How to Escape From Prison in Bitlife 2023?

How to Escape From Prison in Bitlife?

How to Escape From Prison in Bitlife: If you’re one of those gamers searching for the BitLife guide on how to stay clear of 8×8 prison scenarios for the highest level of security, then you’re in the right spot.

Whatever the security measures are, we’re here to help you escape jailbreak. offer BitLife Guide – How to Escape Any Prison

In this Bitlife Prison Guide, we will explore the most effective method to get out of all kinds of prisons. It is good news that our BitLife jailbreak guide will show you how to get around the lives of notorious BitLife Gangsters.

How to Escape From Prison in Bitlife

Luckily we have a BitLife jailbreak guide that can assist you in getting out of prison and returning to BitLife.

If you find yourself in jail, there is a chance of escaping but BitLife isn’t going to make it easy for you to escape.

How To Go To Jail In Bitlife?

Before you make the move to escape your prison cell in Bitlife you must first be in jail, and only you will be able to escape. it also follows the same rules as you would find in real life.

you must commit a crime before going to prison, after which you have committed a crime, you will be dismissed from your job and will be put in jail.

As prisoners, you will be able to find work, but the reward is very low as it makes it difficult for you to get out of prison.

How To Escape From Prison In Bitlife?

It isn’t easy to escape prison, it’s not impossible by using specific tips and tricks, you can get out of the prison. One important point to note is the fact that the security guard will move twice each time you make an attempt to move.

The good news to us is that the guard can only move horizontally and with the aid of the prison wall we can stop the guard, so whenever you move, it is horizontal first, which allows you to move to the left or right even if being surrounded by police officers.

Now you are able to get out of prison using this method that is the easiest and more than that, below you can check out cheat sheets and videos for each map. By making use of this, you could also escape from prison.

Bitlife: Overview

Bitlife is among the mini-games that present a variety of issues, like jailbreaks in which you are the victim of a mistake.

Usually, players are running to meet the challenge and bring some excitement to Bitlife. In this game where players have to make smart moves as they evade guards and escape the prison grid.

In the course of the game, you’ll see a lot of three-sided boxes within Bitlife in which you can quickly catch the guard and then begin your journey toward the escape route to be free.

If you choose to attempt to escape inside the jail, you must attempt to stop the guards by using the walls of the grid.

You must draw the guards around the perimeter of the level, then keep him at bay until you get him to go in the correct direction so that you can escape. If the player tries to escape, they need to be able to pass through the guards and be able to exit the level.

Players must figure out how to get out of prison by taking the correct steps and avoiding correctional guards. You have to explore every corner of the map to deceive the guards and stay alert or else you could find yourself in the same jail.

Minimum and Medium Security Prison Maps

Below, you can find the cheat sheet and the videos for Maps for Minimum or Medium Security Prison Maps.

1. 3×4 Prison Map

2. 5 x 7 Map

3. 5 x 7 Map

4. 5 x 6 Map

5. 5 x 5 Map

6. 7 x 4 Map

7. 6 x 5 Map

8. 6×6 Map

9. 6×6 Map

10. 5×4 Map

11. 4×4 Map

12. 4×4 Map

13. 4×4 Map

14. 3×5 Map

While it is possible to break out of jail using only minimal security but the sport will have you entertained while you are protected to the maximum extent.

Therefore you must increase your knowledge and gain more about prisons that have minimum security and, in the meantime apply the lessons you’ve learned from your experiences to help you get out of prisons that have maximum security.

Maximum Security Prison Maps in Bitlife

In a supermax prison, you’ll need to fight hard to escape it. It’s going to be harder to get out of the supermax prison.

If you’re rich enough to afford attorneys and not go to prison, you might be forced to get out to finish BitLife’s weekend’s toughest test.

When you are released from prison, you’ll be able to finish the third and final task in this challenge, the BitLife Halloween Challenge. Gamers who are acquainted with Bitlife will be able to determine the level of difficulty for jailbreaks in Bitlife.

8×7 Prison Map Layout

8×8 Prison Map Layout

8×8 Prison Map 2 Layout

8×8 Prison Map 3 Layout

8×8 Prison Map 4 Layout

8×8 Prison Map 5 Layout

8×8 Prison Map 6 Layout

8×8 Prison Map 7 Layout

Similar to the first map, you can also use the red road to escape the second maximum security 8×8 prison map. We believe that if take the red carpet route on every map, you’ll effortlessly escape from the 8×8 maximum security prisons.

You have to be following the blue lines from the beginning point until the final destination for the complete map. If you’re unable to figure out the 8×8 high-security jailbreak lines as shown in the image.

BitLife: How To Get Every Ribbon

In BitLife there are many ribbons that require you to be released from jail for them to be earned. The ribbons that require you to get out safely include Cunning, Deadly, Houdini Scandalous, Cunning, and Jailbird.

Houdini Ribbon

Like Jailbird Ribbon, you will need to visit the prison and escape several times. Once you have done that, you’ll have to get better and to the 60s.

Once you’ve done all of these, you’ll be required to rob homes and then be charged with the robbery. If you do this, you will be taken to prison and you’ll need to be released from jail without triggering an alarm.

If you complete this exercise repeatedly you’ll get your Houdini Ribbon in BitLife. If you are here, you might like to learn the steps to take and complete the Titanic Challenge in Bitlife.

Jailbird Ribbon

To obtain Jailbird Ribbon in BitLife, you just have to go to jail and get out at least three or four times. After you have completed that, go back to your cell and get older until you start to croak. When you’re done, you’ll be awarded your Jailbird Ribbon.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old do you have to be to go to jail in BitLife?

Characters who are involved in relationships and have ex-lovers in high school may receive a restraining order against them and may be sent to jail in the event of violating the restraining orders which is the only offense that an individual who is younger than 18 could be sent to jail for.

Can you date a celebrity in BitLife?

In addition to these small interactions and the capability to share content, you won’t be in a position to marry or date or marry any of the famous stars that are featured on BitLife. You won’t locate them in your daily schedule of potential romantic desires, and you won’t discover their profile within the game.

How do I marry in royalty BitLife?

A different option is to get married to the Royal family. For this, you need to increase your age until they’re mature enough to be able to date. Select the Activities tab and choose Love. Meet for a date, and there’s the chance that you’ll meet an individual that is “royal.