How Do I Delete All of My Google Activity? – 2023

How Do I Delete All of My Google Activity?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on How to Delete My entire Google account Google 2023?

If you’re like the majority of people, then you’re probably using Google to accomplish a myriad of purposes ranging from searching for information on the internet or checking email.

While Google is generally a useful tool but there are occasions where you’ll decide to take your data off and start over.

It’s not difficult to complete. Here are all instructions on how to erase all of your Google activity.

How do I delete all of my Google activity

Step 1: Sign to the Google account you have created. Google account

The first thing you’ll have to do is sign in to Google. If you’re already logged in you can skip step 2.

Step 2: Go to ‘My Activity

Once you’re logged in, go to This is where all your data on Google is recorded from search results to videos that you’ve seen on YouTube.

Step 3: Choose the option ‘Filter by Date & Product’

On the left side of your page, you’ll find a bar that reads “Filter by date & product.” Click it.

Step 4: Choose “All time”

An options menu drop-down will be displayed. Select “All time.”

Step 5: Choose “All products”

A different drop-down menu will open. Select “All products.”

Step 6: Hit the trash icon

After you’ve chosen “All time” and “All products,” the trash can icon will show in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Click it.

Step 7: Click on ‘Delete’

A pop-up will be displayed which reads, “Are you sure you want to delete all activity?” Click “Delete.”

That’s all there is to it! Everything you do on Google including searches and YouTube videos will be removed.

How do you delete all Google activity at once?

There’s no single-click solution to erase all your Google activities However, there are many different ways to complete the task.

The second option is to erase your account each day at a time. To accomplish this, visit the Google profile’s “My Activity” page and choose the time period you wish to erase.

After that, select”Delete activity by” on the “Delete activity by” option at the top of the page. You can then choose “All time.”

How do you delete all Google activity at once

This will prompt you to confirm your selection in an ad-hoc window. After that then, all activity in that period will be completely deleted from your online account.

If you’d like to remove your activities on a frequent basis, you can utilize Google’s “Data & personalization” tool to automate deletions.

Contact us for help deleting your Google history.

To set this up you need to visit the Google Account’s “Data & personalization” page and go until you reach” Activity Controls” under the “Activity controls” section.

How do I completely delete Google search history?

Find Google Search Engine and open the Chrome browser. Your cursor should be in the Address Bar, click right-click it, or hold +Control+Shift while you are clicking to display the menu. Choose Historical from the options available.

On the left-hand side select Clear Browsing Data. Select the amount of history that you’d like to erase by selecting the menu drop-down. Be sure that “browsing history” is checked prior to moving on.

Make sure you uncheck the items you don’t want to erase by clicking Clear Data after choosing the amount of data you want to clear (e.g. images).

How do you clear recent activity on Google Drive?

Click on the three dots to the item. Select Remove Now. If you wish to erase everything, simply click the three dots above your most current entry. select Select All.

How do I clear my history on Google?

If you’re looking to erase your history of searches on Google there are many methods you can go about it. You have the option to either completely erase your Google account’s history or just certain items from it.

To erase your entire search, you must sign in to your Google account and then go to “My Activity.” From there, select”Delete Activity by” or the “Delete activity by” option at the top of the page. Select “All time” from the drop-down menu, and then click”Delete. “Delete” button.

If you are only looking to delete specific items from your history it is possible to do so by accessing “My Activity” and selecting the items you wish to remove. To remove things, click the “checkbox” option and press next to each one and then select the “Trash” button at the top. (represented by a Trash icon).

You can also erase your search history within Google’s Google settings. To accomplish this, click “Settings” and then “History.” From there you will be able to select”Clear History” or the “Clear browsing data” option and select to delete your history.

The deletion of your search history will ensure that your personal information is private, and will also improve your experience when browsing. We’ll help you remove your Google history if you’re unsure.

How long does Google keep your search history?

Even if they do not take action, Google will automatically erase search results on the web and in apps within 18 months. The default setting for Google’s location history is off however, it can set an erase plan for 18 months when users choose to opt to enable it.

How do I clear my Google Chrome search history?

If you’re like the majority of people, you utilize your Google Chrome browser for all your online activities. In time your search history may get cluttered with hundreds and even thousands of records.

If you’re looking to erase your search history due to reasons of privacy, or simply to clear your browsing history, this is how to accomplish it.

To erase the entire record of your searches in the Google Chrome browser, follow these steps:

  1. To open Chrome’s menu icon (three vertical lines) located in the upper-right corner, click it.
  2. On the dropdown menu Select “History.”
  3. On the History page, click on the “Clear browsing data” button.
  4. The pop-up screen which appears you can select in the pop-up window appears, the “Clear all history” checkbox.
  5. In the “Obliterate the following items:” drop-down menu, choose the time at which you began.
  6. Then, click then the “Clear browsing data” button

How do I clear my Google search history on my iPhone?

Start Google. Open the Google Application on your iPad or iPhone. Open your search box. Check all the results. Clear the history of your device.

How do I erase my search history on my iPhone?

