How To Check Twitch Chat Logs [Full Guide 2023]

How To Check Twitch Chat Logs

How To Check Twitch Chat Logs: Twitch is the most popular website for gamers looking to stream their most loved games and shows.

Twitch has grown in popularity since the year 2020. If you’re among its 30 million active users daily, you’ll likely be interested in learning how to search Twitch Chat logs.

What is Twitch Logs?

Twitch Chat logs contain all comments posted on the channel’s chatbox during a stream.

Based on the dimensions of the size of your Twitch Channel, a complete chat log could be a single-page document or a novella of 500 pages. Some channels do not keep track of chat logs frequently, and even fewer keep them or even study them.

However, looking over the logs of chats on your Twitch channel is extremely useful in many scenarios. We’ll discuss the most common ones.

Chat Log in to Twitch

The twitch chat function is one means of creating gaming communities that are fun and engaging.

When you are watching live streaming, it is possible to chat with viewers over Chat. Chat is the bar that’s vertical adjacent to the stream window, allowing you to chat and stream simultaneously.

So chat Chat has two main purposes. It’s how followers respond live to the streamer as well as how they interact with each other.

Streamers should check the Chat to ensure that it isn’t stuffed with inappropriate comments. They should be aware of swear phrases, hate speech, or offensive comments since they might violate Twitch rules.

As you can see, there are numerous reasons to monitor Twitch Chat logs. But, you could do this in the capacity of an owner or moderator.

If you’re merely a viewer, third-party applications will monitor your chat messages. But, examining the chat logs of other users is against Twitch’s privacy guidelines.

Why you should check your Twitch chat logs

Why you should check your Twitch chat logs

Assess discipline actions In some instances; you might want to assess the properness of a sanction. Maybe a user was suspended but should have been exempted from time (or the reverse).

It is possible to look through your Twitch Chat Logs to determine what the user did or did before being punished. This will allow you to check on your moderators and ensure they do not abuse their position to pursue personal revenge.

Verify for comments that are inappropriate • Twitch is taking action against negative comments or abusive behavior, and a large portion of the responsibility of maintaining a clean platform is the responsibility of mods and streamers.

Streamers must regularly check their chat logs to identify potential infractions to Twitch’s Terms of Service (TOS). If your users frequently violate their TOS, you may be banned from your channel, even if you’re unaware of controversial remarks within your chat.

Get audience data – The Twitch chat log is an excellent tool to discover the type of content your viewers are drawn to. A glance through your viewers’ comments can give you an idea of the games or activities they enjoyed, what elements they find boring, and your audience’s overall impression of your stream. Knowing how your viewers react to your content can help you decide on which direction you’d like to take for your channel moving forward.

Feedback from reviewers smaller channels might receive feedback and comments from viewers about how they could improve the quality of their tracks. There may be invitations to work with other streamers through your chat. Through Twitch Chat Log, you can access your Twitch Chat. You can look back at your feedback and other essential remarks whenever you’d like.

Find new memes Each channel on Twitch is a sub-community on the Twitch platform. Streamers who have a loyal following tend to create jokes and memes that are specific specifically to the channel they are on.

Monitoring your Twitch Chat Logs will keep you informed about the way your followers interact in the language they use, their vernacular, and memes. Making clever use of this information can increase the engagement of your followers and build loyalty.

Keywords for search Making an account on a Twitch account is free and takes no time. While this has been beneficial in the platform’s growth, it is also a way to avoid timeouts and bans.

In certain instances, banned users may join another account and continue abusing your chat. The Twitch Chat Log will reveal how the account was created and what type of comment they’re posting. It is possible to compare the writing styles and usernames to determine whether a banned user is using a fake account to join your channel.


Twitch introduced tools to monitor Twitch chats over time. But, there’s no simple method of reviewing the complete chat logs without using third-party apps.

Here are the choices available to you:

  • A moderation tool allows moderators and channel owners to monitor each viewer. It allows you to view the entire history of chats for a specific viewer.
  • You can access the Twitch VOD. This is your archive or your stream. To view it, you must set up your channel to save your stream in the cloud.
  • Third-party software can download the entire chat logs once you have joined an online chat. This is a way of checking the whole conversation.

