How To Delete Payment Method on Doordash? – 2023

How To Delete Payment Method on Doordash?

How To Delete Payment Method on Doordash: DoorDash is an internet-based, American-based food ordering and delivery business.

They accept orders from their customers and deliver food items to their doorstep.

The customer places an order for food at one particular vendor and the dasher then delivers the food to the client.

The user makes payments to the app or directly to the dasher using different payment methods. In the following article, we’ll discuss how to remove the payment options from DoorDash.

How DoorDash Payments Work for Customers

How DoorDash Payments Work for Customers

DoorDash makes it simple to order food from your favorite local eateries through the app.

One way that the app gives users this convenience is by creating a database and applying various payment methods that are available in the application.

When you make a purchase on DoorDash, before you make a purchase on the DoorDash application the app asks you for an option to pay.

You should add one or more methods you prefer.

After you have checked out the application, it will ask which of your previously saved payment methods you’d prefer to make use of.

Select the payment method you’d like to choose, and the app assigns the payment method to your purchase and then processes the transaction on your behalf.

There’s no need to fret about changing your money once the food is delivered.

You can also pay the restaurant and driver via the app, which means that portion of the delivery could be left unfinished until your driver shows up.

DoorDash offers a delivery charge for all orders, but this cost covers the actual delivery along with all the features of automation provided by the DoorDash application.

How to Delete Payment Method From DoorDash?

Through DoorDash Mobile Application

Steps to Remove Payment Methods From DoorDash App for Mobile:

Step 1. Open DoorDash App. Mobile App.

Step 2. Log in to the app with the login details.

Step 3. On the dashboard of your account, you’ll find an option to create a page for your account.

Step 4. An Account page for you will appear with options such as profiles, payment methods Addresses, Notifications, support, gift card privacy, etc.

5. Select option “Payment Methods” option.

6. On that page you will find saved payment options associated with your account.

7. You are presented with Paypal, Google Pay, and Credit card choices.

Step 8. Swipe to the left of the method choice you’d like to erase.

Step 9. You can see the delete symbol when you swipe left on the payment method.

Step 10. Click on the “Delete” option.

Step 11. A confirmation email will appear asking you if you wish to erase the payment option.

Step 12: Select ‘Yes’ and “Confirm” to confirm the information.

Step 13. Your Payment method is removed from your bank account.

If you’re unable to unblock the payment method, it could be because it has been selected to be the primary payment option. You can’t remove this default option. First, take the payment method off the default, and then remove it.

What Payment Methods Does DoorDash Accept?

To ensure that the platform is as accessible as it is possible, DoorDash allows customers to pay using a variety of payment methods.

What Payment Methods Does DoorDash Accept

Cash (in Some Circumstances)

Some customers want customers to use a “Cash upon Delivery” option for payment, but it only works for certain purchases.

Instead of using a save option for payment, the client is able to pay the driver cash upon delivery of the order.

The cost of delivery to the driver in addition to the total price of your purchase.

Be sure to be in your home and ready for when the Dasher arrives at your home to make sure they won’t be waiting a too long time to pay.

Credit or Debit Card

If you’ve got a credit card or debit card stored on the DoorDash app, you are able to use it on your purchase.

In the event that you do this, DoorDash charges the associated card to cover the cost of the purchase at the time of its completion.

You can edit, delete or alter debit and credit card details as required through the app on mobile.

Google or Apple Pay

DoorDash will accept the payment methods of Google or Apple Pay when you complete your purchase.

The use of either of these options allows DoorDash to charge one of these services to cover the price of the purchase by using any balance in the account or payment method related to Google and Apple.


Similar to Google Pay and Apple Pay, you can use PayPal to manage the cost of food purchases on DoorDash.

Any payment method or bank accounts linked to PayPal are used to make the transactions, based on the preferences you have set to set in the PayPal settings.

Gift Card

DoorDash provides gift cards on its service, which allows you to get DoorDash credits as a present.

You can also buy DoorDash gift cards in order to avoid having to choose the option to pay for a one-time purchase from DoorDash.

Through DoorDash Website

Steps to Remove the Payment Method from DoorDash on the Website:

Step 1: Go to the official website of DoorDash

Step 2. Sign in to your account using your login information.