To delete your cookies and history To clear your history and cookies, head to the Settings tab, then Safari to Clear History, Website Data, and Cookies. Removing all website data is the best option to remove your cookies and conserve your history.

How do I delete my activity?

To erase your account to delete your activity, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your account and click the tab called ‘Settings’.
  2. Go to the “Delete Account section, then click the “Delete Account Click Here.
  3. Follow the steps in the display to verify you’d like to erase your account.

Important: Once you’ve deleted the account you have created, it will not be restored. You must ensure that you intend to remove your account prior to making any decisions.

Why can’t I delete recent searches on Google?

This will remove everything of your computer’s apps and files, including the history. The most likely reason is you’re not signed into the account you have created with your Google account.

It’s also possible that you’re on an older version Google application, which does not allow you to delete recent searches. It’s also possible that your history of searches may be stored elsewhere in an alternative area, for example, the history section of your browser.

If you’re logged in to your Google account but are unable to delete your most recent searches try updating to the most recent version of Google’s app. Google application.

If this doesn’t work, it’s possible that your internet search history is saved in a different location for example, the history of your browser.

If you’re not logged into your Google account then you’ll not be able to delete the recent search history. However, simply going into your Google account, you may erase all of your search histories. To accomplish this, head to your Google account’s activity page and choose “Clear activity.”

You can also clear your Google account of all search activity if you so choose. To do this, head to your Google account’s Activity page, and choose “Clear activity.”

If you’re not logged into your Google account You can still remove the recent search history from your browser. For further instructions on how to accomplish this, select your preferred browser from the options provided:

– Chrome

– Safari

– Firefox

– Microsoft Edge

– Internet Explorer

If your Google app is older than the Google application, you may not be able to erase your most recent searches. Try updating to the most recent version Google app.

Where Is My Browsing History on Google?

If you’re wondering where you can find your browsing history stored on Google The answer is somewhat complex. Based on the way you connect to Google and the services you’re using your history of browsing could be kept in different locations.

For instance, if you make use of Google’s Chrome browser to browse websites, your history of browsing will be saved to your Google account on”My Activity” on the “My Activity” page.

However, if you’re using another browser, or if you go to Google’s search page directly the history of your browsing may be saved in a separate place.

To determine the location of your browsing history saved in Google it is necessary access your My Activity page. There, you’ll be able to access, modify, or erase your history of browsing.

If you’re worried about your privacy, you may do something to block Google from monitoring your browsing data. For instance, you could utilize a private browsing mode or download an application that blocks Google Analytics.

Even if you’ve blocked Google’s monitoring, other websites may still do so. For more information, see our article on blocking website tracking.


How do you delete history that won’t be deleted?

There are instances where you’d like to clear your history but, for whatever reason, it doesn’t disappear. Perhaps you accidentally clicked an incorrect button or perhaps something was wrong with the software.

Whatever the reason you have a few options you can use to erase the undesirable history.

Try restarting your computer. It may clear any unnecessary history saved in the memory of your computer.

If this doesn’t work, you can delete the history by hand. To achieve this, you’ll have to locate the folder or file where the history is located and then delete it. Based on the browser the folder or file will be in a different location.

If you are unable to locate the folder or file Try searching for it on the search feature on your computer. Enter “history” and see if something comes up. If you discover the folder or file you wish to remove, empty your computer’s recycle bin. This will eliminate the history that is not needed.

Delete history that won’t be deleted

If you’re still not able to eliminate the past, you might have to take an even more drastic approach. Try resetting your computer back to default settings. This will remove everything of your computer’s apps and files, including the history.

Be sure to save copies of all your crucial data before proceeding. So, you’ll be able to restore them once the reset your PC. For a reset on your PC, you’ll require access to the “Control Panel” “Control Panel”. In this, look for”System” and click on it “System” icon and click on it.

Go to”Advanced”, then “Advanced” tab and then select”Advanced”, then on “Reset” button. Follow the guide for resetting your PC. The process can take a couple of minutes and patience is required.

After your computer has been reset, you’ll have to reinstall all your applications and files. This includes your past history.

With any luck, it will assist you in putting your unwanted past behind you. If not, you’ll have to talk with an expert. They can help you determine the issue and suggest ways to repair it.

Can I see my recent activity?

To see the most recent activities on your mobile device, start the Facebook app and click on the icon for menus (three rows). Scroll down until you reach “Activity Log”. There you will find an overview of the recent activities.

You can also filter your activities by type. For instance, when you just need to see the most recent posts, for instance, you can choose “Posts” from the filter menu. If you’d like to see all of your activities, just choose “All”.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you delete all Google activity at once?

Eliminate any activity

  1. On your computer, go to the official website
  2. Over your activity, click to delete.
  3. Click All Time.
  4. Click Next. Delete.

Can you delete all my activity?

Remove all activities

On your Android phone or tablet, go to the official website Above your activity, tap Delete. Tap All Time. Delete.

How long does Google keep deleted data?

Complete removal of all the data on our servers is vital for the users’ peace of mind. The process typically lasts approximately two months from the moment of the deletion.