How To Check Twitch Chat Logs

There’s no method to manually look up a video chat log on Twitch.

Check Twitch Chat via the Search Function

The first approach is to use using the search feature. It’s an easy method to verify the identity of users. Particularly the search function checks if you’ve previously banned or issued an exclusion to the user.

Both chat owners and moderators have permission to access the right to search and the moderation tools.

Here’s the procedure:

  1. Start Twitch and log in to your account.
  2. Visit your chat room and wait till the chat room is loaded.
  3. Search function to find a specific user. It is necessary to know the username of the user. The purpose would be: /user username.

Check Twitch Chat via the Search Function

4. Press Enter

If your stream appears to be live and the stream is populated with users, Here’s how you can help: take action:

  1. Stop the conversation by scrolling either upwards or downwards once using your mouse wheel
  2. Search for the username you’d like to follow
  3. Click on the user’s name to reveal its username.

The user can be logged in using either card. The profile displays the number of timeouts, bans, and messages. Click on letters to look up the full history of messages.

Check Twitch Chat Log

The tool also allows users to send messages to the user and determine when they signed up for their account. In addition, the device doesn’t display any comments you or the moderator wiped.

In sum, here’s what the user card says:

  • How many messages they’ve left for you on your channel?
  • The date of creation for the account created by the user
  • The number of times you’ve recorded the user’s time in your chat
  • The number of times you’ve removed users from the channel
  • Every comment they make on your channel
  • The words that moderators leave on behalf of the user

If you are unsure, you can check out the Twitch blog also provides information on this feature.

How to check Twitch chat logs as a moderator

How to check Twitch chat logs as a moderator

Moderators can access chat logs for each viewer. All you need to do is open Moderator View and then click a user’s name. Mod View is accessible through the sword icon in the screen’s lower-right corner.

After you’ve opened Mod View, click on a user’s name to open their conversations on their channel. After that, you can browse through their messages to view all of their chats from the past.

Additional helpful information is available here, such as the number of times they’ve been banned or banned. You can also read any comments made by mods or report, refuse, or remove the user’s name from this display.

Check Twitch Chat Log via Vods

Twitch keeps the stream as VOD (video-on-demand) on the user’s dashboard after the broadcast has ended. You can replay the VOD to watch and view your live stream.

It’s a lengthy process; however, it’s extremely efficient. Additionally, it allows you to view comments that moderators have erased.

But, you need to allow Twitch to save your VODs. Here are the steps:

  1. Log in to the Twitch account you have created. Twitch profile
  2. Click on your channel’s symbol on the screen’s right side.
  3. Go to Creator Dashboard

Check Twitch Chat Log via Vods

4. Expand the Settings

5. Click on Stream

6. On the left panel, under the Settings for VOD, Switch the Options for Store Past Broadcast.

Check Twitch Chat Log via Vods settings

Twitch will currently store your stream for 14 days following the broadcast, and you can download them too. When you’re Twitch Prime, Prime, or Turbo subscriber, the website will keep the VODs on file for up to 60 days.

Additionally, there’s the Always publishing VOD feature. It will determine if a previous broadcast will be automatically shown on your channel immediately following the broadcast.

If you want to locate your videos, here are the steps:

  1. Click on the Channel icon on the right side of the screen.
  2. Go to Creator Dashboard
  3. Expand the Content
  4. Go to Video Producer

how to find twitch vod

On the right side on the right side, you’ll find all of your videos: broadcasts, highlights, Highlights, uploads and highlights, ending, and channel trailer. Click the video you like to save it.

Check Twitch Chat Logs via Third-party Software

Check Twitch Chat Logs via Third-party Software

Twitch isn’t able to download the chat log and doesn’t let viewers view other chat logs.

There are, however, legal and secure third-party apps that moderators, viewers and streamers could use. For instance, there’s Chatty, an open-source application that allows downloading chat history.

It is an easy app to use and offers a lot of information on the chats of any given stream.

But, users will only be able to view the messages users send after they install Chatty. That’s all the way that users must check your chat messages.

Use a chatbot

Chatbots on Twitch, such as Nightbot, are computer programs that help you moderate or filter the chat. They also let you include special features in your conversation and create a unique experience for your viewers.

Chatbots are often configured to maintain a complete and searchable record of all comments made within the chat.

