How To Make A Lantern In Minecraft – (Guide 2023)

How To Make A Lantern In Minecraft

How To Make A Lantern In Minecraft: Lighting is one of the most difficult elements in completing your best Minecraft houses ideas.

Traditional items, such as a torch or glow stone blocks, can be distracting. A lantern is the only real solution, and it’s also the most reliable.

You won’t need to use any other lighting sources once you have mastered how to make a Minecraft lantern. These lanterns are beautiful, artistic, and simple to make.

You can also choose a quieter version to make your lantern more relaxing. Let’s get started and see how to make a Minecraft lantern.

Make a Lantern in Minecraft (2022)

First, we will cover the ingredients and then how to use them in Minecraft. You can also use the table below to see the crafting recipe.

Available Platforms

Edition Platform Available
Java Edition Windows, Mac & Linux PCs Yes
Bedrock Edition Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, Fire OS, Windows 10 PCs Yes
Education Edition Mac, iOs 12, Windows 10 PCs Yes
PlayStation Edition PlayStation 3 & 4 Yes

What is a Lantern in Minecraft

Lanterns, which can be used as blocks in the game, are like their name implies. They are comparable to blocks like lava and beacon.

Their design is what really sets them apart. The lanterns look like blocks but they are compact and don’t take up much space visually.

What is a Lantern in Minecraft

A piece of chain is attached to the top of the head of the lanterns. When placed underneath another block, they look like they are hanging from it.

Isn’t this cool? The lantern’s appearance will change if you don’t place any blocks on top. It looks like a handle for the lantern.

Types of Lanterns in Minecraft

Technically, lanterns are lit by fire. We only have two types Regular Lantern or Soul Lantern lanterns.

Types of Lanterns in Minecraft

The regular lantern has a yellow and orange color. The soul lantern, on the other hand, is a shade of blue.

Notable is the fact that the only brightest light source is the regular lantern with a brightness of 15 The light level for the soul lantern is only 10 and it’s not as bright as the Nether portal in Minecraft. The lantern can be customized to your needs and design.

How to Get Lanterns in Minecraft?

You will find regular lanterns at the following locations.

  • Snowy Tundra Villages
  • Bastion Remnants

They are often generated in the village on top of pillars surrounding farms and some buildings. The spawning location of the Remnants lanterns is not known.

To naturally generate soul lanterns, you must visit old cities. This is the only place in Minecraft where you can naturally spawn soul lanterns.

Get Lanterns by Trading

To trade regular lanterns with a librarian village at the apprentice level, you can get an emerald in return for a librarian village. They don’t give soul lanterns to anyone at any level.

Items Required to Make a Lantern

To make lanterns in Minecraft, you will need the following:

  • 8 Iron Nuggets
  • A Torch for Regular Lanterns
  • Soul Torch (for Soul Lanterns)
  • Crafting table

Using an iron ingot, you can obtain iron nuggets. You can get nine nuggets from one iron ingot. To make a lantern, you will need only eight nuggets. To make an iron ingot, you can use our Minecraftore distribution guide.

Alternatively, if you have additional iron gear, you could smelt them inside a furnace, smoker, or blast furnace. One iron nugget is produced by melting an iron item, regardless of its durability or type.

How to Make a Torch in Minecraft

There are two types of torches in Minecraft: regular and soul torches. You can make a regular torch by placing a piece of coal or charcoal in a cell over a stick in your crafting area. You can make a regular lantern using this torch.

How to Make a Torch in Minecraft

You will need a soul torch if you wish to create a soul lantern. You will need to place a block of soul soil or souls below the stick, and then add a piece of charcoal or coal above. Both torches can be made in any column.

Steps To Make A Lantern

Step 1. Open Your Crafting Menu

Let’s first open Minecraft’s crafting table. The grid should be the same as the one in the image.

Open Your Crafting Menu.

Step 2. Add The Iron Nuggets And Torch To The Menu

Add the 8 iron nuggets to the crafting table and the 1 torch to it.

The grid below shows how to add items. Place 3 iron nuggets in the first row, one per box. Place 1 iron nugget into the first box, 1 torch inside the second box, and 1 iron nugget in the third box. In the third row, place 3 iron nuggets. This is the Minecraft lantern recipe.

Add The Iron Nuggets And Torch To The Menu

After you have added all the items to the grid, you will see a lantern in the box to your right.

Step 3. Move The Lantern To Your Inventory

Once the lantern is crafted, you will need to bring it down to your inventory to hang it.

Move The Lantern To Your Inventory

That’s it! Now you have a lantern. Minecraft lanterns are blocks that emit light. They can be hung above or below any solid block.

Minecraft Lantern

How to Use a Lantern

Once the lantern is crafted, you can hang it from any block. You can also place the lantern on top of another block to give it a lamp-like appearance.

It can be broken with any kind of material, but only a pickaxe is necessary. The lantern will disappear if it is broken without a pickaxe.

Uses of a Lantern in Minecraft

The following are the purposes of a lantern in the game

  • Use this light source to brighten your Minecraft house
  • The lantern is a bright source of light, so it can melt snow slowly.
  • The soul lantern is able to repel Piglins, similar to soul fire.

Bonus: How to Make a Chain

In Minecraft, lanterns and chains are often used together. They both complement each other visually and practically. Let’s now see how to create a Minecraft chain. You will need the following items to make a chain: 2 Iron Nuggets, and an Iron Ingot.

Bonus How to Make a Chain

Once you have all the ingredients, place the iron ingot into the middle of a crafting area column. Iron nuggets are in the top and bottom cells. This recipe can be made in any column, provided that the rows are adjacent.

Minecraft Lantern Command

To make a lantern in Minecraft, you can also use the Give Command. These game editions have the lantern command:

  • Java Edition
  • Pocket Edition
  • Xbox One
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Windows 10 Edition
  • Education Edition

Open your Minecraft chat window and type the following command to run the lantern command.

Java Edition 1.13 and higher lantern command

/give @p lantern 1

PE, Xbox One, Switch, Win 10, Education Edition

/give @p lantern 1 0


You now know how to make a soul lantern and a lantern. However, you cannot place them on the ground or the ceiling. You should also know that a pickaxe is the best way to extract a lantern. These can be used as decoration blocks to give your base an older, medieval look.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a lantern light in Minecraft?

You can place lanterns on top or below blocks. Lanterns work in the same way as torches, except that they light up an area immediately after being placed. They do not burn out. Select the lantern from your hot bar, and then right-click on any space below or above a block.

How do you make colored lanterns in Minecraft?

You can make “Normal” colored lanterns by mixing any lantern with the dye you choose in a crafting area or shift-right-clicking a lantern placed with the dye in your hands.

How do you make a soul torch in Minecraft?

A Soul Torch can be made by using coal, charcoal, and a stick containing Soul Soil. Both Soul Sand and Soul Soil can be obtained from the Nether. Before you go to the cursed place, make sure you are prepared.

How do you craft a candle in Minecraft?

Place 1 String over 1 Honeycomb in a crafting Window to make a Candle. To make a Dyed Candle, you can give the Candle a particular color by placing it in a crafting window with a dye of choice.