How To Fix the “Last Line No Longer Available” iPhone Error

How To Fix the “Last Line No Longer Available” iPhone Error

How To Fix the “Last Line No Longer Available” iPhone: Are you receiving the “Last Line No Longer Available’ error message on the screen of your iPhone 13repeatedly when trying to call using the default number?

Be assured that you’re not the only one experiencing this problem that keeps popping up. Several iPhone 13 owners have complained about this issue in iOS 15. Although the case is prevalent for iPhone 13 models, it is also a problem with the iPhone 13 series.

However, it also affects older iPhone models that are running iOS 15 as well. We’ve prepared a tutorial to help you resolve the ‘Last Line Not Available’ iPhone 13 error. We’ll now go into troubleshooting mode and explore possible solutions to the issue!

What Does Last Line No Longer Available Mean?

This issue appears to impact the most popular line on an iPhone, which supports dual SIM. You could encounter this issue if you are using multiple cellular plans connected to your iPhone with the standard SIM and an eSIM.

The error appears the most frequently when trying to dial out using your “default” SIM using the latest call logs under Phone > Recent.

You’ll get an error that allows you to call with the “remaining” line. You can click “Call” in the box that appears, but keep your eyes on the fact that this will be a call to any number you don’t have set as your default.

What causes the error?

How to Fix the Last Line No Longer Available iPhone error

Here’s the widely accepted explanation of this “Last Line No Longer Available” error that occurs mostly in the iPhone 11, 12, and 13 models.

The phone tries to connect to an iPhone E-SIM (electronic Subscriber Identity Module) instead of the physical SIM card. In the worst-case scenario, the iPhone owner cannot make an outgoing phone call.

11 Ways to Fix ‘Last Line No Longer Available’ iPhone Error

Comprehending the issue is crucial to determining the root cause and then finding a solution. So, we’ve discussed the cause of the persistent error before learning the various ways to fix the problem.

Fix ‘Last Line No Longer Available’ Error on iPhone 13

1. Turn On/Off Airplane Mode

You’d be surprised that airplane mode is my primary troubleshooting tool for resolving any issues related to networks on iPhone.

If a rare glitch related to the network resets, the radios do the trick for me most of the time. Try this handy hack test before proceeding to the alternative solutions below.

  • Scroll down from the top left corner (on iPhones without a home button) to access the Control center, and then tap the airplane mode icon to activate it.

Turn on or off airplane mode on iPhone

  • After a few minutes, tap to turn off airplane mode to switch off the airplane mode and reconnect to your network again. Try calling any number with the chosen SIM cards on your iPhone to see whether the ‘last call no longer available’ problem has been resolved.

2. Clear Your Recent Call Log

Many iPhone users who have encountered the ‘Last Line Not Available error have reported clearing the latest call log helped the issue.

Although it may sound strange, we have seen several out-of-the-box solutions that have solved problems previously. Therefore, don’t overlook this option as well.

  • Start the Phone application on your iPhone, go to the Recents tab near the bottom, and tap “Edit” at the top right-hand edge of your screen. After that, tap “Clear” at the top left corner of the screen. Next, choose”Clear” and the ” Clear All” option to confirm the deletion. Then, you can start your iPhone.
  • After the device has rebooted, you can make a call using the default line. If the pop-up does not appear, then you’ve solved the problem.

Clear Your Recent Call Log

3. Force Restart Your iPhone

Force restart (a hard reset) removes the cache and eliminates unnecessary temporary files. This usually assists in fixing a variety of iOS problems and issues for your iPhone. So, it is recommended to try this simple solution and give it to try.

  • For iPhone 8 or later: Click the volume button. After that, press the button to turn down the volume. Then you press and hold your power button for a few seconds until you see the Apple logo appears on display.
  • For iPhone 7/ 7 Plus: Press and hold power and volume down buttons simultaneously until the Apple logo appears on display.
  • On iPhone 6s/6 Plus or older: Hold the power button and home button simultaneously until the screen turns dark, and then the Apple logo is displayed.

4. Try Switching Between SIMs

iOS lets you switch between SIMs for calls. You can alter your choice of a default number to make calls or send messages. If the ‘Last Line Not More Available’ problem hinders you from calling from the default number, you can try switching SIMs for your iPhone.

  • Click on the “i” button next to the person you wish to contact ->, your phone number you have used previously, and then the alternate number.
  • If you dial a number, dial the primary number and select the alternative SIM.

5. Update Carrier Settings

Another option to look into to solve the ‘Last line no longer Available issue with the iOS phone is to change the settings for your carrier. The problem may be connected to a particular carrier network that you can fix by updating your carrier settings on your phone.

The best part is that carriers often issue updates to improve the performance of their network and eliminate unrelated issues.

  • Start your Settings App on your iPhone and then go to General> About. Then, you might receive an alert to update your carrier settings.
  • Then, press ” Update” on the pop-up window. You are now all set!