Of all the strategies described in this article and the methods discussed, this is the most efficient method of finding the specific comment you’re searching for.

When you activate a bot on the chat will cause it to automatically begin collecting chat information which you can browse anytime after the conversation has ended.

The chatbot won’t be able to track the comments from chats they were not enabled in the first place, so if you’re currently thinking about using a bot to look over the previous conversations, it won’t be feasible.

If you’re planning to take the quality of your Twitch account to the highest level, you must consider the possibility of deploying chatbots. It’s going to save you lots of stress in the future.

How to Use Chatty to Download Chat Logs?

How to Use Chatty to Download Chat Logs

Chatty can join with other Twitch chats through the Twitch account. Then, it can moderate discussions, send messages, download chat logs, and more.

In the simplest sense, the process is to download and install Chatty. Then, you sign in using your Twitch credentials. After that, you are granted access to the functions. Finally, follow the steps to join chats with other people.

The program will show an interface called Connet-dialog, where you can input the channel names you want to join. You can enter different channel names and then separate them using a comma. After that, press Enter and click Connect.

When you’re finished, navigate to the Channel menu in the upper right and choose the Join channel to be joined by others. You can also enter /join channel name into the dialogue box (e.g. for example, /join tech news today).

The program can join other chats, download chat logs, moderate discussions and more.

Chatty keeps Chat logs in for about a couple of weeks before getting rid of them. However, you need to set this feature up:

  1. Take a look at Main on the left at the top.

Use Chatty to Download Chat Logs

2. Go to Settings

3. Select Log into a file

This feature will save every chat log into distinct text files. These are the chats that you join along with your own chat.

In other cases, you can enter this command in order to access the log directory (directly to your chatbox):

/showLogDir / /openLogDir

Reasons to Check Twitch Chat

The Twitch chat may feel odd as if you’re infringing on the privacy of others. There are a variety of reasons to do this:

  • Inappropriate report comments: Hopefully, you’re not receiving inappropriate comments. However, it is important to know that the platform is getting serious about it. Therefore, if you did not have time to complete it in your live stream, you’ll be required to notify users once you’ve finished ensuring your content is secure.
  • Moderation: Similarly, it is possible to decide to exclude certain chat users. This could be the case for those threatening you or other users with abusive comments, hate speech threats, or similar. You are responsible for determining the seriousness of the words, and only you can decide who gets an exclusion. But, you should not use this tool to target people who are critical or have a negative reaction towards your content or something they find appealing.
  • Response of the audience: Like every other social media, you must determine how people reading your posts react to them. By reading the comments, you understand the status of your fans. Particularly, you’ll be able to see their thoughts on your content, new concepts, and ideas from the past.
  • Feedback from users: You may solicit feedback during your stream and then review your responses on Twitch chat. Being attentive to the input of your viewers and responding to feedback is good. It will help you develop as a person as well as a streamer. It will make your viewers feel a part of the process. Therefore, ensure that you note down your observations and then either reply to, tweak or even implement your audience’s suggestions.
  • Knowledge: Online communities grow and develop rapidly. If you do not check the Twitch chatroom, you could miss jokes, discussion memes, or other trending topics they share.
  • Loyal followers: Lastly, checking the chatroom is a great way to find your most loyal customers. It’s helpful to inform them that you value and appreciate them as you would not be where you are without their help.

Use Your Twitch Logs Effectively

These are the only options available to track the Twitch logs, as you’ve noticed that only streamers have access to the vast majority.

Reviewing old messages could be a bit tedious for certain people, but it’s essential for those looking to succeed on the social media platform. Studying your chat history will provide valuable insight to help you grow your community and channel.

Understanding the number of comments you receive and messages you can obtain on the stream can help you devise plans to use this platform for your benefit.

Can I view chat logs for other channels?

Only the moderator or the streamer has access to the chat logs of videos and the users on their channel. Twitch does not allow chat logs to be shared publicly, which violates the platform’s rules regarding data sharing.

Before May 2020, OverRustle Logs, the site OverRustle Logs kept a database of chats from all channels not set to private. Anyone could use the database to follow other users, check what they wrote, and on what media. OverRustle Logs was removed on May 1st, based on a request from Twitch’s Legal department.