How To Delete Reddit History? 2024

How To Delete Reddit History? 2024

How To Delete Reddit History

How To Delete Reddit History: Reddit is a popular social network as well as a news-aggregation site that lets users post ideas as well as links, along with their original content, which is changed or re-voted by other users, which helps the most engaging content to rise to the top of in the Reddit feed.

However, there is an issue with this social media platform which is that it keeps the activities of users that can be observed by other users whenever they go to your profile, which can result in embarrassing situations.

how to delete reddit history.

Therefore, it’s recommended to remove your Reddit history to protect yourself from any trouble. But how do you do it? How do I delete Reddit post history?

What is Reddit and Clearing its History?

Reddit application is available on Android smartphones. It comes with all the features you need to log in, submit, and even comment.

The browser gives you the possibility to access the well-known Reddit website, the accumulation of search history can make your browser run slow. Additionally, the built-up history of your search history is a security risk, particularly when you’re using a shared device. To avoid this, you have to get rid of all Reddit history.

Reddit is the seventh most popular website on the internet in the USA and the 18th most popular worldwide. In essence, it is numerous forums on which users can discuss information and news.

Reddit is a website that allows you to search, post, and make comments to start discussions or conversations. It is possible to delete the content you’ve shared or searched and also how to remove these.

Most likely, the removal of Reddit history indicates that you’re removing all comments and posts not only from yourself as well as other users. But, it also means that you’ll take down all the posts and comments that you’ve made in the past, and follow the process which is described.

Therefore, getting rid of the search history of Reddit is as easy as taking out Amazon’s browsing history. It takes only several seconds.

What Are Reddit and Reddit Posts?

Reddit is a website that was just a site when it was first launched back in 2005. Since then, it has grown to include an app. It’s now a site that hosts forums on a variety of issues like political news and opinions, as well as social and discussion.

You can also comment on the posts of other users and voice your opinion. Subreddits are communities that separate forums into different categories. What can you do when you create your first account?

What Are Reddit and Reddit Posts

After signing up to create an account and logging in, you can post your thoughts via a “post” on each topic. Other users can also comment on the posts. It’s an excellent platform for staying up-to current on the latest happenings around the world.

When you click on “Popular” on the top right-hand corner, you will find out what’s currently trending and by clicking “All”, you can check out what’s happening around the globe.

Alongside these, you can also access a chat section and a message area where you can chat privately and discuss your thoughts with other individuals or groups.

Additionally, there is a section for voting of every post, where users can cast votes for the post by either downvoting or upvoting them. This is crucial for Reddit since there is no other platform that lets users vote on posts.

Although upvotes can help make your ideas accepted by the vast majority of users, however, they can also cause you the chance to receive scathing comments about your message, which you could get rid of by stopping subreddits.

Therefore, the third issue with Reddit is “how can I get Reddit upvotes?” You can get upvotes by working at your posts with patience however if you wish to get the word out in a hurry it is possible to purchase Reddit votes.

The more you get upvotes, the better. a crucial factor in gaining more attention or increasing your reach.

How To Delete Reddit History?

To erase Reddit history from your smartphone, simply start the Reddit application, go until you reach”Settings”, then scroll to the “Settings” menu > and then tap on the “Clear local history” option.

Want a step-by-step tutorial?

Read on.

Steps To Delete Reddit History on Your Mobile Phone

Users are more inclined to surf the internet on mobile phones, which can result in lots of data being left in the background. But, there’s no need to be concerned about it since it’s very easy to wipe off all of Reddit history.

The time needed is 2 minutes.

Get rid of your Reddit history from your smartphone by following these simple steps.

1. Visit the home page of your account – If you’re looking to remove Reddit history, then you already have an account and you spend many hours there. To erase Reddit posts, you must first sign in to your account with the Reddit login and username through the Reddit application. If you’re using an app, or have selected”remember me” in the “remember me” box in your browser, then the first step might not be necessary, as you can just go directly back to the home page.

Steps to Delete Reddit History on Your Mobile Phone

2. Go to History – After you have logged into your account following that, the next step is easy and easy. Click on your avatar in the upper right-hand corner, then select History.

How to Delete Reddit History

3. Remove all history – After clicking History You’ll be able to see your most recent posts on Reddit. To delete all of their actions, tap the three dots on the right side of the screen and tap Clear the entire history. It will erase all your activity on Reddit.

clear reddit history

4. Remove your search history – However, if you wish to delete any search histories, you’ll need to hit the Search bar to the right. You can then clear your history of searches.

