How To Make A Smithing Table In Minecraft (And Use It) 2023

How To Make A Smithing Table In Minecraft

How To Make A Smithing Table In Minecraft: This tutorial will show you how to create a Minecraft smithing table, its purpose, and how it can be used in Minecraft.

The Minecraft smithing table can be used to convert diamond gear to Nephrite. It can also be used to create job sites for toolsmiths.

There are many utility blocks in Minecraft. Some allow you to craft while others let you make the best Minecraft potion. Only one of these can give you the best armor and tools.

We’re talking nephrite items, which you can only obtain if you are able to use and make a Minecraft smithing table. Let’s get started by learning how to build a Minecraft smithing table.

What Is a Smithing Table?

What Is a Smithing Table

The smithing is a block that allows players to transform their diamond gear into nephrite equipment. To upgrade the table, you can add weapons, armor, and tools.

The smithing table isn’t as expensive as an anvil. However, it doesn’t cost any experience (XP). The gear you upgrade also retains its durability, and it has the Minecraft enchantments.

The smithing table is also an important job block for toolsmith villagers. It is responsible for one of the many villager job opportunities in Minecraft. It is found in Minecraft villages but not inside the huts and toolsmiths.

If you are lucky enough to find one, you can use your naked hands to cut it and then collect it. However, a pickaxe is a faster choice.

How to Make a Smithing Table in Minecraft

Its basic ingredients allow you to make a smithing bench on the first day of your adventure in this blocky survival universe. It can’t be used immediately.

Available Platforms

Edition Platform Available
Java Edition Windows, Mac & Linux PCs Yes
Bedrock Edition Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, Fire OS, Windows 10 PCs Yes
Education Edition Mac, iOs 12, Windows 10 PCs Yes
PlayStation Edition PS4 Yes

Ingredients Required To Make A Smithing Table

These are the items you will need to make a smithing board:

  • Four wooden planks (any wood)
  • Two iron ingots

Wooden planks can be made by placing a log or wood in the area. You don’t need any specific type of wood plank to craft the smithing recipe. To find iron ore, our Minecraftore distribution guide will help you locate it in no time.

Steps To Make A Smithing Table

1. Open Your Crafting Menu

First, open Minecraft and create a crafting table. The grid should be the same as the one in the image.

Steps To Make A Smithing Table

2. Add The Smithing Table Items To The Menu

Add the 4 planks to the crafting table along with the 2 iron ingots. Any type of plank can be used, including oak, spruce, birch, forest, acacia, dark oak planks, crimson planks, and crimson planks. This tutorial will use oak wood planks.

The grid below shows how to add items. Place 1 iron ingot into the 1st box, and 1 iron Ingot into the 2nd. Place 1 wood plank into the 1st box, and 1 in the 2nd.

The 3rd row should have 1 wood plank placed in the 1st and 1 in the 2nd boxes. This is the Minecraft smithing recipe.

Add The Smithing Table Items To The Menu

Once you have added all the items to your crafting grid, you will see the smithing tables in the box to the right.

3. Move The Smithing Table To Your Inventory

Finally, you will need to drag the smithing tables down into your inventory.

Move The Smithing Table To Your Inventory

That’s it! The Minecraft smithing table can be used to convert diamond gear to Nephrite. It can also be used to create job sites for toolsmiths.

Minecraft Smithing Table Recipe

How to Use A Smithing Table in Minecraft?

A smithing table is used to convert diamond gear to nephrite gear. To make a Netherite sword you can add a Netherite Ingot to a diamond sword.

Access the smithing tables and place the diamond item into the left-side cell. Next, place the nephrite got in the cell directly next to it. You will get a Netherite version. Here’s an example.

Things You Should Know When Using Smithing Table

Before you dive in and use the smithing tables, be sure to know these things:

  • One table can only have one diamond gear.
  • You need only one Netherite Ingot to make any nephrite tools.
  • This is the only way to use Netherite without having to know any commands. Instead, you can follow this link to learn Minecraft commands.

How to Get Netherite in Minecraft

After discovering the smithing tables, the biggest concern for players is finding Netherite. We have a guide that will help you locate Netherite in Minecraft.

The linked guide will help you get Netherite quickly. You will need to create a Nether portal within Minecraft, as this one is only available in the Nether dimension.

Minecraft Smithing Table Command

To make smithing tables, you can also use the Give Command. This command is available in these editions:

  • Java Edition
  • Pocket Edition
  • Xbox One
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Windows 10 Edition
  • Education Edition

Open your Minecraft chat window and type the following command to run the smithing tables command.

Java Edition 1.13 and higher smithing table command

/give @p smithing_table 1

PE, Xbox One, Switch, Win 10, Education Edition

/give @p smithing_table 1 0

Frequently Asked Questions

How do smithing tables work in Minecraft?

Place the smithing table on the ground, then right-click it. You will see a small tab appear as shown below. Inside this tab, you can upgrade your armor, weapons, and diamond tools with nephrite ingots.

Is the smithing table only for Netherite?

A smithing table can be described as a job site block for a toolsmith that generates income in villages. It is used to convert diamond gear into nephrite equipment


Block Smithing Table
Stone 0.95
Iron 0.65
Diamond 0.5
Nephrite 0.45

How do you make an upgrade table in Minecraft?

How to create a Smithing Table using Minecraft. You will need four wooden planks and two iron ingots to make a smithing table. The two iron ingots should be placed at the top left and middle slots. Next, place the four wood planks below.

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