? A mouth swab can identify marijuana traces within 5 to 24 hours of use (whether it was smoked or eaten). The detection time for most illegal substances, such as cocaine, opioids, methamphetamines, and others, can take up to three days.

What does it mean when a mouth swab drug test turns blue?

If a mouth swab drug testing turns blue, this means that enough saliva was collected to give an accurate test. This color change is good for collectors.

Does Amazon call you if you fail a drug test?

Third-party testing locations are those that call you to inform you if you have failed. You will never hear from Amazon again. If you pass, Amazon will email you the next steps within 2 weeks. They won’t notify you.

How long does an Amazon drug test results take?

Amazon drug tests can take one day to two weeks. Amazon employees claimed that their results were available within 24 hours after the swab was performed. Some employees claim that they waited two weeks for an email from Amazon.

How do you pass a mouth swab for Amazon Reddit?


  1. Apply immediately before you perform a saliva drug test.
  2. Take a small sip and swirl it around in your mouth.
  3. Do not swallow it.
  4. Continue to swig, swish, and spit until you are done.
  5. After your saliva test, don’t brush your teeth, take drugs or inject anything into your mouth.