Remove your search history

Steps To Delete History on Your Desktop

There are two different methods to erase Reddit history from your desktop.

  • You can delete your search history, one by one.
  • You can also delete your posts, comments as well as downvotes, upvotes, and comments by hand.

Steps to Delete History on Your Desktop

The removal of your Reddit history from your PC could be a challenge since you can’t erase all history like you can on mobile devices. You can remove your searches by clicking the search bar and then eliminating the search results manually.

Delete History on Your Desktop.

You can also remove your comments or posts with just a couple of steps. Select your avatar at the upper right corner, then navigate to Profile.

The Overview tab will allow you to be able to see all your comments and posts activity. Just click on three dots beside the Share button, and then select the option to delete. This will allow you to erase your account by hand.

Delete History Using the Eraser Application

This is the most efficient method to erase the search histories of your users. It is as easy as downloading the eraser program. After you have completed your browsing, you only have to give commands to the application, and it will erase all your data.

How to Delete Reddit History in the iPhone app?

How do you delete Reddit History in the Reddit iOS App? Follow these instructions.

  1. First, open your ” Reddit app”.
  2. Click on the “Profile Icon” at the top left.
  3. Click on “Settings” at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Begin Scrolling and select “Clear Local History.”
  5. “Click Clear Local History” on the lower right of the display.

How to delete your Reddit history through the “My Profile” page?

  1. Log in on the “Account” and click on your “Username” in the top-right corner, then click “My Profile.”
  2. This is the “Overview “Overview” section of your profile where every post or comment you’ve made will be displayed. Find the comment or post you want to remove, click the ellipsis button (“…”) just below the post or comment. Then, select “Delete.”
  3. A confirmation message will appear that the deletion of a post cannot be reversed. Select “Delete Post” to confirm your decision.
  4. Repeat this procedure for each comment or post you’d like to erase.

How to delete your entire Reddit history at once using an extension?

  1. Start Google Chrome on your Mac or PC, and go to this page. You can download the Nuke Reddit History extension. Nuke Reddit History extension.
  2. Select “Add to Chrome” in the top-right-hand corner of the screen.
    • It is also possible to download this extension through the Chrome Web Store.
  3. Once the extension has been installed, click the orange icon that has been added to the Chrome toolbar. Choose “Overwrite & Delete All My Comments,” or “Delete All My Posts.”

There are 2 alternatives:

  1. If you own several Reddit accounts The extension will be applied to the account that is open on the browser. Google Chrome.
  2. There is no choice but to confirm the alternative therefore, make sure to confirm that you have the correct option. Make sure that you’re the only one who is logged into the account that you would like to delete or erase the history.

Why Do You Want To Delete Your History

At times, you may be angry for posting comments or posts you’ve made. In this case, you’ll want to remove your account so that your username will not be displayed again — however, your posts remain accessible. If you want to completely delete or erase all of your Reddit logs, you’ll have to remove your comments and posts too.


How do you remove Reddit history? Reddit is an app that lets users share their discussions as well as their knowledge via the comments you make and your posts. But, deleting a Reddit history isn’t even difficult.

If you’re using the Reddit account via an application or browser and there are options to delete your account from these sources too. Your profile is used to delete your local history.

Nuke Reddit Extension to delete all history in one go and the third alternative is to use the browser. It’s the simplest method to erase your history. You can also open Reddit. Reddit application.

Click on the profile icon on the left-hand side of the screen. Select Settings at the lower right on the page. Scroll down and tap clear local history.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clear history on Reddit?

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How do I Delete my Search history on Reddit?

  • To remove all of Reddit history, go over to your profile’s “Overview” section of your profile and remove posts one by one.
  • You can also erase the entire Reddit history in one go with the “Nuke Reddit History” extension for Google Chrome “Nuke Reddit History” extension for Google Chrome.
  • The process of deleting your Reddit history means deleting your comments and posts, to ensure that nobody else will look them up.

How to delete your Reddit posting history in 2 ways?

  • Disable/enable low-bandwidth mode
  • Disable/enable the download of all full-size media
  • Clear cache
  • Increase cache size (this could have been an accident, however, it started working again after this, but then did not load any files until shortly after)