Update Carrier Settings

6. Disable WiFi Calling

WiFi calling is an extremely useful option, particularly for those often in areas with poor mobile coverage but good WiFi reception. However, WiFi calls can occasionally create problems, like the ‘last line is no longer available error message. Enabling WiFi calling could solve the issue, and this article will show you how to accomplish it.

  • Go to Settings -> Phone -> WiFi Calling.

Disable WiFi Calling on iphone

  • Switch off the switch next to “WiFi calling” to turn off this feature in your iPhone.

disable wifi calling iphone toggle

You can also disable WiFi calling using your Mobile Data settings as well:

  • Go to Settings -> Mobile Data -> WiFi Calling.
  • Turn off the toggle next to “WiFi Calling on this iPhone to stop WiFi calling.

Hopefully, this will resolve the problem for you. If you’re having trouble making calls to your primary phone number, try one alternative listed in the next section.

7. Remove and Reinsert Your SIM

One approach that has proved successful for some people is to shut off the iPhone by removing the SIM card and then wait about a minute before re-inserting the SIM card before powering on the phone.

Remove and reinsert the SIM card

To remove the SIM card, use an authentic Apple SIM removal tool or something thin like an unstraightened clip. Please insert it into the hole in the SIM tray to allow it to unlock (see the image below). Please take the card out, insert it into the tray, and push it in again.

8. Reset Network Settings

If I am faced with any network-related issues, the only trick I always try is changing the network settings back to the factory default. Because the ‘Last line No More Available’ error is connected to the eSIM and the e-SIM, we recommend you test this method.

  • Enter the Settings app Generaland then Transfer, Reset or reset iPhoneReset> Set Settings. Settings.
  • Then, enter your device’s passcode and click”Reset Network Settings” in the pop-up ” Reset Network Settings” option once more the pop-up that will confirm the selection.

Reset Network Settings

9. Reset All Settings

If the basic methods don’t solve the common iOS issue, wiping out all the settings and resetting your device completely from scratch may help. So, we recommend you test this approach to fix the ‘Last Line Not Available error that you get that you are experiencing on your iPhone.

  • Start the Settings app on your iPhone > General, then Transfer, Reset iPhone Resetthen Reset all Settings.
  • Enter your device password, press ” Reset All Settings“, and tap “Reset All Settings” again to close.

Reset All Settings on iPhone and iPad

10. Update Software

Nowadays, the majority of iOS versions have numerous bugs. While some are fixed with subsequent updates, some aren’t, particularly the less-reported bugs, which remain for a considerable period.

Additionally, a handful of bugs pop up occasionally, and we have listed some of the most frequently encountered iOS 15 problems and their solutions in the related article. While it might sound harsh about iOS smartphone OS, it’s the reality.

If you’re still being troubled by this error while making calls through your default phone number, then a bug is most likely to be the reason for this problem. Therefore, updating your software can fix the issue.

  • Visit the App Settings on the iPhone and select Generalsoftware update to download the most recent version of iOS.

Update Software on your iPhone or iPad

11. Reboot the iPhone

The instruction by a technician to “turn it off and turn it on again” is an old-fashioned computer repair technique that goes back to the beginning of personal computers.

This trick also works with iPhones at times! Please turn off the power on your iPhone, then wait around 30 seconds before turning it up again. This can assist the iPhone in identifying the SIM card and solving the issue.

Resolve ‘Last Line No Longer Available’ Issue in iOS 15 or Later

These are all the solutions you could use to resolve the ‘Last Line Not Available error in your iPhone 13 or earlier iPhone model.

As we said, the issue is most likely related to the network; thus, suggestions such as resetting network settings or changing the carrier settings are more likely to fix the problem.

Let me know what solution has helped you resolve the ‘Last Call No Longer Available error for your device. Also, tell us about other methods to help you solve this issue via the comment section below.


How do I get rid of last line no longer available?

Clear Recent Call Logs

  1. For the first step, launch the Phone on your iPhone. Phone application for your iPhone.
  2. When the Phone app has been opened, click the Recent option at the lower right. …
  3. Afterwards, on the Recent screen, select the Edit option in the upper-right corner. …
  4. After that, press the Clear option in the upper-left corner.

How do I fix the last line no longer available on my iPhone 13?

Reset iPhone Network Settings

As we mentioned previously, the Last Line No Longer Available may be due to a problem with the e-SIM. Try Resetting Network Settings to try to see if this helps. To Reset Network Settings, go to Settings – General – Transfer Or Reset iPhone – Reset. Choose Reset Network Settings from the pop-up.

How do I reset my network settings on my iPhone?

Reset your Network Settings. If you’re running iOS or iPadOS 15 or later, tap Settings > General > Transfer or Reset [device> Reset and Set Network Settings. In the event that you’re running iOS or iPadOS 14 or earlier, go to settings > general > reset > reconnect network settings.