Step 3. On the left-hand side of the dashboard, you’ll notice 3 horizontal lines.

Fourth step: Click on the horizontal three lines.

5. A webpage will be displayed with choices like Home Orders, Pickup offers, Payments, Account Privacy Gift cards, etc.

6. Choose the “Payment” option.

7. You get redirected to a webpage where you will see a variety of options for making payments linked with your bank account.

8. In the middle of every payment method, you will see three dots.

Step 9: Click on the three dots.

10. A dropdown appears with the choice of setting defaults and then deleting.

Step 11. Choose option “Delete” option.

Step 12. A confirmation dialog will show up. Make sure you confirm it, then click the “Delete” option.

Step 13. Your chosen payment option will be removed out of the account of your DoorDash account.

Be aware that if you are incapable of deleting the payment method you used, it could be because the method of payment is set to default. You cannot delete a default payment method.

To erase the default payment method, you must first create a new payment method the standard payment option. Then, you can remove the payment method that you prefer.

How to Add a Payment Method on DoorDash?

If you’re looking for a new payment option for the DoorDash mobile application, you can take these steps:

  1. Launch your DoorDash app, and click the Menu button located in the upper-left corner.
  2. Select the Payment Methods or Payment Methods section and click to add a Payment Method.
  3. Select the payment method that you would like to include.
  4. Input the details of your credit card with the card’s name address, CVV, and name that the credit card has when you are adding it to.
  5. Choose the “Add Card/Payment Method option to connect this credit card to the DoorDash account.

Additionally, you can add a payment option to your account via the desktop website.

Here’s how:

  1. Visit DoorDash’s official DoorDash website, and click the menu icon at the top left of the page.
  2. Select the payment button from the dropdown menu.
  3. Choose the payment method you wish to add, then click Add.
  4. Enter the required information provided by DoorDash to pay for the method of payment.
  5. Choose Add or Finish after you have all the information completed.

How to Delete a Payment Method on DoorDash?

If you’d like to deactivate any payment method it is possible to do this via the mobile app, without contacting customer support.

Here’s how:

  1. Visit the Payments section within the menu of your mobile app.
  2. Look for the type of method that you want to remove.
  3. Click on your payment option, then drag it across to the left.
  4. When the trash icon is displayed Tap it to deactivate any payment methods.

You can also delete your payment option from the desktop site by following the same method:

  1. Visit DoorDash’s official DoorDash website and then open the menu using the upper-left corner.
  2. Choose the option Payments.
  3. Click on the 3-dot icon beside the method of payment that you would like to eliminate.
  4. Choose”Remove” from the Remove option, and verify the removal.

What Are Payment Methods Available In DoorDash?

DoorDash is a remarkably versatile application that is extremely versatile. It can be used with nearly all payment options. You can make payments using accounts with banks, Google Pay, Paypal UPI, UPI apps, fast pay, credit card, debit card Cash upon delivery, and more. You can change and add payment options numerous times.

Wrapping Up

The removal of a payment method from of DoorDash does not require calling customer support.

Accessing the application or the website allows the majority of users to cancel the payment method they have chosen with only one click.

The payment option is hidden within a menu you need to be aware of where to go to deactivate the payment method.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to remove payment methods from Door Dash?

Go to the DashPass menu. After that, you can click to open the Hamburger menu. Then, click Manage DashPass. Next, choose End Subscription. There will be information regarding your DashPass in the menu. You can then choose when to terminate the subscription. As we’ve mentioned, Door Dash doesn’t make it easy to eliminate payment methods.

How do I Delete my DoorDash account?

It isn’t possible to erase your DoorDash account the same way as you would with a bank. You must submit an application for deactivation, and DoorDash will be able to deactivate your account. The best way to do that is by contacting official DoorDash support via email: Send an email addressed to [email protected]. In the subject field, write “Deactivate the account I have” or something similar.

How do I contact DoorDash support?

Contact Doordash support by calling the 1-888 number. This is a number I would not recommend (time taking and very poor success rates.) We wish you luck and keep us updated on how you did it and how you did it, please. The error occurs when using the mobile app of DoorDash. If you attempt to remove your card from their website on the desktop, it should work perfectly.